Adding social media icons to email signature apple mail with url, not by attachment

screenshot to end result

I want to add a LinkedIn badge in my email signature.

However, even if I drag-drop from the browser, It is inserted as an attachment, which is personally super annoying.

Is there a way to insert it to be loaded directly from the source from the web? So, as if tag in website.

I tried to copy+paste it from web format. It worked for email content but didn’t work for signature.

Since it was possible for content, it doesn’t seem impossible for mail but can’t find how to do it.

Getting Name of MS Teams Channel Message Attachment

I’m trying to get the name of an attachment that was sent to my MS Team Channel’s email. It was posted as a message on the conversation board, which is how I’ve been referencing it.

Right now, I have the message attachment as a Current Item in my dynamic content, but I can’t figure out how to isolate just the attachment name. If I just print out the entire Current Item, I’ll get the following:

{“id”:null,”contentType”:”reference”,”contentUrl”:null,”content”:null,”name”:”Flow Request_2093811450.xlsx”,”thumbnailUrl”:null}.

I need some help splitting the string, so that I’m just getting the name field to print. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Sharepoint infopath Attachment control

Anyone can help to design request form with attachment control in infopath? When I try to use attachment control in infopath 2013 , its fails to store the attachment in library as I can’t link this attachment control to SharePoint library where I published this form. Even I am not able to add any coding to attach control as its fails to opening visual studio 2012. Is there any way I can put some rules in submit button and enable this file attachment submitted to SharePoint library of my SharePoint site?

Get URL of list item attachment from Sharepoint Designer 2010

I’ve found tons of questions where people are looking to get the URL of an attached file after the fact via CSOM or JSOM, or some other means.

I am looking to get the URL from Sharepoint Designer, and then insert that URL in an email from a Sharepoint Designer Workflow.

To clarify, I have a list where users are adding attachments (1 attachment) to their list item (within a Sharepoint 2010 environment). I have a workflow that sends an email after a new row is created, and basically prints all of the columns in the email.

Here is where I am hung up. I also want the attached item URL to be shown in the email.

I can see the structure of the URL will be: 

And since I’ll know the domain, site name, list name, and ID of the row created, I can build my URL a decent amount. But, I don’t know the file name. If I could get the file name from Sharepoint designer, I could build the URL.

At the moment, the only thing I see within Sharepoint Designer is a boolean value if my list item has attachments or not.

To clarify, I do not want to attach the file to the email that gets sent as a part of the work flow. I’d like to link to the item that is already upload to my Sharepoint list and is attached to a specific row item.


FYI to others who might be looking for a solution to this, although I did this was a while ago, I believe this was how I solved the problem.

I ended up using a custom JS callback after the List Item was created. This callback would update the row I just created with the filename(s) as a concatenated string in a separate column.

So the logic was something like:

  1. User clicks “Create New”, and a SP Modal window would open, with my form loaded in the modal window. (using a modal was integral, because I could attach JS listeners to its onSubmit function).
  2. I’d attach a listener to the modal window, so on Submit or Cancel, I’d run a function.
  3. If the user canceled, the function just exited.
  4. If the user submitted, I’d check to see if an attachment was added to the row item. If so, using JS I could get the file name(s), then concat those names together with a separator (I think I used a colon, :, since that can’t be used in a file name) into a string and write that string to an empty column within the same row.
  5. I’d also mark a boolean on the row to true that I’d check in the SP Designer Workflow. When true, my Workflow would actually run.
  6. The workflow would have access to that col, could split the string, and I was able to build the URL string.

The problem with this is that, I couldn’t add items to the row manually. I have to use this custom Modal interface so I’d have the ability to run updates to the row via JS.

That is to say, this solution was 100% client side. I’d rather have a server side solution, so adding to the row manually or through this custom Modal interface wouldn’t matter. But alas, at the time I didn’t have access to change things server-side, so this client-side solution was good enough for me.

Getting the text of a gmail body only when attachment is present PHP IMAP

I have some working IMAP php code that gets the subject, from, to, and other headers. However, if the email has an attachment (pdf in this case) when I try to get the text of the email (i.e. “Dear so and so, please find attahced …”) all I get is 50,000 random characters, which is the attachement, and not the text in the body of the email.

In the classic form of the universe, the one thing you definitely want is inaccessible, but the thing you don’t works like a charm 😉

When I copy the text of the body and send an email w/o any attachment, I can get the text of the body. But as long as the attachment is present, I can’t

After spending too much time trying to figure this out, I came across imap_fetchbody, and these alleged conditions that are ‘supposed’ to work, like 1, 1.1, 1.2, 2, 2.1, etc

$  message = quoted_printable_decode(imap_fetchbody($  inbox, $  email_number,1.1));  $  message = quoted_printable_decode(imap_fetchbody($  inbox, $  email_number,1.2));  $  message = quoted_printable_decode(imap_fetchbody($  inbox, $  email_number,1.3));  $  message = quoted_printable_decode(imap_fetchbody($  inbox, $  email_number,2));  $  message = quoted_printable_decode(imap_fetchbody($  inbox, $  email_number,2.1));  $  message = quoted_printable_decode(imap_fetchbody($  inbox, $  email_number,2.2)); 

My code throws no errors, it just can’t get the body of the email when there is an attachment

Upload Attachment to SP List but Files either are empty or not able to open

I am trying to upload an attachment to my Sharepoint list and the upload goes well with a 200 message, however when I go to my list and try to open it, if it is a pdf will open an empty file with the same number of pages of the original file but no content and if it’s a docx it won’t open, it gives an error message. My code to upload is:

function upload() {         var file;         var count = 0;         // $  ('input[type=file]').val(function (e) {         file = $  ("#attachment-file")[0].files[0];         // file =[0];         console.log(file);         var reader = new FileReader();         var getFileBuffer = function (file) {              var deferred = $  .Deferred();               reader.onload = function (e) {                 deferred.resolve(;             }              reader.onerror = function (e) {                 deferred.reject(;             }              reader.readAsArrayBuffer(file);              return deferred.promise();         };          getFileBuffer(file).then(function (buffer) {             timestamp = new Date().valueOf();             var binary = "";             var bytes = new Uint8Array(buffer);             var i = bytes.byteLength;             while (i--) {                 binary = String.fromCharCode(bytes[i]) + binary;             }             if (count == 0) {                 $  http({                     method: "POST",                     url: _spPageContextInfo.siteAbsoluteUrl + "/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('RoutingForm')/Items("+Identification+")/AttachmentFiles/add(FileName='" + + "')",                     data: binary,                     headers: {                         "accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",                         "X-RequestDigest": $  ("#__REQUESTDIGEST").val(),                         "content-length": binary.byteLength                     }                 })                  .then(function (success) {                     count++;                     // $  scope.attachments.push({ name:, link: mainPage + "/Lists/OnBoarding/Attachments/" + Id + "/" + })                     alert("You have attached the file succesfully!");                     return;                 },                 function (error) {                     count++;                     console.log(error);                     alert("An error has occured with the attachment. No file has been attached.");                 });             }         });     } 

Show attachment names as a coloumn in Sharepoint list – 2007

Is there a way I can show attachment names as a ‘Title’ field in SharePoint list 2007?

I’m wanting to save duplication having to type out the name of a file to show as the title in the list.

I’ve tried various formulas in the custom Title field list, but nothing is working. I don’t have SharePoint designer.

Thank you in advance!