Can Great Weapon Master’s “Power Attack” apply to Spiritual Weapon attacks?

The Great Weapon Master feat says:

  • Before you make a melee attack with a heavy weapon that you are proficient with, you can choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll. If the attack hits, you add +10 to the attack’s damage.

Spiritual Weapon reads:

You create a floating, spectral weapon within range that lasts for the duration or until you cast this spell again. When you cast the spell, you can make a melee spell attack against a creature within 5 feet of the weapon. […] The weapon can take whatever form you choose.

Does the form determine the stats of the weapon (and therefore grant the Heavy attribute that allows the listed GWM benefit to be used) or is it just a cosmetic decision?

How many times Dangerous Sorcellery apply when the spell rolls several times for damages?

I’m confused regarding the interaction between Dangerous Sorcellery and spells like Magic Missiles.

Dangerous Sorcellery:
When you cast a non-cantrip spell that deals damage and that doesn’t have a duration, you gain a conditionnal bonus to that spell’s damage equal to that spell’s level

Magic Missile:
You send a dart of force streaking toward a creature that you can see. It automatically hits and deals 1d4+1 force damage. When Casting this Spell, you can increase the casting by a Material Casting action, a Somatic Casting action, or both. For each component you add, increase the number of missiles you shoot by one. You choose the target for each missile individually.

Assuming a first level Sorcerer, with the Dangerous Sorcellery feat, casting Magic Missile, would the damages be:

Number of missiles x (1d4 + 1) + 1 (Dangerous Sorcellery) // (3d4+3+1)


Number of missiles x (1d4 + 1 + 1(Dangerous Sorcellery) // (3d4+3+3)

TLDR: Does Dangerous Sorcellery apply once for the whole spell, or each time damage is rolled for the spell?

Do modifiers to jump length/height apply to flat values from some monster traits?

Some monsters have traits that give them jump heights without following the rules laid out in the Movement section of the Basic Rules. One example is the Frog:

Standing Leap. The frog’s long jump is up to 10 feet and its high jump is up to 5 feet, with or without a running start.

If one of these monsters gets access to a jump-modifying effect, how do they apply? Do effects like the jump spell multiply these flat values? Does a class feature like Second-Story Work (Thief Roguish Archetype) apply to the flat bonus?

How does the 27 character wide search box recommended length apply to Asian languages and Russian?

I work for a multinational company. We have a global site, and individual country sites. I am trying to set a width for the search box that will accommodate all of our sites and languages. We’ve got Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Russian to contend with, as well as several European languages.

Does anyone know if this 27 character width recommendation is global, or are there different width suggestions for languages that don’t use Roman lettering?

Does “bow feint” apply to ranged touch attacks?

The feat “bow feint” from Dragon Magazine 350 allows you to use a ranged weapon to feint against an opponent within 30 ft distance.

Would this feat apply to a ranged touch attack such as a Warlock’s eldritch blast or a ray of frost cast by a spellcaster or a wand?

To be a bit more specific I would like to try and apply this feat on an Arcane Trickster to make sneak attacks.

Can I apply for Denmark Schengen visa while being unemployed?

I’m from Algeria and I would like to visit Denmark.

If you go to this page (9.vii), you will see:

Unemployed: Proof of current financial resources.

What does that mean exactly?

While taking in consideration that I don’t work, but I accumulated my money from freelancing. I’m not using any platform like Fiverr, or Upwork or anything. Just through online forums and the payment happens Peer to peer.

How can I prove the source of income for them If that’s what they are referring to? or could that also mean that my parents could be paying for me?

Apply schengen visa multiple entry for several business trips

I have obtained a schengen visa twice: 1) Czech (single entry for 90 days) 2) Germany (multiple entries for 30 days)

I have 2 business trips coming up where I will be going to a conference. I have tickets for both. One is in Paris and the other one in Greece. Paris is from May 20-24 and Greece is from June 8-13. I would like to get multiple entry visa for 90days so I don’t need to apply over and over as there is a potential for another conference.

My questions are: 1) What dates should I specify in my application as I have 2 trips coming up 2) Which consulate should I apply? I believe Paris although how should I specify about Greece as there is nowhere in the form to do so.

B1/B2 stuck in AP and need to proceed to apply for J1

My apologies for this being a long post. Backgrounds:

1) Was searching for postdoc positions by December 2018, got on-site interview invitations. I applied for B1/B2 from Canada (where I was doing coop), scheduled the visa interview, and honestly indicated that I was mainly heading US for interviews, and got background check AP (221g yellow). Sure I can live with it.

2) And the AP dragged for >90 days, with only one request on updating/reconfirming my traveling purpose by around day 30, which I did so. It’s already April. I’ve left Canada, no longer have any interviews, got the offer I pursued (through skype interviews, ironically), and was in the process of J1. I sent a follow-up mail to inquiry about the B1/B2, seeking to close it or something just to make sure I’m not leaving it as a stub and let it bite me in J1 application.

3) The Consulate personals who reply the follow-up email contradicted themselves. In the first two responds, they told me that the Consulate informed me to send in passport on day 30 (which I swear was not the case), and that they’d cancel the B1/B2, which I consented. Not a word from them for 3 or 4 days. After another follow-up on the follow-up mail, I was asked to update/reconfirm my traveling purpose once again! It’s safely more than 100 days after the initial visa interview. I’ve always appreciated honesty, but after all these I’m at the verge of doubting my beliefs. Anyway.

4) The states that the application is still under AP.


All I want is to make sure the J1 application won’t be affected by this mess. So, how do I close the B1/B2, or do I need to? To whom this issue should be addressed to? Should I include a letter of explanation or something in future visa applications regarding the things described above, if the B1/B2 can’t be retracted/cancelled?

Any advices would be appreciated. Thank you! Future follow ups will be posted as comments.