Grid menu for application switcher

I have been looking for a way to have a grid-like alttab popup menu in contrast to the default, single row popup menu.

The only extension I have found that alters the popup menu is coverflow but not in the way I want.

I use Workspace Grid for managing workspaces and it has the grid-like layout that I am looking for from the application switcher.

Does this feature currently exist?

future reference

switchPopup.js and altTab.js should be the relevant for implementing this feature, and extensions Workspace Grid and Workspace Matrix, which I believe modify workspaceSwitcherPopup.js and workspace.js, should provide startup code.

How to change default application (GUI doesn’t work)

I have both wine ms office 2010 and wps (version, I found that I can’t change the default application to wps in any “common office files such as .docx .xlsx . pptx” since it always set ms office as default despite by right clicking the file and changing “property” or “open with”. This issue happened after I installed this newest version of wps, the previous one was fine however it doesn’t have pdf reader so I prefer this new one…

Is any way (say terminal) to associated wps with my files?

How to call the SharePoint rest API using Java web application?

I have developed one of the web based Java Application in which one of the page containing the form for uploading a files, as of now uploaded file stored on the Application server, but instead of this I want storing file in the SHAREPOINT ONLINE 2013

I am not an expert in the SharePoint, so please explain in the step by step manner with proper flow and code

For token generation I am doing whatever mention here( and I was getting the token successfully and now not having a clue for what is the next step for the development?

Application throwing 500 internal server error only when i use burp

I am performing a security testing on one application. It is throwing 500 internal server error when i intercept with burp proxy. It is working fine if i turn off the proxy. I have tried the troubleshooting tips available in Burp support center ( but no luck. This is the first time i am observing this king of behavior. Do i need to change any settings to make burp work fine.

Thanks for your answers.

install all third party application with dual boot

I have freshly installed ubuntu 18 in dual boot windows 10 with secure boot enabled. Because of this the third part software (wifi graphics driver) didn’t installed , as I have choose third party options during installion . And my wifi is not working. I want all third party application, for nvidia graphics all other drivers
my ubuntu is working good with no drivers what should do now?

should disable secure boot and reinstall ubuntu?

OR I manually install 3rd party software in terminal using ethernet with secure boot enable ?? is in that case graphics will work ??

is secure boot is necessary to keep enabled ?

I want to use nvidia graphics in ubuntu for data science. system is Lenovo legion y540

what should I do ?

Effective ways to overlay a “close” button on a full screen application, when you have no idea the application’s layout

I am creating a web-based interface to a number of internal web applications. They are all embedded in an iframe for access.

At times I need to allow the iframe to go full screen to give an embedded app as much screen space as possible.

What I want to do is have a “close full screen” button when the iframe is full screen. I can overlay one just fine, and functionally this works. But visually, I am challenged with the fact that the apps all have various layouts – so there is no perfect spot to put the close button for all apps. I want the close button to be ideally in the same spot for consistent user experience.

I should add one big condition: this is on a touch screen terminal, and the user does not use a mouse. Otherwise, I would just have any mouse movement to an edge of the screen expose the close button, just like how a full screen web browser in Windows will expose the top UI if the mouse is moved to the top of the screen.

I can imagine several scenarios on how to do this, but am asking here to see if anyone has found a previous UI design pattern to handle this kind of situation.

application pools keeps stopping

I have an issue with SharePoint server, I hope you can help me solve it.

here is my question

I deployed SharePoint 2019 (on Windows server 2019) and SQL 2017(on Windows server 2019),

Since I deployed the environment, I encountered this issue once in a while and I tried many solutions and only solution that worked was repair option in SharePoint 2019 setup.

Here are symptoms:

SharePoint 80 pool and central administration pool has stopped.

SharePoint timer service stopped and I got 1503 error when I tried to restart it.

I got message when I opened SharePoint management shell. enter image description here

Note : when I deployed the SharePoint server I use local administrator account instead of using sp-farm account. can this issue relate the account that I’ m used in deployment stage or no ,and how can I solve it ?

Character filtration in globalisation supported application

I am working on building an application which will be used in various language , to secure from attacks like xss, SQL injection I thought implementing character filteration (whitelisting/blacking) but not sure if putting validation based on alphanumeric character is best way or not as non English characters might get rejected. what’s the right way to handle this?

Different IDs for the “Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application” managed service

I am working on sharepoint on-premises 2013. and i am trying to get the ID of the “Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application”, but i got different IDs:-

1) When i run this powershell i get this ID:-

PS C:\Users\spfarm.user> Get-SPServiceApplication -Name  WSS_UsageApplication  DisplayName          TypeName             Id -----------          --------             -- WSS_UsageApplication Usage and Health ... 80ace510-005c-4786-86fc-bfd3848e2d79 

While using this powershell i got this ID:-

PS C:\Users\spfarm.user> Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy      DisplayName          TypeName             Id     -----------          --------             --     WSS_UsageApplication Usage and Health ... 21c44849-db6e-4be8-9d2e-84755dcc664a 

so which IDs i should trust? or i have an issue inside our farm? Thanks

SoundWire Server application does not launch

I saved SoundWire_Server_linux64.tar.gz in my Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop from and unzipped it using the system Terminal. I then went to the folder and tried to open the application. I get the error message:- “There was an error launching the application”. The SoundWire App in my Android is unable to link to the SoundWire Server automatically and I am unable to manually enter the server ID as the SoundWire Server did not launch. What do I do now please?