Can I apply for a work and travel visa at age 30 and get the full 12 months?

This is a relatively simple question but I am having trouble phrasing it in a way that gets me a satisfactory answer from search engines. I am British and approaching 30 years old and would like to apply for a work and travel visa in Australia. If I successfully apply and enter the country already age 30 and a bit am I still able to enjoy the full twelve months duration or does the visa expire as I turn 31 a few months later? From what I can gather from the immigration pages the twelve month duration is universal as long as I am within the age limit upon arrival but I would like to check this understanding before applying. Although Australia is the main place I am considering, I would also be interested to know whether the answer to this question is more broadly applicable.

How can I apply a script to only one specific sheet within a spreadsheet?

I have a spreadsheet with two sheets called Robin and Lucy. I’ve made/found/mangled a script to sort the data on the sheet each time I add some data to column A:

function onEdit(event){    var sheet = event.source.getActiveSheet();   var editedCell = sheet.getActiveCell();    var columnToSortBy = 1;   var tableRange = "a2:I30";     if(editedCell.getColumn() == columnToSortBy){       var range = sheet.getRange(tableRange);    range.sort( { column : columnToSortBy } );   } } 

This script works well but I only want it it be applied on the first sheet, Robin. The data in the second sheet, Lucy, isn’t the same so I’m going to create another script for a different range for that one, once I get my head around this problem.

I think I need to use the getSheetByName("Robin") but I can’t seem to get it to work.

How to apply AC-3(Arc-consistency 3) algorithm in N-Queen problem?

I am building N-Queen Solver with java. I confused with AC-3 algorithm. I heard that AC-3 can be applied with backtracking algorithm before processing and during the search.The latter is called MAC-3 algorithm.

I have achieved the MAC-3 algorithm.

But,I observed that AC-3 with backtracking algorithm before processing does not do at all.Moreover,it consumes more time than naive backtracking algorithm.

If so,is it sense to combine AC-3 algorithm with forward checking algorithm? Is there any other ways to use AC-3 algorithm that makes efficient?

Do Proficiency Bonus apply to enemies/monsters/NPC? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How to calculate the attack roll for monsters 2 answers

I’m reading the basic books but this doesn’t get explained. Let’s have an example: a PC is attacking an AC16 orc with a sword (he’s proficient in swords). He rolls a 13 + STR bonus (+ 2) + Proficiency bonus (+ 2) = 17, it’s a hit. Now it’s the orc’s turn, he rolls a 10 (+ 2) STR bonus + …proficiency bonus??

Visit Canada to apply for B2 VISA while in US on VWP

I had a major surgery and my mom came from Italy to support me. She is already in US under the VWP. She would like to stay over the 90 days because my recovery is taking longer than expected. We know that she cannot extend her stay under the VWP and we are wondering if it’s possible and/or advisable to visit Canada (we are close to the border) to apply for the B2 VISA.

What do you think? I’m not sure if as a non-Canadian citizen she can apply for VISA in Canada. In any case someone who would want to stay illegally in US would not leave US to apply for a VISA so I don’t think the consular officers should have a problem with that.

Thanks in advance, F.

How to apply js and css to ajax loaded content?

When content get loaded through ajax, neither theme.css or js get applied. Below is code snippet,


    $  twig = \Drupal::service('twig');         $  twigFilePath = drupal_get_path('module', 'mythemename') . '/templates/test.html.twig';         $  template =  $  twig->loadTemplate($  twigFilePath);       $  markup = $  template->render(array('gainerList' => $  gainerList, 'loseList' => $  looserList));          $  build = array(             '#type' => 'markup',             '#markup' => $  markup,             '#attached' => array(                 'css' => array(                     drupal_get_path('themes', 'mythemename') . '/css/theme.css'                 )             )         );         return new Response(render($  build)); 

Is there any issue with above code?

Also below testing code does not hide the second


 $  build = array(             '#type' => 'markup',             '#markup' => '<p>Demo text content</p> <p style="display:none">Demo text content</p>',         );         return new Response(render($  build)); 

Js file code snippet:

(function ($  , Drupal) {   'use strict'; = {     attach: function(context, settings) {         $  .ajax({                 url: "get-top-performing-fund",                 type: 'GET',                 success:function(data, error){                     console.log(data);                     $  ('#topPerforming').html();                     $  ('#topPerforming').html(data);                 }         });     } } })(jQuery, Drupal);