Is there any official Lore on Keraptis the Wizard, apart from what is in White Plume Mountain?

In the 5E release of Tales from the Yawning Portal there is the Module White Plume Mountain.

On page 95 it states the previous lore of Keraptis the Wizard:

Thirteen hundred years ago, the wizard Keraptis was searching for a suitable haven where he could indulge his eccentricities without fear of interference. He visited White Plume Mountain, going closer than most dared to and discovered the system of old lava-tubes that riddle the cone and the underlying strata. With a little alteration, he thought, these would be perfect for his purposes. The area already had a bad reputation, and he could think of a few ways to make it worse. So he disappeared below White Plume Mountain and vanished from the knowledge of the surface world.

Is there any more offical Lore from Wizards of the Coast, or Module writers or approved Authors on Keraptis the Wizard, or is this all there is?

Which other programming languages apart from Python and predecessor are out there using indentation to define code blocks?

Python quite famously uses indentation to syntactically define blocks of code. (See Compound statements in the Python Language Reference). After years of using Python I’m still intrigued by and very fond of this syntax feature.

But I wonder: Apart from Python and its “predecessor”(*) language ABC which other programming languages are out there using indentation for definition of code blocks? Code blocks means here “multiple statements which in some way are treated as one component”.

I’m particularly interested in practical programming languages, but esoteric languages might be worth mentioning as well.

(*): “Predecessor” is my choice of word in default of knowing here a better one. Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python, described the relationship between Python and ABC regarding indentation in an interview like this: “The choice of indentation for grouping was not a novel concept in Python; I inherited this from ABC.

Apart from Tarski’s study, is there any other source that has been looking at the parallelism of concepts and theorems?

Alfred Tarski in his next study (Some Methodological Investigations on the definability of concepts, TARSKI, Logic, Semantics, Metamathematics. Papers from 1923 to 1938. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1956, 296-308.) describes the parallelism between concepts and theorems:

  • axiom – primitive concept,

  • theorem – defined concept,

  • proof and its rules – definition and its rules.

I always thought this was mysterious, and I might have noticed myself.

My question would be that, apart from Tarski’s study, there are other sources, research in this direction. Or what could be the deeper reason for far-reaching parallelism?

Excel VBA for pulling apart text from a few cells and creating multiple cells of data

I would like someone to suggest the coding in VBA required to convert this data. Essentially B2 and B3 there will be multiple cells like there, even with more “;” and numbers after. The T and I won’t change, but some don’t always have T or I, they are just a single number.

The final output needs to be B12:C37

Any assistance?

Image of excel what I am after

Are any good flash diffusers available apart from DIY paper one?

I built a homemade flash diffuser from paper:

Flash diffuser 1

Flash diffuser 2

It diffuses the flash, while at the same time directing much of it to the direction of the subject. Of course, some flash power is wasted by lighting up the ceiling (the paper transmits some light through), but at least there’s some directionality.

It achieves excellent results (on the left, with diffuser, on the right, direct flash):

With and without diffuser

My question is, are there any similar diffusers commercially available? Of course I don’t mean an exact replica built from paper, but rather a more durable diffuser that achieves the equivalent functionality and is somewhat directional like my DIY diffuser.

By a diffuser, I mean something that can be used on the camera and something that is so lightweight it’s feasible to carry it and the camera around. Of course, with an off-the-camera flash, you can use umbrellas, but they are too large to be carried around.

Two short stays days apart in Thailand (British Passport)

I have a British Passport and I want to fly from HeHo (Myanmar) to Chiang Mai (Thailand), spend a few days there, fly to Luang Prebang (Laos), spend a four or so days there and then fly to Bangkok (Thailand) from Vientiane (Laos). When I arrive in Bangkok I will stay for four days before returning home on a flight.

Will I be okay with getting a Visa Waiver when I arrive each time, or should I do something in advance?

I did email the embassy but I got a canned reply that didnt quite provide the detail or the confidence I needed that all would be well.

splitting apart a mysql column with mutliple values. Not sure how to display

How would I make this dynamic?? for example -1 and -21 I have to change..
but in some columns I only have 11 or less.I am trying to display all the data between 'add to bob' AND '€' from one column. I tried searching for pivot table etc..

IMPORTANT >> I want each record for the column to display as a row..

I have tried functions and other stuff.. So far this is the best maunal way I can do it but in some cases
only a record of 11 may exist.. so I am thinking maybe some sort of left…

splitting apart a mysql column with mutliple values. Not sure how to display