Apple Maps caching

I would like to download the streets and maps to my child’s iPad. Google maps allows one to download a define map region by saying “OK Maps”. Does Apple Maps have similar functionality. It would be nice not to have to download Google maps, but we need this functionality.

Is my Apple Id under attack, and how do I fix it?

So I got an e-mail from Apple which says:

You recently requested a password reset for your Apple ID. To complete the process, click the link below. Reset now > If you didn’t make this change or if you believe an unauthorized person has accessed your account, go to to reset your password immediately. Then sign into your Apple ID account page at to review and update your security settings. Apple Support

I didn’t request any such password, and I already know my password, but when I try to log into my account to check my security settings it wants me to answer two security questions, neither of which I recognize. So I go to try to change my security questions at the “iforgot” domain, and it says:

Choose a method to reset your security questions.

  • Use credit card information Enter the details for the card on file with Apple. Your card will not be charged.
  • Answer your current security questions Answer the question(s) you chose when you created your Apple ID.

The problem is, I obviously can’t use the second method because since I don’t recognize the questions, I can’t know the answers. But I also don’t know what credit card Apple is asking for here. I may have used more than one card with Apple in stores, but I don’t recall if I have ever used one online, and in fact I may have used a “throw-away” number.

So I’m not sure what to do here. Is my account under attack? How can I get control of my account back?

Does apple force you to go through ApplePay for in-app purchases and subscriptions?

i am running a cordova app. And was planning to add some premium features to it for users paying monthly subscription. I am looking into stripe payments for that and they allow you to bill your users monthly.

But my questions is – does apple allow to go through stripe for subscriptions or other in-app payments or does apple force you to go through ApplePay. – if apple forces you to only deal with ApplePay and not other payment processors, can anyone shed some light on how it works in cordova app?

Thanks in advance.

Can Apple TV stream video from an external server using SMB or FTP protocol with external subtitles?

I am seriously considering moving from my Android TV-based player to Apple TV player, because my current solution fails completely on playing / streaming videos from from an external server through SMB or FTP protocol with external subtitles.

Some software players (i.e. VLC) can browse network shares (some can’t), but all of them fails on opening external subtitles, i.e. stored in the .srt or .txt file with exactly the same filename as corresponding video file. It is only possible to display subtitles, if they are embedded into video files that supports embedded subtitles (i.e. MKV) or subtitles downloaded from

This is especially weird, because happens only on SMB / FTP protocol. When using exactly the same player on local disk, everything works just like a charm.

I’d like to ask how does it work in case of Apple TV?

While searching the Internet, I managed to learn that Apple TV can play content from local network (don’t know, if using SMB or FTP protocol), using VLC or some other players. But I can’t find any certain, confirmed information about fetching subtitles from. srt, .txt etc. files stored in exactly the same source and using exactly the same protocol (local share using SMB or external share using FTP) as used for fetching main video file.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem? Thank you.

Music on Apple Watch without iPhone

I’m still working toward my goal of being able to leave my phone in a locker while I work out. Despite the gains of WatchOS 5, it appears that my only real option for music without my phone being nearby is Apple Music (the service) or moving audio files to the watch manually with Apple Music (the app). Googling reveals a lot of articles from the Series 3 release saying that this should be possible now, but very few developers seem to have latched onto this (certainly not Spotify or Pandora).

Am I reading the situation correctly, or am I missing other options for listening to music?

Side notes:

  • Having sprung for the cellular data I’m genuinely surprised by how little you can do with it. Seems a bit of a waste honestly.

  • Having to sync to the phone with Apple Music is especially frustrating since I don’t use it, hate that clicking Play on my headphones so often defaults to it, and was delighted to be able to finally delete it. Sigh.

Apple Network upload throttle?

Short story, we have had 3 techs and then an entire crew from our cable internet provider to verify our internet speeds on ethernet. The choke point in upload speed is our computer, they have tested every point along the line and the slow down only happens on our iMac and Apple Pro desktop. They are different versions (high s and moj) The line says 30mbt up and the computers can only do 3-5mbt up.

How could the computer be throttling?