Can I use an animated shield with the Mage Armor spell?

My question is an extension of this question.

Does the animated shield count as being armored for the mage armor spell?

Based on mage armor‘s description (emphasis mine):

You touch a willing creature who isn’t wearing armor, and a protective magical force surrounds it until the spell ends. The target’s base AC becomes 13 + its Dexterity modifier. The spell ends if the target dons armor or if you dismiss the spell as an action.

I’d assume you would have to cast mage armor after activating the shield and when you retrieve the shield you lose the mage armor, effectively reducing mage armor‘s time durability to a single combat.

To counter the possible duplicate: I am asking about the animated shield magic item, not the 1st-level shield spell.

What will be most balanced way to deal with the loot (armor, weapons) from dead enemies?

After a successful fight party constantly checks enemies bodies for any kind of loot – their weapons and armor too with the intent to sell in the city. As reselling enemies equipment is mechanic encountered in most cRPG games I think it should be allowed. However, as the party is a low level I’m afraid that it has a chance to destabilize game, by making them rich too fast.

I’m looking for a fair system or a method of dealing with looting weapons, armor and other equipment, which works in your games.

Does a Warforged receive all the benefits of a long rest while wearing armor? [closed]

In Rising From The Last War, Warforged’s Integrated Protection states you can take a rest while donning or doffing armor. Sentry’s Rest also states that you appear inert, which I and my group have interpreted as being able to sit or stand anywhere in a kind of powered down mode. With the resting rules from Xanathar’s, does a Warforged have to take off their armor to receive full hit dice and remove exhaustion during a long rest?

What is the best option between “half-plate armor+dexterity+Medium Armor Master feat” and “plate armor”

I want to make a melee fighter, and I’m strugling on the choise of my armor for the build. I put my stats on my character when I’ll define all I want to do for my build, so let’s suppose that I can have the stat and race you want to define which armor is better.

I hesitate between taking an half plate and a plate armor whenever I can (which will be replace with their magic version whenever I can, my DM allowing us to buy magic items with gold).

On one hand, Plate give the best base AC, 18, and have a strength and stealth restriction that force me to play only in one way, but have the advantage that the only cost on the character sheet to have some point in strength.

On the other hand, half-plate give 15+dex mod (max 2) AC, which is less and with the same stealth restriction, but with the Medium Armor Master feat I can have the same amount of armor, and I can play stealthy if I need to. Plus investing in dexterity seams to me a better choice regarding that dexterity have a far more usefull saving throw, far more skills affected, and give bonus on damage and attack rolls with some weapons.

On my point of view half-plate look far better, but on most of the online build that I found, they use Plate armor and not half-plate, so I think I miss something crucial.

Is there any edition where it’s possible to play as Animated Armor?

I’m new to this, and I’m still looking for a group to play with, but I have it set in my mind that the first D&D character I’d like to play as is secretly animated armor.

Would this be possible and accepted? I’ve tried looking up information about animated armor but I can hardly find anything about it. I’m not talking about haunted armor, just enchanted armor with a will of its own.

Then if I’m allowed, how would I level my character?

In short these are my questions:

  • Am I allowed to play as Animated Armor?

  • And if “yes” how would I go about making such a character stronger?

I don’t have any particular D&D edition to choose from yet, as I have yet to find a group, but let’s just say the latest edition (5th) if we must pick one. But if this is more easily possible in a different edition, I would rather know that.

The only information I could find on Animated Armor is here.

Can my players coat a +1 Plate Armor with Adamantine?

My Dwarf smith wants to merge both his Plate Armor +1 and his Adamantine Plate Armor. The idea is to melt Adamantine, obtain the raw material, and coat his +1 Plate with it, thus obtaining a +1 Adamantine Plate Armor.

Would a +1 Adamantine Plate Armor be imbalanced?

Players are currently level 12, and I was thinking of charging 1000g for the task, alongside the consumption of one of the armors. The player would not be able to melt the new armor again, so this would be the final version of the item. I’m aware this is homebrew territory (you can only coat weapons with Adamantine), and my main concern is whether this item is overpowered or not. I can adjust its cost, whether it requires attunement, and possibly other effects/penalties.

Does armor class protect against falling damage?

Let’s say we have average Munchkin McGee. Now, he boosts his AC to Celestia and back, then his damage reduction to the Abyss and back. I know already that environmental damages bypass DR, but if I did something like dropping a Tarrasque on his Charisma-as-a-dump-stat face, would his AC affect the damage he would potential take at all?

Do effects that activate on a critical hit still activate when the hit is against an opponent wearing adamantine armor?

I know from this question a critical hit on adamantine will still hit, but I was curious if the critical hit no longer being a critical hit affects features or feats that depend on it.

An example that came up recently in a kind of pvp session is I had adamantine plate armor, and my friend had Great Weapon Master. One of the effects of Great Weapon Master is:

On your turn, when you score a critical hit with a melee weapon or reduce a creature to 0 hit points with one, you can make one melee weapon attack as a bonus action.

Would a critical hit that became a normal hit still activate the bonus action melee weapon attack?

Improved/Superior critical vs Adamantine Armor DnD 5e

Without adamantine armor a critical hit is an auto hit regardless of AC. Though sage advice ruled that a “Improved/Superior critical” attack auto hits when it lands on 18 or 19 BECAUSE it’s a critical hit unlike in PHB where the nat 20 auto hit is an entirely different wording

So my question is would a champion rolling an 18 or 19 on an attack roll auto hit against adamantine armor? I’m assuming it doesn’t since it would take away it’s critical hit status which is the only reason it auto hits.

Do Armor of Agathys and Fire Shield stack?

I have a party of a paladin, rogue, and warlock. The warlock player thinks having only 2 spells per short rest is making him really weak, so he is trying to find the best possible ways to be more useful.

So he is wondering if armor of Agathys and fire shield stack. I am wondering if he’s just power-gaming, or if this really does work and is the kind of thing a warlock is supposed to do.