Does casting spells thru mizzium armor allow for upcasting?

Mizzium Apparatus lets a caster cast a spell on their spell list for which they have a spell slot of the spells level to cast a spell that they don’t know, assuming a successful arcana check.. Per dmg pp141 "some magic items allow the user to cast a spell from the item. The spell is cast at the lowest possible spell level, doesn’t expend the users spell slots,and requires no components, unless the items description says otherwise".

This pretty clearly says that if i do not know the spell scorching ray, and i successfully use the Apparatus to cast it, it will cast as its native level.

Is this correct?

Can you force Arcane Armor off of someone?

I’m a DM and one of my party members wants to use it to be able to walk without legs so it’s just armor carrying a body (were starting at 5th level if your wondering). I want a way to make this a disadvantage and basically render him useless for a battle or two for fun. I know it says that The armor attaches to you and can’t be removed against your will but i was wondering if there was a spell or some condition that would get rid of the magic on it or something.

Does Heavy Armor reduce your speed?

I noticed in the PHB, page 20, under Speed for Dwarves:

Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet. Your speed is not reduced by wearing heavy armor.

However, I cannot find anywhere in PHB that mentions that wearing Heavy Armor imposes any speed reduction.

Does anyone know if I’ve missed something, or if this is actually some inconsistency in the book and Heavy Armor in fact doesn’t impose any speed reduction?

Interaction between Telemechanics and a Glitter Boy Power Armor, what would happen?

A Mind Melter finds a functioning and unattended suit of Glitter Boy Power Armor. The Mind Melter decides to use Telemechanics on it in order to pilot it.

The Glitter Boy OCC states that non GB pilots can only operate the suit at a Basic level of proficiency while GB pilots default to the Elite proficiency. However, the Telemechanics power states that a Psionic can operate any machine at 80% scholastic skill expertise… but not which skill specifically, and all skills seem to be lumped under "scholastic" as per the general description in the Skills section.

The Mind Melter gets into a Hand to Hand fight while piloting the Glitter Boy and using the Telemechanics power.

Does the Mind Melter use the Basic as per the GB OCC description, the Elite skill somehow, the 80% "scholastic skill" as per the Telemechanics power (and if so, which skill does that translate as), or something else?

In short, what happens… and what level of proficiency does the Telemechanics power result in for the Mind Melter in Hand to Hand combat in the Glitter Boy?

Can you infuse a breastplate with Arcane Propulsion Armor?

A Breastplate is a type of Medium armor that is described as:

This armor consists of a fitted metal chest piece worn with supple leather. Although it leaves the legs and arms relatively unprotected, this armor provides good protection for the wearer’s vital organs while leaving the wearer relatively unencumbered.

Notably it does not include any gauntlets.

If an Artificer were to use the Arcane Propulsion Armor infusion on a Breastplate what would be the effect?

Would gauntlets be created to function with the armor, would the Arcane Propulsion Armor be lacking its gauntlets, or would the infusion be invalid?

Does Arcane Armor provide gauntlets?

Does Arcane Armor provide gauntlets?

The Armorer subclass of Artificer has the Arcane Armorer feature which gives the option for:

Thunder Gauntlets. Each of the armor’s gauntlets counts as a simple melee weapon while you aren’t holding anything in it, and it deals 1d8 thunder damage on a hit.

However not every type of armor includes gauntlets. The Breastplate for example makes no mention of gauntlets in its description.

If your armor does not include gauntlets and you use the guardian form for your Arcane Armor would you create your own gauntlets or would you be unable to use Thunder Gauntlets?

Can you infuse a breastplate with Arcane Propulsion Armor

Propulsion Armor Infusion and Thunder Gauntlets

Do the effects of the Thunder Gauntlets from the Armorer Artificer subclass stack with the effects of the Propulsion Armor gauntlets from the Propulsion Armor Infusion considering that they’re the same pair of gauntlets and thus a hit from the gauntlets triggers both conditions?

Some people have told me that it’s similar to AC calculations where you only choose one but that is an explicit rule for AC calculations that doesn’t have a counterpart for weapons and neither feature mentions being able to choose which effect occurs.

Are there formula’s for Warforged Armor? (Proficiency + Dex + 11 =AC)

The WarForged have 3 separate armor types of which from UA, that determine their AC, as armor has no effect on them nor does it stack. I was wondering if there was a Formula for me to utilize for the modifier section in the armor section below. Where it takes the current proficiency bonus and/or dex modifier (just PB for heavy armor) adds it to a number 11,13,16 and then determines my AC?

Formula like AC = dex + pb + number


DEX & pb

Armor and Modifier section

The Armor Types