What story arcs does the Tomb of Annihilation adventure (as written) fail to resolve?

It is said that you can give a story a more satisfying and powerful ending by simultaneously closing multiple story arcs at the end of a story (per screenwriting coaches like Robert Mckee – the teacher who inspired Peter Jackson to rewrite Lord of the Rings into what we saw onscreen.) For example, it was recently reported that the writers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker found 24 unclosed character arcs that they could close with the final movie. They closed those arcs to give the movie more narrative impact.

I have been brought in as a substitute DM to finish the last 2-3 episodes of an almost eight month campaign of Tomb of Annihilation spanning over 30 sessions. (I was chosen to help maintain continuity because I am a former player with knowledge of their campaign.)

It would be great to give the ending of TOA a great sense of closure and feel epic as if the PCs have accomplished something important and the world recognizes it.

But, reading ToA it is clear that there are a variety of unclosed story arcs. As written, the ending feels a little abrupt. There are a few comments about how if the PCs saved a particular character then they receive treasure as promised and a few words about future adventures, but that’s about it. It feels a bit unfinished – like Star Wars: A New Hope might feel without the throne scene or Return of the Jedi without the scenes of celebration across the many planets.

The ToA authors left a variety of open story arcs for the DM to close.

For example…

That said, there are hundreds of pages of adventure – and clearly the authors opened a variety of arcs, many of them closed, and some portion left open – but it can be a challenge to find and remember all those arcs even having been a player.

It would be great to have a list of those unclosed story arcs so we as DMs can create scenes to close those arcs to help give that more satisfying “Mckee-an” sense of completion.

So the question is, what are the story arcs that are opened in ToA’s story that were unclosed in the module?

We are looking for a bulleted list of opened arc story elements that the authors left unclosed or for which the authors didn’t outline the scenes for closing them.

Is finding the minimum feedback arc set on graph with two arcs for each node np-complete?

I have a graph with at most two outgoing arcs for each node and i need to extract a dag by removing the least number of arcs. I know that the general problem is np-complete but i can’t reduce it to the other one.

I know that each graph can be mapped to a graph with only two outgoing edges for each node, but i can’t find a way to convert from many edges to two edges that allows me to perform the reduction. If I convert a node with 3 edges to something like

A----B-OUT1 |    | OUT3 OUT2 

Then the mimimun edge set will contain AB instead of B-OUT2 and B-OUT1, provided that OUT1 and OUT2 are generating a cycle, since by cutting AB it will save a point in the objective function.

Is this reduction possible?

Mean curvature flow for arcs

Do you know a reference about mean curvature flow for curves in the plane with fixed Dirichlet boundary conditions?

I start with a curve connecting two points and I let it evolve by mean curvature flow keeping the endpoints fixed. Assuming the original curve is smooth, I guess the flow should exist for every time and in the limit it should converge to the straight line segment between the endpoints. Is this correct? Can I weaken the assumptions on the starting curve (say only Lipschitz) and get the same result?

Do you know if anything has been done for general Riemannian manifolds?

Algorithm for transforming an array of lines and arcs in a closed contour

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