Multiple attachments in single email in Flow

I have a html table where the data source is from sharepoint Image library.When a user selects the checkbox the row gets selected and i want to send an email to the user with the selected row value along with image attachment. Here a user can select multiple rows so it has to send multiple attachments in email.

For this approach i have created a flow which runs on item created and modified .

When ever use selects an item from HTML table i am inserting the data in to another list with Item ID of the selected checkboxes with comma seprated values.

Here is My flow screen shot. I was able to send single email with single attachments .How can i send multiple attachments in single email if user has selected 2 items

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Sending Emails with Attachments

We have a requirement to have automation of sending emails with Attachments. For example the ff. scenario:

  1. User requests for a document which user does not have access.
  2. Then some approvals happen and once approved
  3. Once approved, workflow will send the document as an attachment to the user

I don’t think out of the box SharePoint Designer workflow can do this.

My current thinking is we can use Custom Visual Studio workflow to download the document and then send an email as attachments using custom code. However, I am concerned with large files or large number of files. Is there a memory limitation or it might slow down the performance of our server if the workflow email attachment constantly runs?

Or are there any better approaches to this one?

409 conflict error when deleting multiple attachments using PnP js or REST

I am trying to delete multiple attachments from list item as below

private _deleteOneByOneAttachment(ln: string, id: any, file: any):Promise<any>{     let item = sp.web.lists.getByTitle(ln).items.getById(id);     return item.attachmentFiles.getByName(file).delete().then(v => {         return v;     }) as Promise<any>;   } 

I am calling above function in promise.all

    b.Files.forEach(k=>{              delArray.push(this._deleteOneByOneAttachment(this.state.appsUsedByStateList,b.ID,k));                     });  Promise.all(delArray) 

if there 4 attachments to delete then 2 are getting deleted and remaining it is giving conflict error, 409.

What is the right way to delete attachments from list item

Attachments to infopath list form

i created a list, then in the ribbon went to customize in infopath. There i created a form. The form will go through a few different steps where different people will review then add an attachment. However infopath only lets me put one unique attachment field. If i pit another, it is bound. This makes the form look bad because in the three different sections that have attachments, it shows all attachments. How can i have it so the first person attaches a form. Then the second person can attach a form but not have a list of the previous users attachments showing?

SharePoint list won’t save attachments

SharePoint newbie here. I have created an out-of-the-box list (with no custom code) and have been happily using it. This morning when I went to create my 16th list entry, it would not allow me to save the attachment (everything else in the entry saves, just not the attachment).

It allows me to upload the attachment and hit “save.” However, when I open the entry, the attachment is gone/never actually saved. This is true for both new and existing list entries.

I restarted the browser, tried different browsers, restarted my machine, tried different types of attachments, etc. I checked the list settings – attachments are enabled.

I am having the same issue as this question but with the exception that my list has no customization.

Appreciate any help!

Javascript to retrieve and validate file attachments in new item form

I have a requirement to inject javascript via a script editor web part into a form and validate that it’s not a macro enabled Excel file (xltm or xlsm), and throw a validation error if it is and not allow the user to upload it. Is this possible? If so, anyone have some sample code to get me started? Thanks!

Enabling an attachments field when creating an event in SharePoint Online?

I have my site configured with a basic out of the box events app, where the user can click ‘add event’ and fill in the details of it.

When filling in this info, I want the user to be able to attach documents. This might be for handouts or presentation slides that people attending the event can access.

Within the events content type, I can’t find any column for attachments. I’ve also made sure the attachments option is enabled in the list settings.

Does anyone know how I can enable this? Thanks

Multiple Attachments

I am creating a SharePoint list gathering travel information from users. This will require adding multiple attachments to be submitted. Is there a way to add all the attachments in one upload? Currently it is only allowing me to add one at a time.