Do HTML5 browsers have to be able to properly process HTML4 tags when the tags appear in HTML5 pages?

According to the post here, the HTML5 specification requires HTML5 browsers to be able to properly process HTML4 tags when they are in HTML5 pages.

Unfortunately, the post doesn’t very well substantiate this claim. Can someone answer this StackExchange question, and if the answer is ‘yes’, can they also please substantiate their claim with reference to specific sections of the HTML5 specification in a precise way?

In what source books do hybrid and base classes appear?

Today I stumbled upon this Hybrid Classes page (d20pfsrd) and since I once bought a few pathfinder source books in PDF I went to see if I already own the relevant book (I usually play liberally-houseruled versions of 3.5e).

Sadly, the only Pathfinder rule-book I own is the Core Rulebook (the others I own are guide-books, bestiaries, and adventures).

In what source books do hybrid classes appear?

What about the base classes?

Are they available as PDF? Print? Both?

Problem Charging from Y-Cables that Appear to be Made for Charging

I use a Samsung Galaxy S5 in a robot. Keeping robot and phone batteries charged is a constant issue. So I’ve acquired a bunch of different Micro USB3 to USB A Y-Cables in hopes of charging the phone from an on-board power bank while running the robot.

Multiple charging sources all work fine with normal (non Y) charging cables. Yet none of several Y-Cables work to charge the phone… It doesn’t even matter if the data cable is plugged in. With the phone off, I can go straight from a reliable charging station to the phone using the charging part of a Y-cable and it fails. All I get it the periodic empty battery image on the screen as it starts to attempt to charge. Then it shuts off charging as though it detected something wrong.

Some of the cables I’ve tried are:

Can anyone explain why this doesn’t work? And more importantly, is there a solution?

Thanks in advance.

combination/permutation probability that an item appear in two groups

For make his exams, a teacher has a database with 2000 different questions and an algorithm which choose n different questions from the database. In the semester the teacher made two exams, the first one with 25 questions, the second one with 50 questions. which is the probability that at least one of the questions appears in both exams??

Parsing errors appear randomly and temporarily

I am working on a small react app and every so often after I save a file, the code won’t compile due to some parsing error on a line that I didn’t change and had not been previously problematic. A workaround I have found is to delete a random semicolon, save, put the semicolon back and save again which then allows my app to recompile without issue.

I’ve pasted some code below that now apparently has errors. I’ve also pasted an image of my error message in the browser. Seems to be related to my destructuring perhaps?

I have tried running npm install again but that didn’t solve the issue. I am running node version v6.11.3 and react version 16.7.0,

I would like to solve this mysterious issue — has anyone else have this happen to them?

  maybeRenderCalendar() {     const { openCalendar } = this.state;      if (!openCalendar) {       return null;     }      return (       <Calendar />     );    } 

Browser error

Password settings do not appear!

Apple Mail is very problematic. At random times it rejects the current stored passwords for my gmail accounts. When I go into Preferences>Accounts>Server Settings, the windows that are supposed to appear to change or update the passwords for incoming and outgoing mail simply are not there!!! How do I update or change the passwords, then, in Apple Mail so that I can have my emails appear properly, as they do when there is no password issue being created by the site itself?

=== I found this unanswered question at === I changed the password on one of my e-mail accounts I went to the normal mail>preferences>accounts and there is no “password” setting available anymore. I also checked mail>accounts and there is nothing showing there to set the password. As an aside, my IMAP servers are not showing anywhere – only two SMTP servers. Seems to me like something has changed there and I don’t know what. Also checked System Preferences to no avail. Any suggestions?

How do shadow Conjuration/Evocation spells appear and work at 100%

At 15th level, a npc wizard with the Shadow caster archetype using the solid Shadow metamagic feat casts Greater Shadow Conjuration mimicking a Hungry Pit against a party of PCs. Say they all make thier will save to disbelieve but one fails thier reflex and falls in.

How does this work for the other players and they victim themselves? Do they appear to actually fall in a hole or are they laying on the ground flailing. If the other pcs try to help the unfortunate soul out do they need 100ft of rope or just to physically yank them out of the illusionary 10ft area?