How can one recover a locked Facebook without asking one’s friends for help?

I logged into Facebook from a different country where I am typically located: the account got locked. It seems that one can unlock the account with different ways but as shown in the example below, it seems that in practice only asking one’s friends for help works when I tried, as I keep getting a “please select a challenge” error message:

enter image description here

How can one recover a locked Facebook without asking one’s friends for help?

Is a company asking for my password over the phone a bad sign?

I am a customer to a company that has quite a bit of personal/financial information about me. I had to call their help desk the other day and was asked to type my online password in on the keypad on my phone to confirm it’s me.

Does this necessarily mean that they are storing my password in plain text? Shouldn’t they be unable to confirm my password over the phone if it was properly encrypted?

my system ka s asking me for user name when booting. fsck is done. the problem arisen when shutdown was not proper. how do i log in into my computer

I can’t access the terminal or the other resources in system.

Only thing is to press the power button and reach the login window again

Usernames such as HP, root and my name was given in upper and lower case letters

Asking for a friend – Settlement visa

My friend applied for a settlement visa, and luckily she got it! Her husband resides in UK. She has resigned her job and has purchased a one way ticket to UK. Now she’s worried that she might get refused entry because she has no return ticket, or a job to go back to. I mean, the whole point that she applied for a settlement visa is to live with her husband and work in the UK. So understandably she would leave her job, and fly to UK with only a one way ticket. We have tried our best to rationalise but I hope you people could help since you have more clarity on this.

Asking about GSA Setup and to get maximum result

I am running a single project on GSA ser with 30 dedicated private proxies, 1 catch-all email, gsa captcha breaker.
I am building 50 verified links per days.
Now getting 7-10 average LPM.
I have selected 20 search engines.

The warning that I am mostly getting are: “engine not matched”, “IP blocked by {this} search engine”.

Any tips on how to increase lmp, need more proxy or not, get more success with captcha, or it is just good going.