Which spells require the caster to see a target creature or unoccupied area?

Some spells like Darkness or Fog Cloud might be used to kneecap spells that have the prerequisite phrase "that you can see" which refers either to a target creature or an unoccupied area where something might be summoned. Other spells will of course get shut down by a Silence spell, making their casting nearly impossible.

What are these spells that might get crippled or shut down completely?

What is the sound’s origin of an audible Alarm targeting a cubic area?

The Alarm spells reads as (emphasis mine)

You set an alarm against unwanted intrusion. Choose a door, a window, or an area within range that is no larger than a 20-foot cube. $ [\dots]$ . You also choose whether the alarm is mental or audible.

$ [\dots]$

An audible alarm produces the sound of a hand bell for 10 seconds within 60 feet.

If I choose to cast an audible Alarm targeting a door or a window, the description is pretty clear: the sound can be heard within 60 feet from that object, i.e. within a sphere$ ^\dagger$ centered in the object and with radius 60 feet.

What will the sound’s origin be if I target a cubic area whose side is strictly greater than 5 feet?

$ ^\dagger$ I always consider the 3rd dimension.

DoIP Dragon Barrow Area D5 – how is this not a likely TPK?

I’m running Dragon of Icespire Peak, and my players have encountered the Dragon Barrow.

This question relates to the mechanics of a specific part of the quest, so I’ve liberally used spoiler blocks to avoid spoiling this for any players of the campaign who might find this question.

If you’re playing DoIP in any group (not just my players), don’t read this question or the answers.

Section D5 is described as (emphasis mine):

Given that


Am I missing something, or is this likely to lead to a TPK, with no particular warning for the players?

Obviously as DM I can overrule and say that

but nothing in the module as written suggests this. I suspect I’m missing something?

Add a functionality to quickly filter custom posts in Admin Area

I am creating a website for a doggie rescue, basically configuring the backend so they can manage dogs, volunteers, etc.

The legacy system had a feature where the user could start typing into an input field and all matching results would be displayed as you typed, most likely making ajax calls.

They would like to have this feature in WordPress. I tried using Admin Columns but you have to create the filter, modify the value and then click the Filter button and wait for it to load the results. I want to avoid the "click filter button and wait for page to come back with results" part.

One of the CPT that I am creating, volunteers, apparently has 40K records, and they would like to filter through them by using this "filter as you type" idea.

Is this possible from WPAdmin? I mean, adding a text input field that would filter all the posts using AJAX?


Is there a ritual or spell to cleanse an area?

I know that plant growth can enrich an area, but can anyone think of a spell or ritual that will let you cleanse an area?

I’m thinking things like an area is diseased, or there’s some kind of poison, or maybe some kind of necromantic corruption. I haven’t come across anything in the mechanics for cleansing something like this, at best it would be something more cinematic.

is the requirement of being in a lightly obscured area to gain the benefit of the Nature’s Mantle works in a heavily obscured area?

I want to make sure I’m not creating a problem by allowing heavily obscured areas to meet the requirement of being in a lightly obscured area for the Nature’s Mantle benefit of hiding as a bonus action. Since it is a more obscured area I intended to allow it but I’m not sure if I should since it is not explicitly written.

thanks again.

Does someone with darkvision fools Nature’s Mantle when the wearer is in a dim light area and thus stops it from granting its benefit?

Looking at the rules in PHB p.183, it states that

dim light creates a lightly obscured area.

But is the area still a dim light area if someone with darkvision has that area in its darkvision range?

I think that there is a difference between the actual area lighting and the observer’s point of view of that area (darkvision considering dim light as bright light) but it is not that clear for me. Thus the question in the title as the requirements to grant the "hide as bonus action" is that the wearer be in a lightly obscured area.

thanks for helping out.