Can Mage Hand be attacked?

Mage Hand “can’t attack, activate magic items, or carry more than 10 pounds.” (PHB 256). Can Mage Hand be attacked? Part of me says that Mage Hand is simply unable to engage in combat as a combatant but can passively engage in combat as a target (and, thus, damage would be computed as for an ordinary inanimate object), but part of me says that saying that Mage Hand cannot attack is essentially implying that it cannot take part in combat at all in any capacity or that it exists outside of the combat system.

Can Mage Hand be the target of a combat action? E.g. can a creature swing a club at a Mage Hand that it sees pass by or come within range? Obviously, the Mage Hand can’t retaliate.

My Website Got Attacked: Japanese Title and Descriptions. How is this Possible?

Hello everyone, My website ( got hacked a while ago. As you can see from the screenshot above there are many spammy URL’s indexed on Google (which doesn’t exist on my website) and the title and descriptions are made up of Japanese characters. It's clear that my website was attacked by a malicious person.


What I'm wondering is how someone could have done it? And what should I do to protect myself from such attacks in the future?…

My Website Got Attacked: Japanese Title and Descriptions. How is this Possible?

Should the party get XP for a monster they never attacked?

Attempting to keep things vague to avoid possible spoilers for Dragon Heist

During the first session, after the barfight, a couple monsters crawl out of the hole in the middle of the tavern, one big scary dude and three bugs. The ‘Big Scary Dude’ would be worth a ton of XP if killed by the players, but there are two caveats

1) It is at half health when introduced

2) The players are told in no uncertain terms to focus on the little bugs while an NPC takes care of it.

Before the players even have a chance at him, the NPC goes before them in the Initiative and outright kills the big scary dude with a four hit combo on his turn. The big dude goes down literally before they even have a chance to react.

Just the other day, one of my players was asking me if they should have gotten experience for being apart of that battle with the big dude. If they did, they would be undeniably level 2 for the rest of the first chapter, but my thoughts are that they did not actually do anything in that fight and therefore should not get the XP. Am I in the wrong for denying them the XP? Or am I in the right for maintaining continuity?

NTP ddos attacked


i have a cloudlinux/cpanel server be NTP ddos attacked,

normally,is it possible i do not close certain service or port and make the… | Read the rest of

Is there a limit to how many enemies can be attacked using the Hunter ranger’s Volley, Horde Breaker, and the second attack?

From other questions on here, I know that both Horde Breaker and Volley can be used together, as discussed here: Do the Hunter ranger's Horde Breaker and Volley features interact?

Is there any limit to how many enemies you can attack using this combo if they fall into the 10-foot radius of the initial Volley?

Say there is a shield-wall type of formation of enemies, all nicely lined up side by side and multiple rows deep. In theory, based on the phrasing of Volley, you can use Volley to attack every creature in the 10-foot radius, potentially attacking 16 targets – and you can use Horde Breaker on any that are within 5 feet of the point of origin. If the origin is the middle of the group, then possibly 8 additional targets – and then use Volley again for your second attack as a Hunter, making 40 total attack rolls in this situation (assuming they are all lined up nicely). Is this correct?

In my current campaign, we have stumbled into a war-torn region where large armies of Orcs are massing (my preferred enemy), and I’d love to use this loop hole if they end up lining up nicely for me.

(Kali) How do i transfer files from my attacking machine to the attacked machine over FTP? [on hold]

I am using Kali Linux 2019.1 version, and used the VSFTP 2.3.4 backdoor execution exploit to gain access to the linux machine i am attacking, through an vsftp port 19921.

However, i need to get a script from my kali machine on to the linux machine i open a session on, through ftp.

How do i do that?

I am using Kali Linux 2019.1 version, and used the VSFTP 2.3.4 backdoor execution exploit to gain access to the linux machine i am attacking, through an vsftp port 19921.

However, i need to get a script from my kali machine on to the linux machine i gain accessed to over ftp.

How do i do that?

Can i interfere when another player is about to be attacked?

I have NEVER played D&D but i would very much like to play one day, when i’m not as busy, plus when i’ll have a group to play with… that’s important i guess.

My question for today is: when another player gets attacked by a monster or something, obviously it’s not my turn, can i interfere in someway? For example if i am an archer, can i shoot an arrow at the enemy to distract him? Or another example, can i jump in front of the other player, and take the hit myself, cause i have more hp, and could handle it?

I’m guessing, no, just cause it’s not my turn and thus can’t attack, but perhaps stepping in front of the other player and taking the damage. I’ll go ahead and say no… but i hope to hear otherwise, i think it make the game more realistic. If not, that’s fine, i still would very much like to play, as it’s seems like an awesome game as it is.

Can mounted creatures can be attacked instead of their mount, and which character(s) in mounted combat receive attacks of opportunity?

This is a question I brought up with my group and although I have made a ruling, I’m hoping to get a more authoritative answer (Sage Advice perhaps?).

The rules for mounted combat don’t seem to specify how targetting works with the Attack Action. I’ve summarized the mechanics from PHB 198 below, with the final rule italicized because it is the subject of this question:

A mount is:

  • A willing creature
  • At least one size larger
  • has appropriate anatomy to ride

Mounted and Dismounted:

  • If within 5 feet of a mount, mounting or dismounting takes half your movement speed
  • If mount is moved against will or you are made prone, DC 10 Dexterity or become dismounted and prone within 5 feet of mount.
  • If the mount becomes prone you become dismounted within 5 feet of the mount. You become prone as well unless you spend your reaction.

Actions and Movement:

  • A controlled mount must be a trained or domesticated creature, and they match your initiative while mounted. You may move the mount using its speed, and may only have it Dash, Disengage, or Dodge when it acts. Controlled mounts may move and act on the turn they become mounted.
  • Independent mounts must be intelligent creatures and act independently, retaining their initiative order, movement, and full ability to act (presumably actions, bonus actions, reactions, etc.)
  • If a mount provokes an opportunity attack while mounted, the attacker can target the mount or rider.

The targetting rules of an Attack of Opportunity is specified, but can an Attack action also target the mount or rider when the mount is targetted?

The Mounted Combatant Feat suggests that by default attacks may optionally target the mount, but leaves it unclear if the rider may be targetted whenever the mount may be targetted:

  • “You can force an attack targetted at your mount to target you instead”

As a final related question which mounted combat creature(s), of an independent mount and rider, may use their reaction to make an attack of opportunity against an enemy leaving the squares adjacent to the mount?

I assume, but may be wrong, that a controlled mount loses its bonus actions and reactions and thus can’t opportunity attack.