Applying for UK standard visa with priority service while having a recent US visa rejection

I’m applying for UK standard visitors visa next week in Kuala Lumpur and I’ll be purchasing the priority service because I only have 10 working days in total before I travel from Malaysia

In the website they mentioned that if you have a US or Schengen visa rejection you shouldn’t apply for priority because they might not give it to you in 5 days

I’ve been refused a US visa this year under section 214b because I didn’t submit proof of university enrollment but I got a Schengen visa right after (it’s still valid as well) that and my passport is general is full of Schengen and UK visas.

Do you think if I apply for priority service I’ll get it within 10 working days?

Visiting the US after applying for a visa under another name

I live in Europe (can’t say where) about 7 or 8 years ago I applied for a American visa and I got given one but didn’t travel due to family issues. I did my fingerprints at the embassy in Europe. Two years later I went to Africa and went to the US embassy for a visa again with another name. (It was a stupid mistake, made by a child at the time, family pressure.) All my information came up from the earlier application. The application was refused.

Years later I am still living in Europe and have a European passport. I am planning on going for Holiday with my son to see my family in the US. My only concern is, if I do fingerprints at the airport will that same situation come up again and if so what are they going to do about it? I am travelling with a young child and I am very stressed out about this.

Freedom of movement for family of EU citizen – applying for a free visa

According to this site:

“Applying for a visa If your non-EU family members need an entry visa, they should apply for one in advance from the consulate or embassy of the country they wish to travel to. If they will be travelling together with you, or joining you in another EU country, their application should be processed quickly and free of charge:

Countries which are members of the border-free Schengen area should issue visas within 15 days, except in rare cases, when the authorities should provide an explanation for their decision. All other countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, UK) should issues visas as quickly as possible.”

How does one do this? I am currently living in the UK.

Magento 2 recommended approach to applying patches

So far had to apply patches through command line. Bugs me there is not version control for this as in some cases changing vendor folder contents which is ignored. More for accountability with time and date of change instead of ability to revert. But then I came across this article.

Its hard to gauge from this article. Is this the recommended approach to applying patches? Or is there another method?

Applying option if property is true or not set at all

I have a case where I want to apply a format if a property is true or if it is not set at all. Here is what I have:

var item = {}; = "Option 1";  if (item.addTags==true || item.addTags==null) {    // user wants to add tags. if not set then default is to add tags } else {    // property is set and is not true. do not add tags   } 

Is there any potential issues with doing it this way?

What would be the game balance implications for using the Gygax method for applying falling damage?

According to the rules, at the end of a fall, a creature takes 1d6 bludgeoning damage for every 10 feet it fell, to a maximum of 20d6. However, way back in Dragon Magazine #69, D&D co-creator Gary Gygax explained that the original intention was to apply 1d6 damage per ten feet fallen, cumulative. So, a creature would take the following damage according to the distance fallen:

  • 10 ft: 1d6
  • 20 ft: 3d6
  • 30 ft: 6d6
  • 40 ft: 10d6
  • 50 ft: 15d6
  • 60 ft+: 20d6 (max)

My question is, if this method of applying falling damage is used in 5e, what if any are the game balance implications? Would it make certain low-level spells overly powerful, for instance?

UK visa: applying between jobs

I’d like to apply and travel to UK for vacation between my jobs (i.e. quitting current job and want to visit UK before starting the next one).

What document should I produce that says: “employment letter detailing the role/salary/length of employment”. Can I just give the new employer’s offer letter as a proof (has the start date although a couple months in the future)?

Need urgent help in Applying for u.k Direct transit Visa from london

I am Indian national, with students one year Visa studying in France. For two months vacation, I have booked a round trip flight ticket from Paris to Delhi with transit in London Heathrow airport and vice versa(same) I arrive in London Heathrow airport at 10.20 P.M and my departing flight to Delhi is on next day 10.00 A.M.. I arrive and depart from the same terminal! I have been told that I need to get transit Visa here in France! My questions are- 1. Is the direct transit Visa that I get is applicable for the full round trip, or should I get one while going to India and again another while coming from India? 2. If I apply for direct transit Visa online, should I get separate appointment for biometric registration or just by applying for direct transit Visa I will be called for biometric registration !

Applying Import Range Formula in Google Sheet between Tabs

I have One Google Sheet having Three tabs, Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3. I have another tab having name “Sheet 4” in which I want to import all data from these three tabs,but the problem is data in these three tabs will keep on updating, that is Dynamic.

={QUERY(IMPORTRANGE(“1Cqf7ozYcrTb99X4-x1vzHcrs4pqXTBcNqLtaSZnihjE”,”sheet 1!A2:Q”),”SELECT *”,1); QUERY(IMPORTRANGE(“1Cqf7ozYcrTb99X4-x1vzHcrs4pqXTBcNqLtaSZnihjE”,”sheet 2!A2:Q”),”SELECT *”,1)}

Result which I am getting is data from Sheet 1 is coming but data from sheet 2 is not coming.

Can anyone please help me how can I import data from all required tabs