SharePoint 2010 Approval Work Flow Form – Link to Attachment

I have created a custom approval workflow that works as expected. However I am trying to add a link on the approval form to any attachments that were assigned during the creation of the list item.

The steps that I have taken so far: Added a workflow variable Set the workflow variable to the value of the current item attachments Added a Task Form Field of type string Set the Task Form Field value to the Value of the Work Flow variable in the Before Task is Assigned Step

There are no errors within the workflow, but when the workflow is initiated (automatic or manual), no task notifications are sent. If I removed the Set Task Form Field value, the workflow will start sending notifications again. I’m assuming it has something to do with how I am trying to build the link to the attachment within the form.

Approval for event creation in Sharepoint Calendar

I tried creating a workflow and made my manager the person who would get the notification and was expecting her to have the power to reject the event creation but I was allowed to create the event, although she was just notified.

Now to support the above statement I should tell you that I am trying to make a system in Sharepoint Calendar so that whenever a person tries to schedule a meeting or event, it should first go to the person of authority and should only appear on the calendar when that person of authority has approved it.

I even tried creating a Microsoft Flow for it, but wasn’t able to because the Calendar doesn’t show up in the list of ‘Lists’.

I just want to know if this is the correct way of achieving that, and if yes what am I doing wrong? If no, then what’s the better way?

Causing infinite loop for SharePoint 2010 Approval Workflow using SharePoint Designer

I’m trying to setup an approval workflow for new and edited items in Document Library.

I created an approval workflow that is set to start when a new item is created and when an item is edited. The workflow updates the approval status on completion.

Now when I create a new item or edit an existing item the workflow kicks off as expected. However when I approve the workflow the workflow completes and then starts a new workflow. It would seem that updating the approval status is causing the workflow to activate again.

Is there any workaround to stop this looping?

OOTB 2010 Approval Workflow – copy comments into consolidate comments field

I am using Sharepoint 2013 with SPD 2010.

I have created a SP 2010 workflow using the default approval workflow. I will have 3 approvers, approving each request. I want the approvers to be able to view other comments (or approval hits), for anyone who has processed the form prior.

Essientally I want the comments entered to display in the consolidated comments field or something similar.

How can I do this?

Activate Approval, Collect Feedback, and Collect Signatures workflows for a site collection?

All workflows are active except for Approval, Collect Feedback, and Collect Signatures.

Everything I’ve read says to go to Site Collection Features and activate Workflows. I’ve done this, but these three workflows are still inactive.

Is there something else I’m missing?

Sharepoint 2010 Approval Workflow Form – Pulling Data from the comments field

I am using Sharepoint 2013 OP with SPD 2013.

I created a Sharepoint 2010 Approval workflow using the default workflow. When the user approves the item, there is a pre installed comment box.

How do I pull the comments that the approver types into the box, and add those to the e-mail which is sent out via the “When approved e-mail initator (requestor)” action?