Optimizing Appointment Placement Algorithm

I am searching for an algorithm which might help me solve an optimization problem for appointments/time slots.

Given a set of appointments each with the following parameters:

  1. dollar amount
  2. start time
  3. duration
  4. provider

In most cases the provider can be swapped to another appointment in the same time slot, there are some cases where a provider is not able to be changed. These appointments will be marked as such.

I am looking for algorithm which would equalize the SUM the dollar amount for each provider’s appointments.

My initial naive approach is to run a bunch of cycles randomly selecting an appointment and swapping the provider calculating the totals.

Any pointers in the right direction for algorithm selection or similarities to other problems out there I can research?

Do I have to pay for the appointment and biometrics

enter image description here After paying the visa fee, I proceeded to book an appointment and biometrics but I don’t know if filled that section wrongly because I got the appointment but I have to pay for it an amount that is more than the visa fee its self gbp124 as you see in the picture. Here in Uganda we use TSLcantact. So I don’t know if the appointment is paid for or its covered in the visa fee.

Algorithm for finding optimal appointment times

There are multiple types of appointments, each with their own length. The goal is to find ‘optimal’ placements for a given appointment type on a given day – optimal meaning leaving as little ‘wasted time’ (small gaps) as possible. What is and what isn’t ‘wasted time’ should ideally be evaluated based on the lengths of all appointment types, or less ideally by a self-written evaluation function.

For the given day, there is a given set of bins with varying lengths, and a set of appointments that have already been planned (not necessarily entirely within those bins).

I have been trying to find algorithms suited for this task, and so for the closest I’ve come is bin packing algorithms. From my understanding, though, these algorithms are used to pack a set of objects in as little bins as possible of a given size, usually within a 2D/3D space – while I need to get optimal placements for a single object in a set number of bins of varying sizes, with objects already in them.

Would anybody know an algorithm suited for this job? To lower the execution time I will probably limit the schedule to a grid of 5 minutes.

Appointment Letter

I booked my appointment on 10th of June for UK visa at Vfs global site, I have paid GBP 53.00 for my appointment but I have not received any appointment letter, Can anyone guide me how to get an appointment letter. Will I be receiving any cofirmatory email ? I applied on Friday in the late evening hours. TIA

Reschedule German visa appointment

I have scheduled an appointment at German consulate Bangalore via https://service2.diplo.de. May I know how can I reschedule my appointment?

If I found an earlier slot available how can I change my appointment to that date? Should I cancel my current appointment first and then need to book a new one or shall I edit and reschedule my current appointment?