The best practice of Article / Web 2.0 / Blog submission in off-page SEO?

I am planning for my e-commerce new project. And I am stuck at the best practices of off-page submission for Articles / Web 2.0 / Blogs. I have some questions in my mind which are as follows:

  1. Can I submit the same Article / Post (or content) in different off-page submission sites?
  2. How can I measure that which off-page submission sites are important or useful (like any terms DA, PA or DR).
  3. And How much content submission will effect my domain progress or good link equity?

scrape article content

Hi, im trying to scrape the content (text) only from this site, which has the same layout for each page so i can use the same formula. Im using the premium article scraper plugin but im havin trouble scraping. 

See my video for the issue.¬†…e6408823c9

The url example im scraping is here…A0-chasser

Do rules for Magewrights exist in an unearthed arcana article?

I have been listening to Keith Baker on an episode of Todd Talks, where he discusses magewrights.

Unless I’m mistaken, he mentioned that the rules for magewrights exist outside of the core Eberron book, possibly in an unearthed arcana.

As I’m interested in using magewrights outside of Eberron, I would like to know if the rules are in an unearthed arcana before deciding if I want to purchase the actual book.

Duplicate content, canonical url and json-ld Article

If I have a duplicate content, which URLs should I use in json-ld Article schema? To be precise, let’s say I want to publish an article from my on another site e.g. When I publish the article on I go and update canonical URL on my, and og:url property (both should be same as implied here):

<!-- this is on --> <link rel="canonical" href=""> <meta property="og:url" content="" /> 

I also use to describe the Article entity, however, usually all URLs within it point to my own

<!-- this is on --> <script type="application/ld+json">   {     "@context": "",     "@type": "Article",     "author": {       "name" : "Gitnik"     },     "headline": "My Duplicate Article",     "description" : "Uhm, how do I deal with Article entity in case of duplicate content?",     "inLanguage" : "en",     "wordCount":  600 ,     "datePublished" : "2020-05-18T21:00:00",     "dateModified" : "2020-05-18T21:00:00",     "image" : "http:\/\/\/img\/logo.png",     "mainEntityOfPage" : "http:\/\/\/2020\/05\/my-duplicate-article\/",     "publisher" : {       "@type": "Organization",       "name" : "http:\/\/\/",       "logo" : {           "@type" : "ImageObject",           "url" : "http:\/\/\/img\/logo.png",           "height" :  60 ,           "width" :  60       }     }   }   </script> 

but Google states that mainEntityOfPage should be same as canonical URL. Now, it’s easy to update mainEntityOfPage to the new url. But what about image url and organization? Can image url point to a location other than canonical url? And should I change Organization entity to the and change the url there also? How would it affect SEO if I left them unchanged? How would it affect SEO if I left mainEntityOfPage unchanged?

stolen article is the first result in google search

After moving my old domain as I have noted that my post URL disappeared from the google search as shown below

enter image description here

Is it normal?

The main issue when I tried to search by the keyword Show / Hide fields based on choice field selection using JQuery in SharePoint I found out the first result is a stolen article with my identical image and content

enter image description here

enter image description here

So I am Wondering

  • How the stolen article get rank 1 in the search result
  • Is it normal my migrated url not appear in google as sown in the image 1
  • How to overcome this issue and get my post come back to the first result, should I reminded the old post url or reindex the new one

Please Help


301 redirect implemented correctly 4 months ago

enter image description here