Ubuntu 18.10 Asus GL504GV fn keys (screen and kb backlight) not working

My main problem is that rgb keyboard lighting all day on, as there is no way to turn it off. I tried to change the settings on windows, but keyboard tunrs on after rebooting.

I tryed almost everything I found over the Internet, but no luck. Some posts suggest to manually set bright values on /sys/class/leds/asus::kbd_backlight/* but in my case this directory does not exists.

$   ls /sys/class/leds/ asus::lightbar           input11::scrolllock  input8::kana asus-wireless::airplane  input4::capslock     input8::numlock input11::capslock        input4::numlock      input8::scrolllock input11::compose         input4::scrolllock   phy0-led input11::kana            input8::capslock input11::numlock         input8::compose 

Also having some trouble with modprobe

$   sudo modprobe asus-laptop  modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'asus_laptop': No such device 

For the screen brightness I guess i can work arround /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight values

Thanks in advance

Blank screen after installing ubuntu on new ASUS Zenbook with NVIDIA card

I have a new ASUS Zenboo 14 with NVDIA card.

After a correct UBUNTU 19.04 installation, but only using the “safe graphics” mode, I am not able to open the OS. In fact, after booting, I see only the blank screen.

I tried to fix the issue with some guideline, such as http://kawahara.ca/how-to-fix-a-blank-login-screen-on-a-ubuntu-laptop-with-nvidia-drivers/ but I can’t even open the terminal.

Do you know how it can be fixed?


Touchpad no longer working on Ubuntu 18.04 for ASUS zenbook

I have an ASUS zenbook running Ubuntu 18.04, and everytime I opened up my laptop the touchpad stopped working, so I would open up the terminal and run this:

sudo rmmod i2c_hid

sudo modprobe i2c_hid

However, recently, even this stopped working. Diagnostics tools tell me that the touchpad isn’t even recognized.

Gnome Shell Version: 3.28.3 Touchpad Indicator Version: 31 Touchpad(s): No Touchpad detected. Synclient: Not found or used on your system. Xinput: Is installed. Switch Method: XInput

So I tried reinstalling some things

sudo apt install –reinstall xserver-xorg-input-synaptics

And I have the most recent update for Ubuntu 18.04.

Here is what xinput shows

⎡ Virtual core pointer id=2 [master pointer (3)]

⎜ ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer id=4 [slave pointer (2)]

⎣ Virtual core keyboard id=3 [master keyboard (2)]

↳ Virtual core XTEST keyboard id=5 [slave keyboard (3)]

↳ Power Button id=6 [slave keyboard (3)]

↳ Asus Wireless Radio Control id=7 [slave keyboard (3)]

↳ Video Bus id=8 [slave keyboard (3)]

↳ Video Bus id=9 [slave keyboard (3)]

↳ Power Button id=10 [slave keyboard (3)]

↳ Sleep Button id=11 [slave keyboard (3)]

↳ USB2.0 HD UVC WebCam: USB2.0 HD id=13 [slave keyboard (3)]

↳ Asus WMI hotkeys id=14 [slave keyboard (3)]

↳ AT Translated Set 2 keyboard id=15 [slave keyboard (3)]

Any suggestions? Thank you.

Will Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 be back in stock shortly?

I have been looking to buy a phone since 2 weeks now and I had my eye on the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 but the Flipkart exclusive phone has been out of stock for 2 weeks now on the site. Is it that Asus has stopped manufacturing of the phone and it will never be back in stock or will it be back? Also is there any other way to officially buy the phone except Flipkart?

Can’t boot the liveUSB properly on ASUS x553m

I’ve tested the boot media in another computer and it’s fine there- boots straight to the live “Try before you install” desktop with no problems whatsoever. However, I’m having difficuties getting it to work on my Asus x553m laptop to set up dual boot wth win10. It will load the grub menu, but all of the options just result in a black screen with a cursor in the top left, sometimes static, sometimes blinking. It does not move on from this screen. I’ve tried using nomodset as suggested in varous places, which causes some text output, but this stops as a line complaining about ASPM, where it hangs again. Anyone got any ideas? (secure and fast boot are disabled, as well as win10 fast startup)

How to sync facebook contacts with ASUS ZenFone 5Z (Android 9)?

ASUS ZenFone 5Z Android 9 and latest ZenUI

This question has been asked before, but none of the answers address what I’m seeing on my device.

I’ve added the Facebook App, and I’ve added my Facebook account, but I still don’t have the option to sync my contacts from Facebook.

When I look at my Facebook account, I see this:

The menu ellipsis on the second screen only has one item: “Sync Now” which doesn’t seem to do anything. I don’t see the options to choose what automatically syncs and what doesn’t, that are referenced in other answers.

I’ve looked through my mobile data settings, and I can’t find anything that might be preventing Facebook from using data, AND I’ve been connected to WiFi all morning. I’ve tried removing the account and uninstalling the app, and then reinstalling/re-adding, but to no avail.

A lot of the other answers (like this one: https://android.stackexchange.com/a/123271/292111) reference an item in the “Network & Internet” menu. The “Data Usage” sub-menu is supposed to have a menu ellipsis with a toggle for “Auto Sync Data” which, when turned on, causes the sync options for the Facebook account to appear on the second screen I posted above. In my case, there is no menu ellipsis in the “Data Usage” sub-menu.

My expectation is that Facebook would eventually show up as one of the contact sources in my Contacts app.

Any suggestions?

Asus X550V couldnt install ubuntu

I’ve tried million times installing ubuntu on my dekstop and always fail with screen freeze after log in to dekstop (try without installing ubuntu) and installation page pop up (install ubuntu). I’ve searched lot of forum which mention same problem and couldnt find a solution about this. Did this happened because my NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950M? But i have tried disabling it and the result still the same. Could someone help me to solve my problem about this? Because i really need ubuntu for my research. Or my laptop could never support ubuntu basically? Thank you for ur help

Can’t connect ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC in Kubuntu 18.04

I’m trying to install and connect my ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC to my Kubuntu PC and I already tried the steps in this question and this page but unfortunately my monitor still can’t connect. As a proof, here’s the screenshot of when I tried to reinstall the DisplayLink 5.1 again

Am I missing something or is there any other way to do it? Any advises will be appreciated.