Sound does not work in many apps after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04. I’m also trying to avoid Pulseaudio at all costs

Basically, I’m trying to get everything to use ALSA like I had on my old OS. Now with Ubuntu 18.04, I have some offline apps that sound great with ALSA but others such as firefox or Audacity that have no sound at all. I read from some online forums that you can get Alsa to run as the default sound device but I couldn’t figure out how to edit the config. I was only able to figure out how to disable Pulseaudio by setting the respawn to no and removing the ;. Anything beyond that was too confusing for me to understand but I really don’t want to be stuck without sound forever. Youtube and Audacity are important to me and I need to use them. Please help…

Can I protect some Android apps with a simple unlock pattern, but the rest with a strong password?

I have a low-end Android 9 tablet that I’ve linked to my Google account. For convenience, I’d love to keep the security really low–like a simple pattern or PIN, or even swipe. >95% of what I’d do on that tablet is low-security, like a Bible app or driving directions or games or even photos. But I wouldn’t want a thief to be able to access Google Docs or a home security system app, or to be able to install more apps with a simple PIN.

To me, it seems like a simple and secure solution would be to allow users to turn on a feature to configure “low-security” apps–ones which can be unlocked with a convenient unlock method like a simple pattern or PIN or fingerprint, or just a swipe. But all other apps would require a more secure method, like a password. The “pinned screen” feature is pretty close to what I’m looking for, but not quite.

Does anyone know if this is possible in Android settings, or using some app? Or whether it may be considered for a future Android release?

Can phone apps edit my clipboard?

This is a question similar to this one but it is all about editing the clipboard contents. Can phone apps read my clipboard?

Is this actually a case on latest API of Android an iOS? I mean particularly Clipper malware that e.g. replaces financial account number after it get’s copied to the clipboard so then you paste attackers account number.

I digged through the documentation and some books and found information that on android both read/write seems not limited, on iOS it works in foreground only.

So how it is currently?

Is using “Share” and app drawer on android to pass the data we want to be integral from one app to another safer than using clipboard in any way(we assume you don’t choose copy to clipboard in app drawer”?

I cliked a phisng link and now i want to know if any scripts had downloaded apps on my phone

i had a brain fart and had clicked an obvious phishing link.

i already updated my passwords, backed up my device (android phone btw), and am planning to do a factory reset just to be on the safe side.

However, i read that doing a factory reset aint enough and to reflash my phone instead. honestly, i find that to be a bit of a hassle so i went and viewed the page source of the said phishing link to see if any scripts may have downloaded something on my phone.

since i have absolutely zero knowledge as to what i should look for, i thought to ask here on reddit instead.

could anyone help and see if the link may have downloaded any shit on my phone?

the page source is (using google chrome):


the blasted link that started my problem is this:

the piece of crap’s blogger profile (after i did some digging in the said page source) that made the problem:

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¿Como abrir un Formulario modal dentro de la plataforma de google apps script?

Buen dia,

Me gustaría saber como puedo mostrar el dato seleccionado de una tabla en un formulario modal dentro de la plataforma de google app script, intente realizarlo con el código que se había dado en una respuesta anterior ([pregunta][1]), pero no me fue posible, al parecer no se ejecuta de la misma forma dentro de esta plataforma. A continuación publico el código que tengo y con el cual puedo filtrar una tabla y obtener la fila en la que hago click y la primera celda de esta fila.

Muchas gracias.

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