Custom drupal module does not appear on the extend page

I have created a custom module, yet it does not appear on the extend page. I have file in modules/custom/my_new_block/:

name: My New Block description: Create own blocks. package: Garage   type: module core: 8.x  dependencies:   - block 

In addition, when I try to install any drupal module with composer, it also is not recognised in the extend page. What can be wrong?

YouTube hashtags don’t appear on top of title if alocation is set

Usually when adding hashtags to the video description, these tags will appear on top of the video title:



However, when adding a location in the advanced settings, the tags are removed from the usual location space above the video title:



I could not verify that this is documented behavior.
Is there any way to have both, location and hashtags above the title ?

Where else does “Primal” appear as a language (from The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan adventure)?

Included in the Tales from the Yawning Portal, The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan adventure includes a creature called the Tecuziztecatl, which has its stat block included in the appendix (page 245).

Its languages are listed as:

Languages Olman, Primal

Olman is referenced throughout the adventure, but what is Primal? I’ve never seen this referenced anywhere else, not in the PHB or under any other monster’s stat block.

Is this the same as Primordial? Since one of the PCs speaks Primordial, this will influence whether the party can speak with this creature or not.

If previous editions can provide any context, I’d be interested in any answer that cited old stuff as well; this is tagged 5e mainly just because I’m running the Tales from the Yawning Portal version of the adventure for 5e.

How do you make the Watch/Play Next channel appear on the home screen?

According to the developer documentation, the Android TV device has a Watch Next channel (labeled as Play Next) that should appear as the second channel on the device.

The Watch Next channel is the second row that appears in the home screen, after the apps row. The system creates and maintains this channel. Your app can add programs to the Watch Next channel: programs that the user marked as interesting, stopped watching in the middle, or that are related to the content the user is watching (like the next episode in a series or next season of a show).

As a developer, I have added programs to this channel and I can query this channel in code to see that there is content from multiple apps in the database that backs this channel.

My question is, as a user, how do you make this channel actually appear on the home screen? According to the documentation, the system maintains this channel and determines when to show it. If there’s content in the channel, why doesn’t it show up?

I’ve gone to the Customize Channel option at the bottom of the Android TV home screen and I’ve enabled the Play Next channel and I’ve turned all of the apps on for it, but it still doesn’t show up. I’ve tried watching content from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play Movies, STARZ, HBO, and also in the app I’m working on, but nothing shows.

Does anybody know of any specific conditions that need to be met for this channel to show or is this channel just not available on certain devices or under certain conditions? I’ve tested on the Jetstream 4K, ADT-2 dev unit, and Nvidia Shield. A friend with the ADT-2 also can’t get the channel to show up, but another friend with a Shield did get it to show up. Just seems like I’m missing something.

How to make left/right arrow appear only when hovering Magento 2 base image in gallery

I want to remove left and right arrow when first accessing the product page. By default it was set to appear even when not hovering base image in image gallery. Since it has that overlay effect around the arrows it applies grey overlay which is intrusive. Arrows

I’d like those arrows to appear only when hovering base image and not when the page is first loaded. What’s weird, if I hover the image and then move cursor away arrows dissapear like they should.

Should fields be hidden if another field could appear in between?

I’m making a form which will have various yes/no answers. In response to the user’s action, the form might display more fields. Some fields will always be displayed.

For example (completely made up questions):

Question 1

  • Question: Have you ever been skydiving before?
  • Display condition: N/a

Question 2

  • Question: Would you like to have the vertical wind tunnel training first?
  • Display condition: (response from 1) == No

Question 3

  • Question: Would you like to rent a GoPro for £x?
  • Display condition: N/a

How would this be best displayed? The options I can think of are:

  • Display all questions that will always display and show new questions as the display conditions are met. This might mean a question will appear between 1 and 3. I think this might confuse users.
  • Display questions 1 at a time, showing new questions as the previous one is answered. I don’t like this idea because the user would have no idea how long the form will be.

We use a form building platform that offers little control so it wouldn’t be possible to do anything fancy.

MacOS (Sierra), long ago deleted notes appear in search

I use Notes, synced by iCloud, both from Mac (Sierra) and iPhone. All works fine, no duplicates. The problem is only on Mac and only when I search. When I type a word in’s search field, the search results suggest the very latest but also some old versions of the same note (modified on different dates). The found old files are not in the ‘Deleted’ folder, no, they come up somewhere from the deep memory of my Mac. Apparently, old versions reside somewhere. How can I find them and kill so they don’t interfere with the latest versions? I don’t use ‘On My Mac’ account, I only use iCloud. — Thank you.

Make JavaScript Generated content appear on Search Engines, where content differs on a Single Page

I have a PWA hosted on Firebase. On the main URL, like, there’s a lot of content that is generated by JavaScript.

At the same time, whenever someone accesses, where the key and the value are predefined, the JavaScript on the page reads the key and the value and accordingly removes the content generally shown on and shows a different content.

The content differs with each value of the key.

With this, the website efficiently acts like a multi-page website, although it essentially has only a single web page.

The problem here is, I don’t get the content displayed on these sub-pages visible on Google Search (or any other search engine). Is there any workaround on this?

The problem here is that I cannot generate a different webpage (an HTML file) for each of these sub-pages because the website uses only Front End Technologies, available with Firebase.

How can I find pictures in Google Photos in which multiple people that I specify appear together?

I know how to use Google Photos to find pictures which have a given person in them, for example showing pictures of “Christopher” or “Michael”.

How can I find pictures in Google Photos in which multiple people that I specify appear together, for example, “Christopher” and “Michael” in the same picture?