Does Apple still monitor or track after having a customer support screen sharing service with

Is having screen sharing service with safe?

I had screensharing service with which is official apple website for apple products support. And they wanted me to install an app after entering session key and they said the app will self-destruct once support session ended.

Would there be a possibility that Apple can still track and monitor that computer even after the support session ended and even if they claim that installment of the app for screen sharing self-destruct?

Apple and it’s Siri recordings, now deleteable?

Apple has now started rolling out the feature that allows users to decide for themselves whether Siri recordings should be forwarded to Apple for improvement or not.

People who have the beta for iPadOS 13.2, iOS 13.2, Apple tvOS 13.2, WatchOS 6.1 or MacOS 10.15.1 should also be able to delete their Siri and dictation history. Doing so will simply erase all Siri data Apple has on its servers.

These new features can be found among the phone's settings.

The English shortcuts look like this:…

Apple and it's Siri recordings, now deleteable?

Russian sues Apple for making him gay


A man in Russia has now sued Apple for just over $ 150,000 because he believes the use of the iPhone has made him gay.

According to the lawsuit, he got the idea of trying relationships with people of the same sex after he got 69 GayCoins via a cryptocurrency app a few years ago. The cryptocurrency came with the message "don't judge without trying", which caused the Russian man to try out gay relationships.

A few months later, he realized that he was…

Russian sues Apple for making him gay

Connect Apple Cinema Display to Ubuntu Laptop

Hi I just bought a dell precision mobile 5540 (developer edition) running Ubuntu Linux 18.04.3 LTS with all the latest updates applied.

I have 2 apple cinema displays (circa 2011) and an adapter to convert them the Mini DP to Thunderbolt. The setup (connecting the monitors using adapter) worked for windows 10 and mac of course with no issues but my Ubuntu laptop does not recognize the displays with a similar setup.

Anyone had this experience and able to shed some light?

How to close port 445 (Apple Time Capsule smbd)

My default configuration of Apple Time Capsule has port 445 (Apple Time Capsule smbd) open to the world. Online port scanners (shodan/ show me that this. What’s a bit worrying is the version showing “SMB Version: 1” and I don’t need to share files with the world over SMB.

Is it ok to disable this and how would I do that ?

Can Airport Utility do this ?

As of now, is there a Linux distribution supporting Apple keyboard and trackpad out of box?

Half a year ago I tried to multi-boot the Ubuntu 18.0 on my MacBook Pro (2018) but while it has booted in general from the attached USB stick, the keyboard and trackpad were not working. External keyboard for a laptop does not look like a portable solution.

I have heard that Apple keyboard and trackpad need specific drivers, and that there are efforts to provide these drivers for the Linux kernel. So far everything the I have found requires building these drivers and including them into the kernel manually – I would eventually do but this is lots of work.

What is the exact current status of this work? Is there any distribution as of the end of 2019 that supports at least the keyboard out of box?

Design professional HTML Clickable email signature for email and apple for $10

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Creating a “bubble” UI layout like used in the Apple Music app

I’ve been thinking about experimenting with a layout like the one used in the Apple Music app on iOS.

The interface is the “bubble” interface that is used to choose your preferences etc…

enter image description here

But I don’t really know where to even start with this. Is there a name for the general idea of creating these sort of semi-physics based layouts?

Would love to know what it is I need to search for in order to learn how these work.

I’d be writing it on iOS in Swift but looking more for the name of this sort of interface so I can learn the principals behind creating it.