How do Volatile Arrows work in the vigilante class?

In pathfinder, the vigilante class has a viglante talent Volatile Arrows:

Volatile Arrows (Ex): A vigilante with this talent gains the ability to attach an alchemist bomb to a ranged attack he makes with a bow or crossbow as part of firing the attack. If the attack hits, it deals an additional amount of damage equal to that of an alchemist bomb, using the vigilante’s level as his alchemist level to determine the bomb’s damage. He can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Intelligence modifier. The vigilante can takes this talent multiple times. Each time he does, he can use the ability one additional time per day and he gains one alchemist discovery that can modify bombs, treating his vigilante level as his alchemist level for any prerequisites. He can apply these discoveries to his bombs as normal.

What’s not clear to me is how exactly this works, and what properties of bombs from the alchemist class are carried over into the attack. More precisely,

  1. Do the bombs still use touch AC (with the arrows acting separately)?
  2. If the bombs arrows miss, do the bombs still detonate?
  3. Do the bombs deal splash damage?
  4. Can the vigilante do this multiple times per round (making the Fast Bombs discovery nearly pointless)?
  5. What discoveries count as modifying bombs? (E.g. sticky bomb? rocket bomb? etc.)
  6. What about Healing Bombs? Does the arrow do damage and then the bomb heal?

My guess is that the bombs merely do extra damage on the direct hit (determined by whether the arrow hits), and nothing else is taken into consideration beyond discoveries. This would mean the answers would be (1) no, (2) no, (3) no, (4) yes, (6) yes. (5) is a little tricky, but I expect the most reasonable answer to be "anything with a ‘*’ next to its name" (a bomb can only be modified by one discovery with a ‘*’ at a time).

giant kin Bow’s, arrows and information 2e

This question is in regards to 2nd Edition (AD&D) I’ve looked online for information regarding Giant kin bows and all I can find on the topic is the weight and weapon size for them. as per the phbr10

  • giant kin long bow 125gp 8lbs G speed 10
  • arrow 1/12gp – G – P – 1d8 1d8

but this is all I can find online and in the hand books I have and have seen online what I’m wondering are these questions:

  1. Is there a larger bow then this (my current character is a 10′ giant-kin firbolg with a 20/94 strength what ever that means…)
  2. if so what is the cost wieght and other info in the bows?
  3. what is the range of the arrows or are they the same as normal arrows and is their different types?

Thanks, Foaly

P.S. Thanks for any info you can provide as I’m still searching for answers online as of right now.

Does the Flame Arrows spell spoil a Gloom Stalker Ranger’s Umbral Sight unseen benefit?

So this came up last night, and I ruled Yes, it does spoil it. I let the group know this was a one-time ruling as I wanted to post here to solicit an answer to set it in stone for the table.

It has been previously agreed a Gloom Stalker Ranger in darkness has advantage on every attack against creatures that require darkvision to see:

Does a Gloom Stalker making ranged attacks while in darkness have advantage on every attack?

I think the key point here surrounds this question:

Does pulling / drawing / shooting a Flame Arrows enchanted arrow emit light from the fire? At what point is the arrow or javelin "flaming", if at all? And if it’s prior to impact, does it spoil "darkness"? If it doesn’t flame, how does it cause 1d6 Fire damage?

There is nothing in the RAW for Flame Arrows which states that the arrows are flaming while drawn or in flight, but there is also nothing saying that aren’t. So I think this comes down to DM judgement call. I ruled that, like a Fire Arrow, it’s on fire before launched, and thus, makes the Ranger visible.

What do folks think, and why?

How to stop Mathematica 12.1 from chopping off the axes arrows?

Using the following code, I make a simple graph that is exported to pdf:

format = AxesStyle -> {{Thickness[.01], Arrowheads[{0.0, 0.05}]}, { Arrowheads[{0.0, 0.05}]} } graph = ListLinePlot[Table[{t, 2*t}, {t, 0, 100}], format, AspectRatio -> .2] Export[StringJoin[NotebookDirectory[], "\ext.pdf"], graph]; 

When I look at the graph, it cuts of the end of one of the arrows:

enter image description here

The y axis is ok – but the x axis is not. The end of the arrow has been clipped. It seems to be related to increasing the thickness of the axis.

For what its worth, the in-notebook display of the graph has complete arrows. It is only the exported version that is clipped.

I want both axes thick, and I want the whole arrow, and I want it in PDF. How to do this?

Please note that it didn’t have this problem in Mathematica 11.3; it is only after I upgraded that this problem has arisen. I’m using 12.1

What are the dimensions of a box that can contain 20 arrows?

I am playing a level 13 Fighter with the Sharpshooter martial archetype (from Unearthed Arcana: Fighter). I took the Sharpshooter feat as well, of course, and the Archery fighting style. I shoot between 3 and 6 arrows per round (using Action Surge and Extra Attack), so I need a lot of arrows to keep me going through combat.

A Bag of Holding seems to be best option for holding the arrows I will need; since I read this thread, I plan on using a box to hold the bundles – presumably 1 box per bundle to keep things organized.

What dimensions would such a box need to be able to hold 20 arrows?

I am specifically asking for the dimensions of a box that can hold 20 arrows because that determines how many boxes I can put in a bag of holding, which will equal how many arrows I can safely put in a bag of holding.

What would be a more balanced spell for homebrew adaptation of Elemental Weapon and Flame Arrows?

What would be a more balanced spell for homebrew adaptation of Elemental Weapon and Flame Arrows?

I was thinking of adjusting a couple of existing spells, namely Elemental Weapon (PHB p.237) and Flame Arrows (XGtE p.156), so that it is more versatile for a druid/ranger player.

Version one:

Simply change Elemental Weapon so it can enchant a bow or crossbow, so Elemental Ranged Weapon.

A nonmagical ranged weapon you touch becomes a magic weapon. Choose one of the following damage types: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder. For the duration, the weapon has a +1 bonus to attack rolls and ammunition used with the ranged weapon deal an extra 1d4 damage of the chosen type when it hits.

Version two:

Replace the damage type in Flame Arrows with an optional damage type, so the spell would be Elemental Arrows instead:

You touch a quiver containing arrows or bolts. When a target is hit by a ranged weapon attack using a piece of ammunition drawn from the quiver, the target takes an extra 1d6 elemental damage. Choose one of the following damage types: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder. The spell’s magic ends on a piece of ammunition when it hits or misses, and the spell ends when twelve pieces of ammunition have been drawn from the quiver.

Which one of these spells would be more balanced, or are both options pretty balanced as a homebrew version of these spells?

I am leaning more towards the Elemental Ranged Weapon as it potentially is more useful to a druid/ranger player because it would not be limited to 12 arrows/bolts.

Thank you for your insight.

How would I go about making these arrows more intuitive and informative?

Currently, in an each of the rows of a table I have an arrow attached, which depending on whether the some number on its right, increased or decreased from the last time, changes its direction, thus, user doesn’t have to click on a row and check the popup menu to figure this out, and he can just see it right when scrolling over that table.

My arrow also changes its color – from bright orange, to dark, almost black color, depending on when was the last change committed to that row’s number.

I thought its okay and pretty intuitive, and my client understood what arrow directions mean, but didn’t understand what colors do, and I think they didn’t even notice the difference between them(the colors)(Generally, all they’ve been looking at for their life in computers was Excel and IOS ui, so my web app’s UI is unusual for them)

Here is the picture of what it looks like right now(Arrows on the left): enter image description here

I need help in figuring out how to make these arrows more intuitive, so that I won’t have to put a “map legend” somewhere on the page(They should tell how far in the time were last changes committed, and they also should show a direction depending on whether change was positive or negative).

Thanks in advance.