How to assign custom action to mouse middle click (something like libinput-gestures for mouse)?

I am running Ubuntu 18.04.2 and I want to assign a cstom action to middle click of my mouse. How that can be done? for example libinput-gestures ( allows you to set custom actions to your trackpad gestures. Is there something like that for mouse also?

isc-dhcp-server configuration – Assign multiple IP addresses to one MAC

Right now I am doing the following to allocate an IP address to a specific MAC.

  host 1 {hardware ethernet 02:00:00:ef:0d:20;fixed-address;option subnet-mask;option routers;} 

How can I modify this so I can use multiple IP address for the MAC 02:00:00:ef:0d:20 ?

How to assign people to categories based on some voting rules?

Say in an election there are predefined categories users can be assigned to. Of the people who are assigned to a certain category, other users can vote for them. To compute the results, the following rules have to be adhered to:

  1. Highest voted user in category wins
  2. If 1 user have same 5 vote count for 1 category and 8 vote for 2 category then he/she will be elected for category 2.
  3. If 1 user have same 5 vote count for 1 category and 5 vote for 2 category then the winner selection will be On Hold
  4. If two or more users in a same category has the same votes, then goes on hold

So, for example: the table lists the positions and for each position it gives the name of the user and the votes they received.

enter image description here

For this, the winners should be as follows:

  • Position 1: User 1
  • Position 2: User 3
  • Position 3: User 2 (User 3 loses because of rule 2 and wins in position 2)
  • Position 4: User 5 and User 6 are both kept on hold (rule #4)
  • Position 5: User 4 on hold (rule #3)
  • Position 6: User 4 on hold (rule #3)

I have tried solving this using the Hungarian algorithm to no avail. It works quite well, after some modifications, for this problem. But doesn’t live up to the following case:

enter image description here

In this case, the results are as follows:

  • Position 1: User 1
  • Position 2: User 2
  • Position 3: EMPTY (User 1 and 2 loses due to rule 2)
  • Position 4: EMPTY (User 1 and 2 loses due to rule 2)
  • Position 5: EMPTY (User 1 and 2 loses due to rule 2)

Basically, no user can be assigned to more than one position.

Any help solving this would be extremely helpful.

Thank you

Sharepoint task assign email

I have a workflow where clients submit their expense requests, and it goes along with 2/3 attachments. The client completes the form in the list and add the invoice + quotes. Then the workflow assigns a task to the manager to approve. The standard email goes out that shows the link to the task, the description and related items. I would like to edit that email, is that possible? If possible, how can I add the attachments that was added to the form as links in the email? Also how do I change the layout of that standard email?

How Assign Static IP using Netplan so isc-dhcp-server doesn’t crash

I have a small router I am developing on Ubuntu 18.04 desktop and when I boot it without ethernet attached Netplan doesn’t seem to assign the fixed IP (on the LAN side). WAN side is connected with DHCP. The LAN eth0 interface is what isc-dhcp-server runs on.

Problem : isc-dhcp-server crashes when it starts because no IP address exists on the eth0 interface.

If I do thinks manually with a device connected on eth0 then all works well. So the static IP is working when something is attached to eth0.

How do I get assigned to eth0 even if it’s not plugged in?

Alternately – is there an easy way to just launch (or restart) isc-dhcp-server based on a trigger of the interface getting connected?

This was a very similar question below but it wasn’t answered to what the author was asking … and I haven’t successfully found a way to accomplish this. Any help is appreciated.

Similar Question not Answered

Assign a value to column of custom list

I have used custom list having number of columns to display count.I have applied REST approach to get count.Now I am trying to display that count in a column.I used fd.field().value(‘Default title’) in a script editor.(both api code and fd.field().value(‘Default title’) code are in a same script editor).While using ‘fd’,I am getting error as fd is undefined.So is there any approach to display rest api output into a column?

How do I assign methods if I have 100 endpoints in a RAML spec?

I’m trying to build a RAML API specification for the first time. The API will need to give users access to 100 resources (endpoints), so I’m not sure how to assign methods to them. I assume there has to be a more efficient way of doing this than to list them all and assign methods individually.

Would it make sense to include an array in the base URL, and access/interact with its elements via query parameters?

I have a list of PDFs on google drive and a website on WordPress, I want to know how can I assign each PDF for its corresponding user automatically

So I have a wordpress site where I want users to be able to log in and find their corresponding PDF file (it’s a certificate) without seeing another user’s files. I generated the certificates on google drive using apps script, so I have a folder that holds every PDF file (certificate) and the name of the file is the ID of the user.

Btw, I have used Elementor and WP login for the user login. I don’t know if I can use whichever or if this is relevant to the question…but I will leave the info here just in case 🙂

Is there a plugin or a way to assign the PDF files to the corresponding user automatically? I have done it manually, but I’m going to have more than 100 users…so it’s not really practical. Thanks!