Looking for advice on repurposing artwork for multiple social media platforms

Hey guys. I recently took a freelance job as an in-house social media designer and we create new campaigns almost every second day.

I spend a lot of time repurposing campaign artwork for each social media platform. You know – one visual for Instagram, one for Snap, a CRM banner, Facebook, etc. I'm currently making them all separately and it takes so much time. I even need to work late to get them all done on time. I thought maybe someone knows a technique or approach how I could speed it…

Looking for advice on repurposing artwork for multiple social media platforms

Are there digital versions of book artwork?

I want to use some of the book artwork in a Homebrewery document. I found these official wallpapers. The problem is that there are only a couple of those per book, if that. There’s also the website of one of the illustrators, but (probably for legal reasons) there’s only a little bit from DnD.

Has WotC released any more official digital artwork? Or is there a 3rd party option?

Is getpass.io secret-based artwork a threat?

When typing a secret keyword into Getpass, a little jdenticon is showing on the right, based on the secret that was entered. The FAQ on Getpass states the following about it :

Did you notice that secret keyword is obscured? If yes, than this is a way to visually represent a hash of your Secret Keyword, based on jdenticon library. This is the way to ensure that your Secret Keyword is typed correctly, without revealing the actual letters you have typed.

Doesn’t that completely defy the purpose of obscured fields in applications ?

I get that the generated icon is based on a hash, so it’s not reversible. But this still provides direct information about the password. Such information would be completely obscured if the artwork was absent.

For example, if I know the artwork of an horrible password, like ‘password123’, shoulder-surfing my colleague when they’re typing their password on this page would already tell me that their password is/isn’t ‘password123’. This wouldn’t happen if the artwork was absent.

Am I paranoid ? Is this something that can safely be done ?

What is considered “artwork” when it comes to selling crafted merchandise?

In the 5e PHB, p. 144 under Selling Treasure: Gems, Jewelry, and Art Objects, it says:

These items retain their full value in the marketplace, and you can usually trade them in for coin, or use them as currency for transactions…

In the XGE, p. 85’s table on woodcarver’s tools shows

Carving a small wooden figurine – DC 10

Though paintings are clearly artwork, I am wondering if these wooden figures (such as a Druidic totem or statue of a religious figure) be considered as artworks?

Though I am mainly asking about crafting such items, it also occurs to me that as your party is looting paladins, clerics and druids, knowing if the wooden statues and druidic totems they collect would be considered artworks would be beneficial when it comes to selling/trading them…

Good Resources for Making Custom Artwork for a Non-Artist? [on hold]

I like to employ PowerPoint in my adventures with my party (Eberron right now!). I feel, as the DM, like it provides a “taste” of the world to my players and helps springboard their imaginations along common lines and visualize the world for them.

Does anyone know of any good programs/websites where I can create some “custom” artwork of sorts? I’m not looking to make fancy oil paintings. Just throw together some neat looking portraits.

I use Dungeon Painter Studio for my maps. That’s the kind of resource I’m looking for to make custom pics for my illustrations. Something where I can “place a building here” or “place a prop/character there”, “set the background to be this”, etc.

Any ideas?