how can we get our facebook app approved

1/ This is what our app will do: We want to make an app (some kind of bot) that generates a random funny reply to people when they post a comment on a page post.

So the end user will only interact with (a post on) our page. The end user will never interact directly with our app.

Is it true that our app will need publish_pages and manage_pages? How can we get through the facebook approval process for something like this?

The approval procedure requires that we submit a movie – which shows how the end-user interacts with our app
– which shows why we need publish_pages – which shows why we need manage_pages

What should be in the movie? We are not certain how we should do this.

Kind regards, Tim Vande Walle

In Sharepoint Designer is there a condition to see if a approval workflow and a review workflow is approved or completed?

I would like to toggle a field when an approval workflow is approved and when a review workflow is approved. I don’t see any conditions that call that in SharePoint Designer 2010.

I have tried calling it using “If current item equals field” using Data Source: Current Item Field from Source: “Name of workflow” but it doesn’t seem to work. Thanks.

Visit to the USA with ESTA approved before trip to Iran

I have a question since I have a new passport with which I have already traveled with a validated ESTA to the USA. In 2 weeks I am leaving for Iran and then I will need to go back to the US for work. Since now the Iranian visa is not applied directly on the passport but is a separate paper, do I need to apply for a visa even though I have already a validated ESTA and my passport does not show an Iranian passport?

I am scared than if I travel to the US after my Iran trip with the ESTA and then I apply for a visa, they will ask me when the trip in Iran was and that date is antecedent to the visa request and they might then not validate the visa.

Thank you very much for your help! Giorgia

Facebook Messanger- Shows Status Live and Approved review but not working with Non Admins

A Facebook Messanger bot which was approved last June(2018) has been operating fine since March 2019, Now. Developer Facebook page shows that pages_messaging is approved and the Status of the Bot is LIVE. However, the bot only responds to messages from Admin users- like it is in development mode but it is now. Non-admins can find and message the Bot but it will not get a response.

Side note, Facebook Developer platform is very difficult to navigate and find any sort of help.

My question is what could be happening that is forbidding the bot from answering to non-admins if the bot is live and seemingly approved to be messaging.

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Document approval process – get user who approved (without workflows)

Is it possible to get the user who approved (for example) document in the library, using content approval (not workflows)? Reference to content approval functionality

Since approving any document changes Modified date, but not Modified by, I cannot catch this user in update event. Besides Approval Status and Approval comment I could not find any other built-in column – I just cannot believe that this information is not stored all, therefore there must be some kind of solution. Am I wrong?

I know that this could be done by custom workflow, but this “content approval” functionality is quite simple and easy to use – it fully provides all that is needed and workflows would be too much.

I see how this question would be classified as duplicate ( almost exact question, similar question ), so to be clear – is there a way to get approval person using content approval and not replacing content approval feature with workflow approval?

500 approved directory listings in 2 days for $8

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My Add-On was approved by Google, but it is available only to members of my employer’s domain

I developed an add-on for Google spreadsheets, have sent it over to Google for a review, and after much blood, toil, tears and sweat, had it successfully approved.

Yet, the add-on is only available to members on my employer’s domain – a domain that uses Google tools and services (mail services are Gmail based, for example). My employer and I want it to be available to anyone with a Google account. When I contacted Google on the issue, they have sent me a link to a support page in which there are departments of support. My inquiry fits none of them.

Could any of you please point me in the right direction?

Has my Schengen visa been approved or rejected?

I applied for a Schengen visa via VFS Global.

The application status on the Embassy’s portal is showing as “Finished” and my passport is back at the VFS office.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to collect my passport for 9-10 days.

I have not received any email containing objections regarding my visa application from the embassy.

Does this imply that my visa has been approved?

In the general case, when a visa is rejected, does the embassy send out an email regarding the same?