my website is not appearing on google [closed]

my website is not appearing on google when I search maiora diamonds on this keyword. I have submitted my website on google search console and everything is properly working like sitemap, URL indexed and the website URL also indexed on google. I already checked my meta tag but there is no include no follow and no indexed tag.

I used robots.txt with allowing all but didn’t get a result. I don’t know what happened, please suggest to me what should I do to make it appear on google.

How to stop words appearing on the beginning frame

I’m making my first game, where you click on a strawberry, then it disappears and reappears, and so on and so forth. There is a Score that increases by 10 each time you click the strawb, and a Crapscore that begins at 10. Each time the player misses the strawb, the player loses score equal to their Crapscore, then Crapscore is increased by 10.

However, I am trying to make it so that if the player has clicked on the strawb, ‘Good Shot!’ appears randomly on the screen, which works. Likewise for missing, ‘You Missed!’ appears on the screen. This worked before, but ‘You Missed!’ appears on the screen before doing anything. I tried implementing another variable to stop the words appearing unless it has been set to True. The set-to-true would be if the player has clicked yet. But this seems to only stop both lines from appearing on screen alltogether. Here’s the code for ‘Good Shot!’ and ‘You Missed!’.

def place_goodshot():     global hit     global goodshotlocationrandomX     global goodshotlocationrandomY     global clickedyet     if hit == True and clickedyet == True:         goodshotlocationrandomX = randint(0, 1250)         goodshotlocationrandomY = randint(0, 700)         goodshotlocation = goodshotlocationrandomX, goodshotlocationrandomY         screen.draw.text("Good Shot!", fontsize=60, center=goodshotlocation, color=FONT_COLOR)  def place_badshot():     global hit     global badshotlocationrandomX     global badshotlocationrandomY     global clickedyet     if hit == False and clickedyet == True:         badshotlocationrandomX = randint (0, 1250)         badshotlocationrandomY = randint (0, 700)         badshotlocation = badshotlocationrandomX, badshotlocationrandomY         screen.draw.text("You Missed!", fontsize=60, center=badshotlocation, color=FONT_COLOR) 

It works off a variable named ‘clickedyet’. It begins as False, and whenever the player clicks, it is updated to True, as seen in what happens when you click.

def on_mouse_down(pos):     global crapscore     global score     global hit     global clickedyet     if strawberry.collidepoint(pos):         clickedyet = True         hit = True         score = score + 10         place_strawberry()     else:         hit = False         clickedyet = True         score = score - crapscore         crapscore = crapscore + 10         place_strawberry() 

There is another variable named hit. It begins as False, then it switched to True if the player clicks the strawberry and False if the player missed.

Old business name appearing at the end of meta titles on Google – how do I get rid of it?

I’m having some issues with how meta titles are appearing on Google. Some pages have our old business name added onto the end of their meta titles, even though the old name doesn’t appear anywhere on our CMS. This is only an issue with Google, as on other SERPs they appear correctly (same meta title just without the old business name).

The old business name isn’t in the page source, and we’ve done a scan of directories for any old references and haven’t found anything, so I’m not sure where it’s picking it up from or how to amend it?

If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate them.


Option for removing block not appearing in custom gutenberg block

I’m developing a custom gutenberg block. I’m able to get the fields to appear and I’m able to interact with it when adding it to a page. But the menu that allows you to remove the block does not appear when it’s highlighted. I’m referring to the menu in the screenshot below

enter image description here

I’m using the esnext syntax and this is what my main block js file looks like

    import "./style.scss"; import "./editor.scss";  const { __, setLocaleData } = wp.i18n; const {     registerBlockType, } = wp.blocks; const {     RichText,     MediaUpload, } = wp.editor; const { Button } = wp.components;  registerBlockType( 'tc-blocks/hero-block', {     title: __( 'Hero Block', 'tc-blocks' ),     icon: 'index-card',     category: 'layout',     attributes: {         title: {             type: 'string',             source: 'attribute',             selector: 'h2',         },         mediaID: {             type: 'number',         },         mediaURL: {             type: 'string',             source: 'attribute',             selector: 'img',             attribute: 'src',         },     },     edit: ( props ) => {         const {             className,             attributes: {                 title,                 mediaID,                 mediaURL,             },             setAttributes,         } = props;         const onChangeTitle = ( value ) => {             setAttributes( { title: value } );         };          const onSelectImage = ( media ) => {             setAttributes( {                 mediaURL: media.url,                 mediaID:,             } );         };          return (             <div className={ className }>                 <RichText                     tagName="h2"                     placeholder={ __( 'Write Title…', 'tc-blocks' ) }                     value={ title }                     onChange={ onChangeTitle }                 />                 <div className="tc-image">                     <MediaUpload                         onSelect={ onSelectImage }                         allowedTypes="image"                         value={ mediaID }                         render={ ( { open } ) => (                             <Button className={ mediaID ? 'image-button' : 'button button-large' } onClick={ open }>                                 { ! mediaID ? __( 'Upload Image', 'tc-blocks' ) : <img src={ mediaURL } alt={ __( 'Upload Image', 'tc-blocks' ) } /> }                             </Button>                         ) }                     />                 </div>             </div>         );     },     save: ( props ) => {         const {             className,             attributes: {                 title,                 mediaURL,             },         } = props;         return (             <div className={ className }>                 <RichText.Content tagName="h2" value={ title } />                  {                     mediaURL && (                         <img className="tc-image" src={ mediaURL } alt={ __( 'Image', 'tc-blocks' ) } />                     )                 }             </div>         );     }, } ); 

Here’s how I’m registering the block type in my index.php file

function tc_blocks_hero_block_block_init() {     register_block_type_from_metadata( __DIR__ ); } add_action( 'init', 'tc_blocks_hero_block_block_init' ); 

And here’s my block.json file

{ "apiVersion": 2, "name": "tc-blocks/hero-block", "title": "Hero Block", "category": "widgets", "icon": "smiley", "description": "This is a header block built for a large hero image and text", "supports": {     "html": false }, "textdomain": "hero-block", "editorScript": "file:./build/index.js", "editorStyle": "file:./build/index.css", "style": "file:./build/style-index.css"  } 

I’ve compared my code to the gutenberg examples code found here but I can’t seem to find any major differences that would cause an issue and I don’t see any js errors in the console.

How do I get the remove block menu to appear in my custom block?

Imported posts and terms but terms not appearing on the frontend

I created a giant import that grabbed both taxonomy terms and posts from a different application. To import the terms I used wp_set_post_terms( $ post_id, $ term_ids, 'my_taxonomy' ); which works because I see them on the edit screen for each post.

However, when I go on the frontend and look at my post the terms are empty. If I go back on the edit screen and just click on "Save" then they finally appear on the front end.

I have close to 2,000 records and doing this manually would be quite unwieldy and I can’t for the life of me figure out what happened! How do I force this update across the board programmatically?

I’ve tried using both clean_term_cache(); and clean_object_term_cache(); and it didn’t seem to make a difference. Maybe I’m calling these wrong but it’s not doing a thing as far as I can tell.

I’ve tried:

  • clean_term_cache
  • clean_object_term_cache
  • delete_option($ tax.’-slug_children’);
  • delete_option($ tax.’_children’);
  • clean_taxonomy_cache($ tax);
  • wp_cache_flush();

Izito and similar sites keeps appearing in my search results

Izito and similar sites keep appearing on my search engine results. It started a few weeks ago. It has been happening on both – my Ubuntu and Windows computer, and even on a new Windows computer. It has been happening on Chrome and Microsoft Edge and on Google and Bing. I have since installed Bitdefender AV and done factory resets and it still keeps coming back after a while. I was wondering if someone could please advise on what might be causing it, what damage / impact it might (have) caused, and how I could get rid of it.

Site appearing in google search results differently [closed]

I’ve not seen this mentioned anywhere on this forum.

Effectively, my site which is indexed with google was appearing as expected until today. Now when I search for different phrases, the site appears in the search results however sometimes it appears without a https prefix and without my uploaded icon and other times it appears with the https prefix and my site icon.

I’m really confused why this may be happening and was hoping someone might know a way to prevent this happening.

Widget not appearing in customizer

Hello I have a theme installed but on the homepage the homepage content widget section does not appear in the customizer view. I have it set on the wp-admin themes settings but when I go to the customizer it does not show all of the widgets that are setup in the admin settings. Every page I go to in the customizer only shows 5 widgets (not sure if theres a setting to enable more than 5) but I cant seem to get this figured out. any help is greatly appreciated .. I have 2 screenshots with this post to show whats going on[enter image description here]1

enter image description here