Is it possible to reassign an approval that belongs to someone else?

I have set up a series of flows which include approval blocks, and a question has been raised what happens should an approver not be available.

I can see the possibility to create a second approval to a different person after x time, but this at minimum builds in a delay, and at least where I work that second person is not well defined so is likely to be different every time.

Is there a way for an admin to find an approval assigned to someone else, and manually reassign it? I know I can reassign approvals meant for myself, so the functionality is present, but either the permission is not available, or I can’t work it out.

The only option I can think of at the moment is to have the admin (myself currently) as an additional approver on every approval block, and then I can just reassign my own version of an approval request to whoever I wish, but I am uncomfortable with that because it effectively means I can approve things well above my station.

Adding a “Delete Row” Button to Infopath form on SharePoint Online asking for Admin Approval

Been looking for a solution to add a “delete row button” for each row on a repeated table form. Migrated over to SharePoint Online but since InfoPath is being depreciated by 2026 some of the InfoPath toggles that was in Central Admin (as is Central Admin) is gone from SP Online.

I get this error Error when publishing from InfoPart when I tried to publish a form where I used the edit code button (for a button element) and added this code:


It works perfectly sand-boxed but since sand-boxed solutions have also been depreciated I suppose I am getting this error. Is there a way around this or another solution to make a ‘Delete Row” button in a Repeated Table Form? Yes I have Farm/Admin rights. SP Online, InfoPath 2013.

Sharepoint Designer 2013 crashes when I publish a workflow with a approval process action

From a few days I can no longer publish with the SharePoint Designer old and new Workflows that contain a simple approval process Action, like this

->    Start Approval (7) process on Current Item with Alessandro Cosi 

I am now receiving this error when attempting to publish:

An error occurred while trying to fetch data from your Sharepoint site.

Content Approval on few columns only

I have one document library where there is content approval enabled.

I have one MS Flow that is triggered when property of document is modified. (for example someone opened option->approve/Reject the document).

The flow checks that if document is approved then I want to update one column in that document library.

but when my flow update that column the content approval status is changed to “Pending” again.

Can I create exception column that does not update the content approval status.

Why I am using content approval : 1. whenever anybody the changes any important columns the status is immediately changed to “pending” from “approved” (no need of MS Flow/Workflow/Event Receivers) 2. Approve/reject items from list view

SharePoint 2010 Approval Work Flow Form – Link to Attachment

I have created a custom approval workflow that works as expected. However I am trying to add a link on the approval form to any attachments that were assigned during the creation of the list item.

The steps that I have taken so far: Added a workflow variable Set the workflow variable to the value of the current item attachments Added a Task Form Field of type string Set the Task Form Field value to the Value of the Work Flow variable in the Before Task is Assigned Step

There are no errors within the workflow, but when the workflow is initiated (automatic or manual), no task notifications are sent. If I removed the Set Task Form Field value, the workflow will start sending notifications again. I’m assuming it has something to do with how I am trying to build the link to the attachment within the form.

Approval for event creation in Sharepoint Calendar

I tried creating a workflow and made my manager the person who would get the notification and was expecting her to have the power to reject the event creation but I was allowed to create the event, although she was just notified.

Now to support the above statement I should tell you that I am trying to make a system in Sharepoint Calendar so that whenever a person tries to schedule a meeting or event, it should first go to the person of authority and should only appear on the calendar when that person of authority has approved it.

I even tried creating a Microsoft Flow for it, but wasn’t able to because the Calendar doesn’t show up in the list of ‘Lists’.

I just want to know if this is the correct way of achieving that, and if yes what am I doing wrong? If no, then what’s the better way?