Best practices for designing layouts of highly configurable/customizable web applications

As the title says, I’m looking for best practices or guidelines on how to design highly configurable web applications.

We’re currently doing a complete redesign of our HR application and there isn’t a single screen without discussion about the issue of configurations possibilities. Customers love that they can tailor our platform to their needs; in fact it’s one of our main selling points. But how can you ensure an aesthetically pleasing layout when you don’t know the number of buttons that will be displayed, or how many options will be available. Or how complex the search masks will be…you get the idea.

Examples for configuration possibilites are:

  • QuickActions (one button per action)
  • QuickFilters (checkboxes that activate a set of filters tailored to your needs)
  • labels and images
  • visibility of certain functions or contents
  • etc.

Our current strategy is to make sure that the default configuration looks and feels good and we even validate our designs through user testing. However, since the possibilities of configuration are nearly endless, we can’t possibly test for all cases. We try to take extremes or corner cases into account but for “badly” or overly configured pages, we can’t ensure that the layout will still be alright.

Are there any best practices or design guidelines about how to ensure a minimum amount of usability and aesthetic? How are you coping with that kind of “fuzzyness” in your layout? Any experiences or ressources are highly appreciated!

Ubuntu 19 applications disapears accidently

I’m new to linux systems. I’ve just heard that they are good and stable and I need them for some web and android application developments. But as I installed an Ubuntu 19 some weird and stupid things happens. Sometimes the settings (which should be the critical part of every OS) disappears (probably after removing of some other applications) and I’m forced to reinstall the whole ubuntu desktop according to this.

Then after I do that, the software I had installed such as Android Studio or Pycharm are also has disapreaed and I am forced to reinstall them.

This is really disappointing. Is it a common behavior of all linux stuffs or is it for Ubuntu 19? Can it be solved if I have installed 18! By the way I couldn’t install 18 because it showed wiered error on installing from USB, such as the \cdrom must be unmount….

I cannot access my sharepoint files through office applications!

I am trying to access my Sharepoint files through my office applications but once I try to open it it gives me a blank file explorer windows with nothing on it.

I have checked the permissions for the folder from the hierarchy accordingly but I still cannot see any of the folder contents if I try to access them from Office applications like word and powerpoint that I mostly use.

Can someone give me some help please?

How undo the “revoke access” in yammer applications

i cloned a spfx project from and it basicaly search for a name of the user in yammer and return some informations about it. I was able to execute and query yammer rest api just fine, but then i went to my yammer user profile settings and i revoke the access to the application that i registered.

enter image description here

And now i cannot get the users using the rest api anymore. Always that i make a request its return 401 error.

How to point a subdomain to run applications using virtualenv on ec2 (AWS)

I added an ec2 instance (ubuntu server) in aws, installed python3.7, virtualenvs, pointed ec2’s elastic ip to a subdomain, entered virtualenvs and made a webapp to run the web application. How do I run by accessing ?

/ubuntu/ |── webapp/ |         └── (wsgiref) |──.virtualenvs 

Separate Icons for Open Applications and Favourites

Is it possible somehow to separate the icons for favourite apps and open apps?

Right now I have them all in the vertical taskbar to the left, so it happens very often that I want to switch app and instead click on a closed app, and it’s a huge hassle to wait for it to open and close.

I don’t want to get rid of favourites completely, but it would be nice if there was a setup to keep them in separate places on the screen, or maybe let the open apps icons float to the top of the bar, so that they are not so easily misclicked.

Sound probelm in applications, but hardware is fine

I’m new here and this is my first post, so bare with me.

I have a unsolved sound problem in ubuntu 18.04. It seems as if the hardware works fine since the speakers make a sound when I draw and drop the volume slider. All though, no sound works in any of the applications such as spotify or firefix. I also tried the “test sound”-function under settings but it doesnt make any sound.

If you need any more info, please tell me how to get it and Ill get back and edit this post. Really thankful for your help.

Best, Alexander