how to access “recover item folder” of archive mailbox?

May I know from the user perspective, is it possible for them to access “recover item folder” of their archive mailbox?

I enable the archive mailbox for users, there is a “Recoverable Items 14 days Move to Archive” retention tag assigned to them. So how can they access the “recover item folder” of their archive mailbox themselves?

Thanks a lot!

How to archive the whole website?

To save a single page via Wayback Machine I can go to:


How can I archive the website recursively by Wayback Machine?

There is some project such as wayback-machine-downloader, but I’m looking for a feature which allows me the upload the website recursively.

Archive from different folder

I have bat-file, which looks like:

c:\progra~1zz a e:\backup.7z -mx0 %1\*.zip %1\*.rar ...multiply file masks... c:\progra~1zz u e:\backup.7z -mx9 %1\* 

I run it with command “arch.bat c:\myfolder” So archives do not recompress, and other files compressed well. I want to move file masks to listfile, but its not support %1 arguments. How can I do it?

edit category archive page with different content (text +images)

I am working on wordpress theme and I would like to edit the “listing category” and “region” pages that get automatically created when I add listings for instance:

I want to add titles and text before the map and the listings and cannot find a way to edit the code of the archive-listing pages located there : wp-content/plugins/listeo-core/archive-listing.php

The trick is to have a different text displaying for each category page generated,

If someone has a clue, that would be really helpful, thanks

How do you archive a private channel on Slack (e.g. a personal private channel)?

I am trying to archive (download all msgs, data etc… | backup) a 2 private channels: one of my personal private chat with myself.. and one with another member (DM).

I have only found tutorials for archiving a public channel not a private one, but have seen answers that would suggest that arching a private channel is possible: Deleting/Make private channel public?