case is not assigned in round robin fashion to queue members

I have used Round Robin algo for cases generated mentioned on site(, but there is something going wrong in my trigger.

I have checked my debug logs. record is not entering into if condition i have checked many times but still same issue.

case is assigned to queue and all it’s members getting notification where i need it to assign queue members in round robin fashion.

Thanks in advance!!

Is there a MIME type assigned to a simple Unix configuration file type?

When I check with file <unix>.conf, it tells me ASCII text (text/plain as an actual MIME type), which is correct, but I was wondering whether there was a MIME type defined for a simple Unix like configuration with just variable names, an equal sign, and a value:

path=/usr/share/my-prog temp=/tmp ... 

Maybe something to do with having a shell script (since loading such a file would work in a shell script too.)

I know of the IANA list, although I could not really find anything that match with what I’m asking.

/32 IP assigned to my server, different gateway

I recently purchased a dedicated server and I have been assigned a /30 subnet by my server provider. Let’s say it’s: Gateway is and my server’s ESXi IP is

I then requested three more IPs and what they gave was this: (As an example)

The default gateway of these three IPs is the gateway of my server’s main IP block –

They’re on different IP blocks I presume. I’m confused as to what configuration or concept is being used here for me to be able to assign these addresses to my VMs.

Shouldn’t only the last digits of a Dynamic IP change when we are assigned a new temp IP?

I kept track of my IP the past months and I noticed that for a few months I had for example an IP starting with 92.. Then the next month I had a different one starting with 79.. How is this possible? I thought only the last digits of an IP change when we have a dynamic one. I didn’t move to another location/change provider. The geo-location remained the same though.


Can I reuse the certificate of sponsorship after Tier 2 general visa refusal if the COS status is still “assigned”?

I made an application for UK Tier 2 general visa as I had a valid COS and other documents as well. I failed to provide UK NARIC report for proof of English language. So, the decision was refusal for Entry Clearance.

I have googled a little bit about reapplying with the same COS. Seems like there are answers in the immigration boards which are too old. COS still has “ASSIGNED” status and my sponsor had amended the new joining date.

Can I re-apply for a visa? Can someone advice. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ubuntu 18.04 random frequent freezes suddenly after removing postgresql from assigned port to let docker use that port

I recently tried a repo on github.For the app to work I had to install docker but when I ran it showed postgresql using that port.So after googling and lot , I removed postgresql from that port and that app started working.The machine was fine till then but the next time I bootup my machine my machine freezes like anything randomly.Even lightweight application don’t open and I am now suffering from frequent application crashes.I searched online and it shows my hard drive might not be working properly but I don;t think that might be a issue.My laptop was working smoothly till then no issues. But it takes hell lot of time to bootup and every 2-3 min I am suffering from random freezes.Can anyone tell what can be the issue also a solution to this problem.

My specifications : Ubuntu 18.04 8GBRAM 2GBNVDIA-Geforce920Mx i5-7th-intel My laptop has been running 18.04 smoothly since last 2 months properly.

windows machine gets assigned wrong netmask

I have a Debian based DHCP server. It assigns correct netmask for all devices (WiFi router, voip, scanner) except for the windows machines. They all get assigned for some reason. They are all set to receive IP over DHCP; no manipulations with routing tables was done. Why do they get configured this way?

Settings of the isc-dhcp-server:

option domain-name ""; option domain-name-servers,; option subnet-mask;  default-lease-time 600; max-lease-time 7200;  ddns-update-style none;  subnet netmask {   option routers;   option subnet-mask;   range; }  host gnulinuxpc {   hardware ethernet 00:30:48:b8:52:cb;   fixed-address;   option subnet-mask; }  host windowspc {   hardware ethernet 00:18:f3:5e:bb:d3;   fixed-address;   option subnet-mask; } 

PHP Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference

Here’s the code in question. It started looking like this:

    $  comments_by_type = &separate_comments(get_comments('status=approve&post_id=' . $  id));            return count($  comments_by_type['comment']); 

I removed the & signs per other posts I have seen but it didn’t help.
$ comments_by_type = separate_comments(get_comments(‘status=approve post_id=’ . $ id)); return count($ comments_by_type[‘comment’]);