Application Running with Wine Not Displaying Correctly [on hold]

I am trying to run Super Smash Land using Wine on my Mac Book Pro (Mojave). I have installed Wine and XQuartz using Home-brew on my computer and ran the .exe file with wine SuperSmashLand.exe. While running it though, the graphics obviously is not displaying properly, with a large part of the apps appearing as gray (click link above to see how it should display). How can I fix this?

enter image description here enter image description here

Web Application for rendering multiple urls as a grid

Is there any web application to render multiple URLs in a single page/window as a grid? I want to check some updates injected by ajax. These updates reflect on multiple pages (10+ pages) at the same time. So keeping track of all pages at the exact moment is not practical with tabs/multiple windows. Is there any Web Applications, Extensions, Add Ons, or even desktop software for this purpose?

I want it to look like you are watching at multiple monitors with each monitor on different page.
See image given below:

enter image description here Instead of virtual desktops, I want URLs to be rendered.

Any help?

Develop a Web Application Using PHP & MySql (CodeIgniter)

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Develop a Web Application Using PHP & MySql (CodeIgniter)

‘Infrastructure’ and ‘Business-Facing Application’ are types of …?

In my web ui design, I need to have options for selecting various types of IT resources.

I have options like…

  • ‘Operational Scope’ – cloud vs on-premise.
  • ‘Development Style’ – agile vs waterfall.

Does a general taxonomy for this type of thing exist?

I got stumped on one requirement where the user has to determine whether a certain resource is “Infrastructure” vs a “Business-Facing Application”. What concept encompasses both of these options?

Problem with creating program flow in java database application

I have created hardware shop database in SQL. Database needs to be connect to java, everything is done so far even the screen designs. However, there is problem I can’t picture/design how to application should work as program flow. There is login for employess, and employees use this application in their shop. When customer comes in and what to buy something. I realize that is very vague and weird question but how could do this?

AWS Lambda as an Application Load Balancer target?

First, apologies if this is not the correct forum for this question.

At AWS’ 2018 re:invent, AWS announced that Lambda functions can now be the target of Application Load Balancers (documentation here).

I just want to ensure that I understand AWS previous offerings (e.g., my current setup) correctly — that is, if AWS API Gateway is setup to proxy to an AWS Lambda function, AWS already spins up / balances requests, correct?

Live Web chat application

I need to create a live Web chat application for a website and I have been researching on that for a while.

The plan is to use vue.js for client side, MySQL for data base and Web sockets. There are few questions I need answer for

1.Does the chat messages needs to be saved in a db ? 2. Read somewhere in an online article, it’s best to save chat messages as text file and read from it. Is that better ? 3.WebRTC better than Web Sockets?