Being a computer organizations and architecture expert

One of the greatest challenge in learning one is how broad the literal computer science is. Just talking about memories and CPUs would just took you to endless adventure of this technology. How does the expert manage to understand all of this if I ever want to be one of them?

Maybe someone ever be on my position, not just want to survive the exam but wanted to be the expert of this field especially on the hardware side and rarely ever grasp all the concepts.

Reading in string and printing in reverse order MIPS architecture

.data string1: .space 5 str2: .asciiz “\n The output string is: ” string2: .space 5 str1: .asciiz “\n Enter the string: ” .text li $ v0, 4 la $ a0, str1 syscall

li $ v0, 8 #read in string li $ a1, 5 #the size is 4 la $ a0, string1 syscall #lw $ t7, 0($ a0) lb $ t0, 0($ a0) #1st letter lb $ t1, 1($ a0) #2nd letter lb $ t2, 2($ a0) #3rd letter lb $ t3, 3($ a0) #4th letter

addi $ sp, $ sp, -4 #allocate 4 bytes for the string sb $ t0, 0($ sp) #4th letter sb $ t1, 1($ sp) #3rd letter sb $ t2, 2($ sp) #2nd letter sb $ t3, 3($ sp) #1st letter

lb $ s0, 3($ sp) #4th letter lb $ s1, 2($ sp) #3rd letter lb $ s2, 1($ sp) #2nd letter lb $ s3, 0($ sp) #1st letter addi $ sp, $ sp, 4

sll $ s4, $ s0, 8 add $ s4, $ s4, $ s1 sll $ s4, $ s4, 8 add $ s4, $ s4, $ s2 sll $ s4, $ s4, 8 add $ s4, $ s4, $ s3

la $ t0, string2 #lw $ s4, 0($ t0)

li $ v0, 4 la $ a0, str2 syscall

li $ v0, 4 #la $ a0, string2 #prints what’s in string2 move $ a0, $ s0

li $ v0, 10 syscall

It’s giving me an error that the address is out of range. How do I print what’s in $ s4?

Securing Client-Server Architecture with VPN or a SSL-connection?

I developed a mobile application runs on our companys’ mobile terminals. Mobile application connects to company servers via GSM network.

We had a meeting to decide how to secure communication between mobile application and server application. Our security team insists that we must install VPN application on mobile terminal, connects to our company network with VPN firstly and then our mobile application must connect to server via https.

I could not understand their insistence. I think giving VPN rigths to every mobile terminal owners are more dangerous then securing a connection with https. As I know, https connection could provide required security between client and server applications which I wrote both of them and they use https for communication. Is there any security related information that my knowledge is not enough to understand? If I am rigth , how I could show them that https is enough for security and givin VPN is more dangerous. Any other convincing information is welcome.

Future trend of computer architecture and organisaion

Consider the following aspects of computer system and processor design:

  • Memory locations and addressing
  • Addressing modes and formats
  • CPU structure (instruction cycle, pipeline, etc.)
  • Control unit operations

Choose any TWO of the above and write a group report on the latest/future trends in those aspects. Report Outline

  • Introduction and Motivation: Describe your group’s rationale for choosing the two aspects.
  • Latest/Future Trends: Describe the latest developments in those two aspects.
  • Discussion: Discuss the feasibility of those aspects, give your opinion on how soon will these developments become a reality, pros and cons, etc.
  • Conclusion: Summarise your report.
  • References: Provide references, i.e. sources of reference materials for your report.

I need some reference, threads, free e-book for this topic. Can anyone help? I am in urgent.

Where are the GATE (GATE – General Architecture of Text Engineering ) example files?

Just installed the Open Source software, GATE, with what appears to be the most recent stable version of GATE – Release 8.6 (June 10th 2019), using the “Platform Specific Installer for Windows”. The installation went smoothly and finished with a “Done Screen” that indicated, “Installation has completed successfully”.

I’ve run the application and followed some basic orientation tutorials. The application appears to be functioning as designed. Some later tutorials demonstrate opening the “Example” files used with these tutorials. I cannot find these example files. I’ve searched the application’s folders and there are no such files. Is there a separate folder located elsewhere for saving / opening the GATE files?

Anyone know about these files?

Link to the Gate website:

Teamviewer on Jetson nano: CheckCPU: unknown architecture aarch64

I’ve installed teamviewer on Jetson nano following this instruction. It fails in two ways:

  • if I launch it from command line, i get following output:
  Init...   Error: CheckCPU: unknown architecture 'aarch64' 
  • if I connect to it after setting password through command line, it allows to enter login remotely, but after entering password it immediately disconnects.

I tried changing WaylandEnable /etc/gdm3/custom.conf, but it doesn’t help. What else can I try?

What are the security roles/levels for architecture?

Given a sample system architecture for a company, where different types of users access the company’s Web App and databases over the public internet, what are the security roles/levels of the systems in this architecture in relation to Information Security and IAM ?

Is it correct to assume these security roles/levels include system level, transmission level, application level, and even ‘people’, etc. ?