MacBook tries to connect to colleague’s Apple Watch

My colleague’s Apple Watch keeps asking if he wants to accept pairing with my MacBook Pro. I have never had his Apple Watch connected to my MacBook (or tried to do so…), but I did have his iPhone connected through a USB cable, to launch an iOS app on it (through Xcode).

I cannot see any sign of the Apple Watch on my MacBook. I have no idea why it tries to connect with his Apple Watch. I do not own an Apple Watch.

How do I stop this? It is quite annoying for my colleague.

Is this a legitimate email address from Apple support?


I received this email from Apple Support in regards to a current support case; HOWEVER my last contact about the case was this past monday and we (somewhat) resolved the issue. I received this email today(5/23/19) at 1am PST, which is definitely odd as Apple Support phone lines are off during that time. I contacted Apple Support on it but they couldnt confirm/deny that the email address is legitimate and it might have been a bug/glitch in their system during the time; i also checked my Apple ID online and nothing is out of the ordinary…

My main concern is if the “AppleSupport@email[.]” is a legitimate address that Apple uses to send these kind of emails when they couldnt reach you for a callback.

Can anyone help confirm the email’s legitimacy?

unknown apple id after reset

Hi good day i have a iPhone 5 and did delete my i cloud from it and rest it with find my iPhone turn of . On reboot it ask for unknown apple id which very strange what steps can i take to remedy this its iPhone 5 also on i cloud status check it shows my iPhone is of but activation status is on i didn’t even activate device. Also when google this i see it a very common problem. I have tried to reset again its the same problem

How do you fix an Apple Hardware Test (AHT) configuration?

I have two MacBookPros on which I run 10.6.8. One has a Core i5 (MacBookPro6,1), the other a Core i7 (MacBookPro8,3). I move the SSD from one to other as occasion or whim demands. On the Core i5, AHT runs successfully. On the Core i7, AHT fails to launch. Before the machine shuts down, it briefly displays a window with the error: “Apple Hardware Test had trouble reading env file Configs\AHT_default.env”.

Where is this file located? (note the “\” in the file name). How do I repair it?

Apple Photos import: Insufficient Disk Space

I have about 58,000 photos/videos (~1TB) catalog in Lightroom 5. These photos/videos are stored on an external USB drive.

Since I’m using a very old version of Lightroom, I’m considering moving to Apple Photos (Mojave 10.14.5). I’ve moved the Photos Library to a folder on the external drive, which has about 530GB of free space. When I tried to import, Photos complains “Insufficient Disk Space. Additional 760.47 GB of free space is needed to continue.” In Photos, I’ve unchecked “Copy items to the Photos Library”. Why does Photos need this much space? I’d like to keep all the photos exactly where they are.

Understanding different parts of GCC, Apple LLVM and MSVC

I’m trying to understand different parts of compilers. The compilers I’m comparing are the GNU Compiler Collection, Apple LLVM, and Microsoft Visual C++ (are these the correct names for the compilers?) Is the following table correct:

                         GCC      Apple LLVM      MSVC back end          GCC      LLVM                 MSVC c front end        gcc       clang                  MSVC c++ front end    g++      clang++              MSVC 

Also; if I’m compiling my C++ source files with the command clang++ on a mac:

$   clang++ --version Apple LLVM version 10.0.1 (clang-1001.0.46.4) Target: x86_64-apple-darwin18.5.0 Thread model: posix InstalledDir: /Applications/ 

what’s the name of the compiler I’m using? Should I say I’m using Apple Clang? Or Apple LLVM? Or something else?

Linksys Velop Wi-Fi – Apple Household [on hold]

I purchased the Linksys Velop (smaller physical model) for our house with hopes to remove the Airport Extreme/Express network that is no longer supported by Apple. I have also used (and still possess) Google Wi-Fi routers. Looking at the 20+ devices that are connected to this network, I am concerned that the Linksys setup isn’t as strong as the Apple or Google system.

Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions on how to improve the network? We run the Linksys Velops (3) through Comcast/Xfinity and find that we don’t have the best of connections when we’re in the yard (only feet away from the nearest router).

I have heard that all 3 nodes should be hardwired. True?

Thanks for the help.

Any chance to survive after “Apple Developer Program membership will be terminated” message?

I’ve got “your Apple Developer Program account has been flagged for removal message on the 3rd May 2019. On 15th May 2019, I’ve got the “your Apple Developer Program membership will be terminated message. Apple does not share specific reasons for that decision, as usual.

However, as of 20th May the account is still active: I can access it and make changes.

Since the 15th of May I’ve removed from sale all apps that could have caused Apple’s anger. I’ve disabled all corresponding In-App purchases. I’ve deleted most of the apps. I can’t delete one of them because there’s an In-App purchase with “in Review” status.

Is there still a chance for canceling the termination of my membership? How long does it usually take to terminate a membership?

Waiting for death is sort of worse than the death itself.