Mac Photo Screensaver no longer able to R/L arrow through photos

Very recently Apple changed something with their screensaver. Before the change, my screen saver would come on and I would see my photos. I would be able to use the left and right arrows to scroll back to a photo or scroll forward through photos. It was pretty fun for my family.

Has anyone found a work around? I have searched the app store for a photo app screensaver.

Gmail Older/Newer arrow buttons do nothing

When I’m in my Gmail inbox, I click the “Older”/”Newer” arrows in the upper-right of Gmail, in order to look at emails further back than 50, but nothing happens. It just says “loading” at the top for a few seconds, and it says “51-100 of 21749” but it still shows me the first page of emails.

I’ve tried this on Opera, Chrome, and IE, in incognito mode, at home, and at work, and it works the same in each case.

I’ve included a screenshot to demonstrate this. I’ve censored the email subjects, but you can still see that the emails are the same by the dates on the right, which remain the same whether I’m looking at emails 1-50, or 51-100.

How to add arrow command on a curve plot without leaving a gap?

Before I add /. Line -> Arrow, I had a continuous plot by using Joined -> True command. Why there is a small gap at the tip of the arrow now? What did I do wrong?

n=100; Do[ ss[j] = N[2 Pi (j - 1)/n]; rr[j] = N[Sqrt[1 + (Cos[4 ss[j]])^2]];       ETA[j] = N[rr[j] Exp[I ss[j]]];       fA[j] = N[Exp[rr[j]]], {j, 1, n + 1}]  Shape = ListPlot[Table[{Re[ETA[j]], Im[ETA[j]]}, {j, n + 1}],  Joined -> True, PlotStyle -> {Black, Thick},  AspectRatio -> Automatic, PlotRange -> {{-2, 2}, {-2, 2}},  Axes -> False, Frame -> {{True, False}, {True, False}},  FrameTicks -> {{{-2, -1, 0, 1, 2}, None}, {{-2, -1, 0, 1, 2},     None}}, FrameLabel -> {Re t, Im t}, RotateLabel -> False,  FrameStyle -> Directive[FontSize -> 24]] /. Line -> Arrow; 

enter image description here

If showing an up/down arrow next to a number, should the number still include a sign?

I have this display:

enter image description here

This is a kind of status update. The main number is shown large and in black, and underneath is an indication of whether or not this is more or less than yesterday. So this number above is 13 less than it was yesterday, or this number is 5 more than yesterday. It’s not clickable. If it’s zero, then it will just be a green zero with no arrow.

Given this kind of display, is it easier for a user to understand the meaning if I remove the negative sign? Or should it stay? At the moment, positive numbers are shown in green with an up arrow and no + sign.