How can I run SQL Server Vulnerability Assessment from a SQL Job?

I want to run SQL Server Vulnerability Assessment from a SQL Server Agent Job. Currently, I am attempting a job with a PowerShell script and am running a command like the one below.

Invoke-SqlVulnerabilityAssessmentScan -ServerInstance $  (ESCAPE_DQUOTE(SRVR)) -Database AdventureWorks 

I have confirmed that Invoke-SqlVulnerabilityAssessmentScan is available on the SQL Server (I can run it from the PowerShell command prompt there), but when I run my job, I receive an error stating that

The term ‘Invoke-SqlVulnerabilityAssessmentScan’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet

After looking at this Microsoft article, I am wondering if SQL Agent only has a subset of PowerShell cmdlets that it can access.

How can I run the vulnerability assessment scan from a SQL Job?

What are some things to consider when making a secure assessment system?

As a programmer, I have typically worked on projects where a lot of the security was baked in or it was not as crucial as the software was for private use. However, I am working on a project that takes users’ answers and calculates a score that will be available to the public and I’m worried about vulnerabilities in the code that I haven’t thought of. I’m using a React frontend and an Express backend, and I simply validate and send the input via POST (with axios), process it on the backend, save it to a MongoDB database, and send the link to a given email address.

What are some of the things I should watch out for and proof against? One such scenario I’ve thought of is users spamming the system and filling up the database with bogus answers, but I don’t know how I would be able to tell the bogus answers apart from the real answers logically and I don’t want to force the user to make an account.

Methodologies to conduct technical IT risk assessment

In the picture below (screenshot from a pluralsight course on ISO 27005), we can see that “IT risk technology” is not “Information Risk”. The latter is broader. For information risk, methodologies I know are COBIT, MEHARI, EBIOS, OCTAVE, etc….

I was wondering what would the the same for “IT Risk technology” ? Would you just say penetration testing and code review are the methodologies at this level ?

Apple Keychain Security Risk Assessment

What security measures has Apple taken to minimize security risk with respect to the Apple Keychain password manager?

I enjoy the capability of the password management across OSX and IOS devices, however, I would like to understand the mechanism so I can assess vulnerability risk. Ultimately, I would like to understand Keychain risk and steps that I can take to mitigate risk

create a sharepoint 2010 workflow to create a new list item from in intake form library to a assessment form library

I have an intake form ( in a form library) that once submitted kicks off a SharePoint designer (2010) work flow to create a new list item. It creates a new item in my ‘assessment’ form library.

Issue: the workflow works – an item is created, but i have an error that my new item created cannot read the retrieve data connections that I have. This new assessment form has information pulled in from external tables.

Is there a way to get this to work. The goal would be to have Intake #1 submitted by the end user and then corresponding Assessment #1 created and the end user would go to that item and complete the information.

British army assessment visa

I’m a Nigerian , I have been invited by the British army for an assessment next month , my dad is willing to sponsor my Traveling expenses and my brother who is in the British army and a citizen of United Kingdom is will accommodate me, I am unemployed currently do my apprenticeship in my fathers company ,my dad has paid N1,500,000 (£3000) into my account with a letter that represents that ,my father is a business man and I have paperwork to back that up , I have also added my father assets in Nigeria to my visa I need to bring my fathers company bank ste together with my own..or should I just bring only mine since he has already sent the money to my account???

Security Assessment Of React Native Application [on hold]

I’m currently assessing a mobile application installed on Hyper-V Gen 1 VM (android-x86_64-8.1-r1). As soon as I run the application I’m hitting the following application error:

Uncaught Error : Module AppRegistry is not a registered callable module. 

From this error I understand that the application figured out it is being run on a VM.

How can I bypass that?

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Time to process UK VISA with Application Clearance Officer assessment

Any one from you applied for UK visit VISA via VFS center and received an email after 10 days of submission stating that the application will be send for assessments by application clearance officer? What does it mean? And how long it would take to get the Visa or the passport back?

Appreciate your valuable insights and feedback.

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