Why aren’t iPhone text messages at full width?

Why aren’t text messages viewed on the iPhone iOS displayed at full width? I can think of several reasons why it would make sense:

  • Short messages won’t have unnecessary line breaks, long text messages will be easier to read.
  • Text messages with an even width and alignment will have an improved sense of vertical and symmetry.
  • Contrast of colour and the tails of a message bubble indicate if a text is an incoming or outgoing message.


Sound Hotkeys Aren’t Working after switching to Unity (Ubuntu 18.04)

I just switch from Gnome to Unity (Ubuntu 18.04), after transition I’ve noticed that the current playing song isn’t appearing when I click on sound’s icon located in the top bar and my hotkeys (Prev – Next – Stop/Play) keys aren’t working. Is there any solution? I’m a Unity fun lol I can’t stay with gnome. Thanks in advance and Respect to gnome funs PS: I use Spotify

How can I make sure my photos aren’t damaged after copying them from a faulty SD card?

I’ve copied pictures from my faulty SD card. Most of the photos seem to be ok, but some have big gray parts where originally the photo was.

How can I make sure that all the photos that seem to be ok, are really ok?

Can it be a problem to have damaged .jpegs in the same folder as the correct pictures?

What can I do about that? I want to lose as little as possible.

Mouse clicks aren’t working in Ubuntu 18.10

I had this issue on 16.04 as well but it’s even worse in 18.10. I’m using a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 4th Generation and I’m losing mouse clicks in Ubuntu. When I open Firefox the cursor gets stuck “behind” Firefox. Left-clicking does nothing but right clicking brings the cursor back and suddenly lets me click around. The same is true for regular gnome windows but even worse. I can’t really click anything in settings windows or any other default gnome window. I have to right click to focus and then sometimes the left click will work, other times it won’t. I can’t click any of the “top bars” for these dialogues. This is a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.10. The only thing I’ve done is install gnome. The issue existed before Gnome as well.

Error messages aren’t displayed when submitting the form

I want to display an error message when I submit a form. I added an AJAX callback to the form, and the error message appears after I refreshed the page.

I first tried the following code, but it doesn’t work.

$  response = new \Drupal\Core\Ajax\AjaxResponse(); $  message = drupal_get_messages(); $  output = $  response->addCommand(new \Drupal\Core\Ajax\PrependCommand(".region-highlighted",$  message)); return $  output; 

I also tried the following code.

$  status_messages = array('#type' => 'status_messages'); $  text = \Drupal::service('renderer')->render($  status_messages); return $  text; 

Why aren’t primary tests easily linear in time complexity?

Why don’t we consider them as linear? I don’t understand. You just have to check for factorization up to sqrt of n. So it’s even faster than linear. I assume it’s not linear only if we compare the number of operations relative to the input in terms of binary representation. But why would we do so? It seems to me wrong. The growth in calculation should be calculated compared to the number itself. Why do we compare it to the binary representation?

Flash intensity levels aren’t the same across consecutive photographs

I’m not sure how else to put it, but it is what it exactly sounds like. When I take consecutive pictures in Aperture priority mode, it so happens that the first image is probably brighter (high flash) and the second one is the right level and the third one is a lot low. It’s not exactly in the same order, but I hope I explained it correctly. The flash intensity level doesn’t stay the across consecutive pictures (same settings, light level, etc, etc). Can someone help me understand what am I doing wrong?

Body – Canon 6D2 Flash – Altura AP-C1001

Bright one Dark one

In Clean Architecture, aren’t Entities another type of Boundary?

In the Clean Architecture, Uncle Bob defines Entities as enterprise-wide business rules and Interactors (Use Cases) as application-specific business rules. Also, he describes that Interactors are responsible for the “dance of the entities”, and in the diagrams the Interactor -> Entity relation is shown as direct, without boundaries.

What I don’t seem to understand is that in order to test an Interactor, I would inadvertently test code from the Entity, as they seem to be coupled together.

There are some projects that implement the Clean Architecture which do not hold logic inside the Entities, only data.

So, should Entities:

  • hold only data,
  • be another Boundary or
  • be tested with the Interactors or
  • something else?

Take a screen shot of parts of the page that aren’t visible

I want to make a screenshot of the page where I save the downloads. This page has many downloads and not all of them are visible in the visible area of the screen. If I want to see all of them I have to scroll down in the vertical scroll bar on the right side of the screen with the pad on the laptop.

How do I make a screenshot where I see everything I have on that screen from the beginning to the end including the part that is not seen?