Can a bolt-action hunting rifle (long arm), be fired when target is at arm’s length? [closed]

Yesterday, I was running my homebrew system (D100), with a friend and one of my nephews over Discord. It was a zombie apocalypse theme. The situation occurred, when my friend (carrying a bolt-action hunting rifle), was rushed by an ‘infected’, and it did a ‘claw strike’, and missed. It was my friend’s turn next. He wanted to do a scoped shot with the bolt-action hunting rifle, but I informed him that the infected was at arms length (too close).

He said he still wanted to fire his rifle (which I considered a long arm), but I said the target was too close. I gave him the option of using the rifle stock to make a melee attack, but he still wanted to fire the rifle. The ‘discussion’ went on for some time, with me trying to explain to the 2 of them (a third one soon joined in), all saying that he could fire the rifle, even if the target was at arm’s length (1 to 1.5ft away?) Hunting rifle stats: Most full-size, bolt-action hunting rifles weigh more or less eight pounds, are around 41 to 42 inches long and have 22- to 24-inch barrels. This means that with scope, sling and everything hunt-ready, the typical rifle rig weighs-in at around nine pounds. So from above, the rifle needs 3.5 feet ‘clearance’ to fire.

I was telling my friend that because the target was so close, and the rifle was a ‘long arm’, he didn’t have enough ‘space’ to bring it to bare, and point the barrel end at the target (it was in his face’, almost).

Any advice would be most appreciated concerning this above situation.

Can a character without arms cast spells with somatic components?

My DM and I have been having friendly arguments, and we recently came to what would happen if my character lost all their limbs.

As a gnome beastmaster I said I would always sit on my mount and use mage hand (from magic initiate) when I need to eat or lift things. HOWEVER he argues I wouldn’t be able to perform the somatic component.

So, I ask: is there a way to cast spells without arms? My argument is that since I am learning the cantrip after losing my arms I would have learned it in a way that works with my stumps, but he points out the PHB is pretty clear you need a free hand.

Are there any existing magical/artificial replacement arms written up?

So I lost my arm after shoving it into a cube and it getting cutoff… Honestly, I have been playing my character Wyn Wynn as a pretty straight forward Paladin of Lathander. I am new to the group I play with and the DM and players have given me credit and said I have been playing my character well and even like him as a character even if sometimes my character butts heads with one of the other characters. But now I want to stick out a bit and claim some glory for my own.

As I said I have just lost my arm, fun stuff truly but as luck would have it, we accepted a quest that if we clear out the tomb, we all get one wish. Now, assuming great Wyn Wynn the now one armed badass paladin lives, I was wondering: are there anything written about having an artificial limb or magical one in any of the official 5e D&D handbooks? I am hoping to wish myself a new arm that is magical or artificial. Not that my old Half-Elf arm wasn’t great, regrowing it just isn’t what I am looking for.

Does Arms of Hadar hit the caster?

The text is unclear to me.

Tendrils of dark energy erupt from you and batter all creatures within 10 feet of you.

I assume I’m a creature within 10 feet of me, so am I also a target of this spell? Some other spells say "all other creatures", and since this does not it feels like it would make sense to include the caster. But on the other hand, if this spell always damages the caster it seems like it would say something explicitly about that.

So, if I cast Arms of Hadar, do I have to make the save?

Can a Way of the Astral Self monk grapple with its Arms of the Astral Self?

In the Unearthed Arcana version of the Way of the Astral Self, the monk’s Astral Arms were treated as monk weapons.

Under that wording, the monk probably couldn’t grapple/shove with them because weapon reach and the reach of the character’s hand that could make the grapple/shove are different things.

That is, it’s hard to see how you could grapple with the end of a polearm, for example (through a lenient DM might allow a shove).

However, in the official release, the wording was changed then from monk weapons to unarmed strikes:

  • You can use the spectral arms to make unarmed strikes.

  • When you make an unarmed strike with the arms on your turn, your reach for it is 5 feet greater than normal.

Under this revised wording, it seems like the monk could grapple/shove with its Astral Arms.

But can it?

Is Oblivion power Arms of Ahriman underwhelming or am I doing it wrong?

2-dot power Arms of Ahriman is the signature power of the Lasombra, allowing them to create shadow tentacles that attack their foes – except in V5 this power seems weaker than a punch.

The way I understand the power is as follows:

  1. Vampire makes a Rouse Check (possibly gaining a Stain from 1-10 rule).
  2. Vampire spends a whole round summoning shadowy tentacles. These have 3 health levels, can be hurt by bright light and attack using vampire’s Wits+Oblivion – but if there’s more than one tentacle this pool needs to be split using normal rules. The tentacles gain half Potence as bonus damage.
  3. On each subsequent round vampire can attack a foe to grapple, deal superficial damage etc. at distance, provided the arms can reach. The vampire can do nothing else or the power dissipates.

So the dice pool scales with Attribute+Discipline and gets half Potence as extra damage, requires a full round to activate, threatens Stains and prevents doing anything else. For comparison, throwing a punch scales with Attribute+Skill, gets full Potence as extra damage, can be split the same way, doesn’t threaten Stains, can’t be interrupted etc. Using a gun damages at range just like these tentacles, except it’s a flat +1-3 damage rather than depending on Potence.

This seems underwhelming for what is a 2-dot Amalgam with Potence 2. Signature Gangrel ability, Feral Claws, deals unhalved superficial damage at the same 2-dot place, with no downsides. This power is perhaps comparable to Dominate 2: Mesmerize, but even than doesn’t threaten Stains and has the extra power of triggering Compulsions.

I find it quite confusing as to why this power is so underwhelming. Am I reading it wrong? Am I missing something? I can’t believe this is what my favourite clan’s signature ability can do.

How do broken legs and arms work?

In my campaign, we have traveled in the wilderness for a while. I made a slight mistake and my DM had me break my leg. However things got a little complicated after that, saying that none of us really knew how a broken leg and its disadvantages actually work. SO we just ended up subtracting 1 from my dex, however I’m not really sure if that’s how you do it. For future broken ligaments is there a specific way to do it? Do you just subtract off of your Dex? Or Strength? Or is it a disadvantage on rolls? Or is it something else? What should I do?

Are there any more Game-Mechanical Advantages for having a second set of arms like those an Aegis’ suit can provide? [closed]

Are there any more Game-Mechanical Advantages for having a second set of arms like those an Aegis’ suit can provide besides…..

+3 circumstance bonus to Climb checks and CMD against grapple attempts for each extra arm that is not holding anything and multi-weapon fighting.

Like bonus craft checks or make crafting faster, swim checks, writing or drawing. So far all I can think of is blacksmithing where one or two limbs holds on to a piece being forged and two to three other limbs with hammers shaping it.

Can you reload two crossbows with Aegis Greater Extra Arms or having multiple arms and Crossbow Mastery feat in the same round?

Can you reload two crossbows with Aegis Greater Extra Arms or having multiple arms and Crossbow Mastery feat in the same round?

Extra Arms, Greater: The extra arms on the aegis’s astral suit function at nearly the same capacity as his normal arms. Each arm can now wield or use a light or one-handed weapon, shield, or any other item that he could normally use. Alternatively, the aegis can use one or both arms when wielding a two-handed weapon, possibly allowing him to wield a pair of two-handed weapons. The circumstance bonus on Climb checks and CMD against grapple attempts increases to +3 per extra arm that is not holding anything. The aegis must be 8th level and have the Extra Arms and Lesser Extra Arms customizations before selecting this customization.


Crossbow Mastery

Do aarakocra have arms as well as wings? (in 5e)

Earlier versions of D&D had illustrations in which aarakocra did not have both arms and wings. Instead, their hands were akin to those of bats, with fingers part way along their wings. Yet in 5e, the illustrations for aarakocra picture them with arms that are independent of their wings.

Nothing in the text I’ve seen adjudicates on this question, though I’ve only read what’s in Elemental Evil Player’s Companion.

The mechanical implication concerns whether aarakocra can attack with weapons (other than talons) while airborne. Or use a shield.

Answers to the shield question on this site seem to assume the independence of arms and wings in 5e. Is this a deliberate change from earlier versions?