dnsmasq DHCP Option and Aruba access points configuration wrong

I have NethServer with internal dnsmasq service for DNS and DHCP. I am trying to create configuration inside DHCP for auto provisioning Aruba access points.

Checking ArubaNetwork site i know about some specific configuration for DHCP. And I am using this configuration now in ics-dhcpd service on another server. But I should migrate to dnsmasq. And I am faced with configuration problem with vendor-class specific DHCP options 43 and 60.

This is as example on Aruba site.

option serverip code 43 = ip-address; class "vendor-class" {       match option vendor-class-identifier; }  subnet netmask { ...    subclass "vendor-class" "ArubaAP" {       option vendor-class-identifier "ArubaAP"; # # option serverip <loopback-IP-address-of-master-controller> #       option serverip;    }    range; } 

In my dnsmasq configuration I am trying to do something like this

dhcp-range=set:eth1.101,,,,3600 domain=xxxxxxx.xxx,,  dhcp-vendorclass=vendor:arubaap,"ArubaAP" dhcp-option=vendor:arubaap,43,  dhcp-option=tag:eth1.101,option:router, dhcp-option=tag:eth1.101,option:dns-server, dhcp-option=tag:eth1.101,option:tftp-server, 

But it doesn’t work. Man of dnsmasq can’t help to understand how to do it correctly. Can anyone help with explanation about this issue? In my configuration not working only vendor-class DHCP options. Other configurations delivered without any problems.