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Google News Approved Website For Sale

Secure a Jenkins node to only run approved scripts?

We have a series of Jenkins nodes that are used to deploy changes onto our SQL Servers, which works fine as long as everyone behaves and can be trusted.

The worry is that a rogue developer or hacker could simply add something like this into a Jenkins file and trash our data or performance:

   node (production) {          stage ‘deploy_straight_to_prod’ {                …<do something bad here>         }     } 

How do we protect against this? Ideally, only scripts that have been actively aproved by a DBA should be allowed.

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Set Task to Approved or Rejected from workflow

I have a Task that was created by a 2013 workflow, through either the Assign a task command or Start a task process command. I have a second workflow that wants to use Update List Item to approve or reject that Task when a specific condition occurs.

First, how do I find the appropriate task? By selecting the Tasks list, the lookup allows me to find it by ID, but I don’t have the ID of the task.

Second, the field/value combination only allows me to set the Status to Completed. I don’t see anything that allows me to set it to Approved or Rejected. Is that possible?

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Are Snap and Flatpack apps safe to install? Are they “official”, approved or tested for a particular distro version?

I don’t like installing apps outside my distro’s official repositories.

Linux security relies a lot on having a repository meticulosly curated and tested for library compatibility with current distro version, stability and security.

Once I installed, from outside repos, a fancy terminal emulator that mimicked retro green/amber phosphor monitors. This app wreaked havoc in my system and I had to reinstall Ubuntu.

I hesitate a lot about using ppas as well.

I only trust very few external sources, ppas or packages downloaded from websites.

But now Snap and Flatpack seems to be all the rage in Ubuntu-specialized sites.

  • Is it safe to install Snap apps or Flatpack apps?
  • Are there official repos for such?
  • Am I missing something here?
  • How is safety and stability taken cared of with this non apt stuff.

Fetch my approved tasks as a group member using Rest API

I am having an approval workflow in which I assign a task to a group using SPD designer workflow when any member of the group approves the task, the task gets completed. Now, my question is, I have created 2 data tables where I show My Pending Tasks and my Approved tasks. Usually when a task is assigned to a particular user can be easily retrieved using Rest API, but how can I achieve the same in such a scenario, please guide.

Facebook ads approved, published. But ads are not running.


I am having some problems with I have created a couple off ads. They have been approved and published. The account is connected to paypal.But unfortunatley the ads don't seem to be running. There is'nt any money spend in the account. What could i be doing wrong?

Is there any way to contact facebook to ask them?

Thanks in advance