Where can I find the official hash file for my Apache Netbeans download?

So, as prompted by the Apache download site, I have generated a hash for my new NetBeans download. It STRONGLY encourages me to compare my generated hash with their official hash file.

To check a hash, you have to compute the proper checksum of the file you just downloaded ; then compare it with the published checksum of the original.

Well I generated my own, but it doesn’t appear that they actually have an official published checksum for NetBeans. Should I be worried?

Manejar locations con Nginx estilo Apache

les cuento que hace poco me muevo de Apache a NGINX y pues me entero que la forma en que manejan las URL es un poco diferente, debido a que debo corregir eso en brevedad, podria alguien mostrarme como hacer urls como estas en en el server block:

miweb.com/nombredelscript (Sin extension) miweb.com/un-titulo-web (que ejecute, por ejemplo: script2.php?titulo=$  1) miweb.com/trabajos/titulo-de-trabajo (que ejecute, por ejemplo: works.php?id=$  1) 

lo he intentado y no lo logro.

CGI withUbuntu / Habour / Apache

I wrote a script in Harbour (Clipper Language) and compiled it with GCC. The binary file does not execute on APACHE / UBUNTU giving error 500. Can anyone help me solve this problem?

Procedure Main()

outstd(“content-type: text/html” + chr(10) + chr(13) + chr(10) + chr(13) )

outstd(“CGI with Habour/Apache2/Ubuntu”)


How to restrict apache web server file and folder access by group

I’m a newbie to apache webserver and I can’t seem to figure out how to restrict certain folders/files to members of different groups. For example:

userA is a member of groupA and not a member of groupB userB is a member of groupB and not a member of groupA 

I created their accounts, added them to their groups and added their password entries (using output from openssl passwd command) to the /etc/nginx/.htpasswd file.

I have the following directory structure in /var/www/testsite.company.com:

drwxr--r-- 2 root groupA           4096 Sep 25 17:42 GroupAFolder/ drwxr--r-- 2 root groupB           4096 Sep 25 12:04 GroupBFolder/ 

In /var/www/testsite.company.com/GroupAFolder I have:

-rwxr--r-- 1 root groupA  235 Sep 25 17:42 index.html (contains a link to groupAfile.exe so the user can download it) -rwxr--r-- 1 root groupA  235 Sep 25 17:42 groupAfile.exe 

In /var/www/testsite.company.com/GroupBFolder I have:

-rwxr--r-- 1 root groupB  235 Sep 25 17:42 index.html (contains a link to groupBfile.exe so the user can download it) -rwxr--r-- 1 root groupB  235 Sep 25 17:42 groupBfile.exe 

The file /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/testsite.company.com.conf has:

server {    listen 444 ssl http2;    listen [::]:444 ssl http2;    include snippets/self-signed.conf;    include snippets/ssl-params.conf;     server_name testsite.company.com;    root /var/www/testsite.company.com;    index index.html;     location / {          try_files $  uri $  uri/ = 404;          auth_basic "Password Required";          auth_basic_user_file /etc/nginx/.htpasswd;    } } 

I can log into https://testsite.company.com:444/GroupAFolder/ as userA and see the index.html web page and I can click on the groupAfile.exe link and download the file with the permissions set as listed above (rwxr–r–). But if I take away world read access on index.html and groupAfile.exe to limit any user not in groupA from accessing the webpage and executable file, my userA can no longer access them either. It is kinda weird behavior too. When I first change the permissions to rwxr—– and then log into https://testsite.company.com:444/GroupAFolder/ as userA, I get 403 Forbidden. But if I refresh the page, I can then see the index.html web page that has the link to download the file. But then, when I click on the link, I get the 403 Forbidden again for the executable and it stays that way.

Does anyone have an idea what I’m doing wrong or missing? Hopefully I haven’t made it too confusing.