SharePoint Calendar Approval Notification Sending to Incorrect Approvers

I have created a PTO calendar in SharePoint 2013 that has three separate work flows (Nintex) that activate if a condition is met. A notification should be sent to the appropriate approver on the workflow, however the notification is being sent to the approvers on all workflows. How can I stop the notification from going to all approvers and instead just go to the approver associated with the group?

More details: Workflow 1 begins when team “A” is selected – Approver John should receive notification for request. Workflow 2 begins when team “B” is selected – Approver Jane should receive notification for request. Workflow 3 begins when team “C” is selected – Approver Susie should receive notification for request. As of right now when an event is created on the calendar John, Jane and Susie are receiving the notification that approval is required.

Is it possible to update MS Flow Approval Status using Rest API?

I need to create an approval process which will need the approver to add comments as well as upload file. For achieving this, I plan to create a custom form with required set of controls.

I’ve been trying to update the approval status on the item by updating OData__ModerationStatus & OData__ModerationComments to get the flow moving further. But what happens is, it updates only the OData__ModerationComments and not the OData__ModerationStatus.

If somebody can help on how to update the status of approval flow using Rest API to get the Flow continue further, it would be great. Any pointers to do it through custom logic also would be of great help.

Thanks. 🙂

Office 365 SharePoint Approval Workflow Limits

I have an approval workflow setup in Office 365 SharePoint and the first branch sets up a 1 week delay while the other side of the branch is the “Start and wait for an approval”. At the end of the delay, a conditional checks the value of a column to see if the approval is still pending, if it is it causes a reminder email to be sent and then closes the workflow. This delay branch causes the workflows to stay open for at least a week – ie they are staying in the running state.

Does this cause a problem for the quotas on SharePoint? Is there a way to cancel the delay if the workflow has been approved/rejected? Is there another way to do the reminder branch without a delay?

How to export Transaction ID and Credit Card Approval to CSV

I’ve been writing a script that exports a CSV into a directory. The CSV contains the information of the order, once the order has been made. The issue i’m having is exporting the information for transaction ID and CC Approval. Does anyone have any idea on how to gather that information?

Below you can see the two vars that are trying to gather the information $ paymentId and $ paymentApproval

public function sales_order_place_after($  observer) {     $  order = $  observer->getEvent()->getOrder();     $  quote_id = $  order->getQuoteId();      $  orderId = $  order->getEntityId();     $  order = Mage::getModel('sales/order')->load($  orderId);      $  text = "";     $  fp = fopen('hide/directory/for/question' . $  order->getIncrementId() . '.txt', 'w');      // billing info     $  billingAddress = $  order->getBillingAddress();     $  countryCode = $  billingAddress->getCountryId();     $  country = Mage::getModel('directory/country')->loadByCode($  countryCode);     $  countryName = $  country->getName();      //ship to billing info     $  shippingAddress = $  order->getShippingAddress();     $  shippingAddressCountryCode = $  shippingAddress->getCountryId();     $  shippingAddressCountry = Mage::getModel('directory/country')->loadByCode($  shippingAddressCountryCode);     $  shippingAddressCountryName = $  shippingAddressCountry->getName();      $  query = "Collect";     $  shippingDescription = $  order->getShippingDescription();     if (substr($  shippingDescription, 0, strlen($  query)) !== $  query) {         $  shippingCode = "PPD";         $  shippingAgentCode = "UPS";         $  shippingServiceCode = explode(" - UPS ", $  shippingDescription)[1];         $  carrierAccountNumber = "";         $  shippingAmount = $  shippingAddress->getShippingAmount();     } else {         // Shipping info         $  shippingCode = "COL";         $  shippingAgentCode = "";         $  shippingServiceCode = "";          $  order_id = $  order->getId();          $  carrierAccountNumber = Mage::getSingleton('checkout/session')->getCollectmemoComment();         $  carrierAccountNumber = $  carrierAccountNumber[$  quote_id];         $  shippingAmount = 0;     }      //Order Info     $  orderDate = $  order->getCreatedAt();     $  orderDateToShow = date('n/j/Y',strtotime($  orderDate));       // Transaction Info     $  orderTransactionDateTime = date('n/j/Y h:i:s A',strtotime($  orderDate));      // Account INfo     $  userEmail = $  order->getCustomerEmail();      // Payment info     $  payment = $  order->getPayment();     $  paymentCcType = $  payment->getData('cc_type');     $  paymentPoNumber = $  payment->getData('po_number');     $  paymentPoComment = $  payment->getData('po_comment');     $  paymentIdTwo = $  payment->getCcTransId();     $  poRefferenceNumber = $  payment->getData('po_ref_number');        $  paymentId = $  payment->getCcTransId();     // $  paymentId = $  payment->getData('cc_trans_id');      $  paymentApproval = $  payment->getData('cc_approval');     // $  paymentApproval = $  payment->getCcApproval();       $  paymentCcStatus = "";       if ($  paymentPoNumber != "" ) {         $  paymentCcStatus;     } else {         $  paymentCcStatus = "Approved";       }      if ($  paymentCcType == "VI") {         $  paymentCcType = "Visa";     } else if ($  paymentCcType == "MC") {         $  paymentCcType = "MasterCard";     } else if ($  paymentCcType == "AE") {         $  paymentCcType = "American Express";     } else if ($  paymentCcType == "DI") {         $  paymentCcType = "Discover";     }      $  item_incrementer = 1;     foreach ($  order->getAllItems() as $  itemId => $  item) {         $  fields = array($  billingAddress->getCompany(), $  billingAddress->getFirstname(), $  billingAddress->getMiddlename(), $  billingAddress->getLastname(), $  billingAddress->getStreet(1), $  billingAddress->getStreet(2), $  billingAddress->getCity(), $  billingAddress->getRegion(), $  billingAddress->getPostcode(), $  countryName, $  billingAddress->getTelephone(), $  userEmail ,$  shippingAddress->getCompany(), $  shippingAddress->getFirstname(), $  shippingAddress->getMiddlename(), $  shippingAddress->getLastname(), $  shippingAddress->getStreet(1), $  shippingAddress->getStreet(2), $  shippingAddress->getCity(), $  shippingAddress->getRegion(), $  shippingAddress->getPostcode(), $  shippingAddressCountryName, $  shippingAddress->getTelephone(), $  shippingCode, $  shippingAgentCode, $  shippingServiceCode, $  carrierAccountNumber, $  order->getShippingAmount(), $  paymentPoNumber, $  paymentPoComment, $  poRefferenceNumber, $  order->getIncrementId(), $  orderDateToShow, $  paymentCcStatus, $  paymentCcType, $  paymentApproval, $  paymentId, $  paymentIdTwo ,$  order->getGrandTotal(), $  orderTransactionDateTime,  $  item_incrementer, $  item->getSku(), $  item->getQtyOrdered(), $  item->getPrice() );           // echo '<pre>' , var_dump($  fields) , '</pre>';          $  field_incrementer = 0;         foreach($  fields as $  field ) {             if ($  field_incrementer > 0) {                 $  text .= "\t";             }             $  text .= $  field;              $  field_incrementer++;         }          $  text .= "\r\n";          $  item_incrementer++;     }      fwrite($  fp, $  text) ;      fclose($  fp); } 

App was updated without my approval

I have on my phone (galaxy note4) preinstalled samsung web browser application. I didn’t update it via Google play because I don’t use this app. But a week ago I found that this app was updated without my approval because apps icon was changed. I haven’t ever launch this app. How it is possible that app was updated without my approval?!

Sharepoint 2010 Customizing the Approval Workflow for Change Items

I’m trying to use Sharepoint Designer 2010 to create a workflow for a library. We want to have submitters and approvers in the library. Submitters would upload a document, fill out some metadata & the workflow would then start. Approval request would be sent to the approvers. That I can get to work with a basic out of the box approval workflow.

The problem comes in after that. The approvers want to be able to add notes in the metadata of the library item WITHOUT restarting the workflow. Because the workflow history list with rejection comments will erase itself & start over when an edit is made.

Basically I’m trying to figure out how to set it up so that the workflow only restarts when the original library item submitter changes something. Because the assumption would be that if they receive a rejection they would need to edit their submittal & then the process would restart.

Is there a way to do this? I’ve scoured the internet & attempted to tweak the workflow to no effect. I even attempted to have 2 workflows, one for “start on item creation only” and one for “start on item change only” but the change item only workflow considered the document metadata & initial check in to be a “change” and then I was getting double approval request emails.

We are using SharePoint 2010. Versioning is turned on for this library but check in/check out is not.

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