My router is getting port scan attacks

My internet suddenly cut out yesterday, i checked the router and it looked like nothing is wrong. I looked at the logs and i see this

2019-08-18 12:50:39 Security Warning Detect UDP port scan attack, scan packet from 2019-08-18 12:43:19 Security Warning Detect UDP port scan attack, scan packet from 2019-08-18 03:59:04 Security Warning Detect UDP port scan attack, scan packet from 2019-08-17 19:08:37 Security Warning Detect UDP port scan attack, scan packet from

When every attack happens my internet cuts out so how do i stop it?

Is the intent of Deflect to allow defending a single target or multiple? And for how many attacks?

This is in regards to Mutants and Masterminds 3E Deflect.

Action: Standard • Range: Ranged • Duration: Instant • Cost: 1 point per rank

You can actively defend for characters other than yourself, deflecting or diverting attacks against them at a distance, and may be able to more effectively defend yourself, depending on your rank. See the Defend action in Action & Adventure for details. You use your Deflect rank in place of an active defense. You still add 10 to a Deflect die roll of 10 or less, for a minimum roll of 11. Deflect modifiers are limited by power level. Like a ranged attack, if you Deflect at medium range, you have a –2 circumstance modifier on your check. At long range, you have a –5 circumstance modifier. Range is Measured from you to the target of the attack you are deflecting.

I had a player invoke Deflect with the idea of staving off the next attack coming in and there arose a discussion on how to interpret who gets defended. My ultimate decision as a GM was that the spirit of the description was that you choose a single target for the Deflect, and they get the bonus, but you do not. So effectively, it lets you do a Defend action and then have the effects apply to that person until the beginning of your initiative count. As regards the picking of targets, that works for a Readied action, picking a situation and being able to preempt it.

There used to be a forum for asking the game designer, Steve Kenson, for clarifications, but that hasn’t been available for a long time. There was some discussion on the official boards, but nothing that I felt directly answered my question.

With the ‘extra attack’ feature, will a creature’s ‘help’ give advantage to both attacks? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Do Actions with Multiple To Hit Rolls with Help provided get Advantage on all Rolls? 2 answers

Out in a foggy glade Agar is deeply focused on studying the local flora. While distracted, a poisonous snake creeps closer. Swoosh! As fangs begin to dig into Agar’s leg, his exceptionally trained falcon scoops up the snake. Agar draws his dagger and slashes out, with his second strike the snake is skewered. Agar’s companion floats to the ground and feasts on the downed serpent.

Aided by his companions help action, does Agar gain advantage with both strikes?

Agar the falconer; 7th level Ranger, Beast Master.

Can the Action some concentration spells grant be used in Attacks of Opportunity with the War Caster feat?

Can the Action some concentration spells grant be used in Attacks of Opportunity with the War Caster feat?

For a specific example, Dragon Breath and Sunbeam both have actions to do damage after being cast. Could that action be used in that circumstance?

Can you combo attacks with the Booming Blade cantrip?

I understand that so long as conditions are met, you can Sneak Attack as part of the melee attack from the Booming Blade cantrip.

Can you dual wield and attack with both weapons after casting Booming Blade? I understand that you probably need something like the War Caster feat and Subtle Spell to pull this off, but I don’t know if the melee attack as part of Booming Blade is a bonus action or not.

Can you extend the combo if you had Extra Attack like those from either fighter, ranger, monk, or bard, and use damage-increasing spells like Hex or Hunter’s Mark? It’s safe to say this build is around Lv 5 or higher.

So is the following combo possible?

  • Build (Human Rogue 4, Ranger 3, Sorcerer 3)
  • 1st Round: Full round act: cast Hunter’s Mark and Hex.
  • 2nd Round: cast Booming Blade swing with main hand weapon [weapon + d8 + 2d6 sneak attack]
    then swing again (if with extra attack) [weapon + hunters mark 1d6 + colossus slayer 1d8],
    then swing with off hand [weapon + hunters mark 1d6 + colossus slayer 1d8]

Now if you dip in fighter, can you add Action Surge so you can get two more attacks from your main hand for a possible [2x weapon + hunter’s mark 2d6 + colossus slayer 2d8] damage? And 2d8 thunder damage if the targeted enemy goes after the attacker (me)?

Anonymizing IP addresses using (sha) hashes; how to circumvent rainbow table attacks?

Under GDPR, IP addresses are personal data. I have no need to trace back IP to specific users, but I would like to limit downloads to 1 per IP*. I do not want to store plain IPs.

First “solution”/idea would be to hash the IP. I could store the hash 12ca17b49af2289436f303e0166030a21e525d266e209267433801a8fd4071a0. Problem: hashing all 4294967296 possible IP addresses is simple, and someone will easily find that is the stored IP.

Adding salt holds the same problem, you can calculate all the IPs again with this salt and arrive at the same problem.

Is there a solution for this?

* Use case here is simplified, please do not comment on reasons why I want this 😉

Secure data transfer in the face of DMA attacks even on SD card v 7.0

I want to move data from an insecure host to a secure host, e.g. to update the software on a Ballot marking device, or move data back and forth between such hosts. But as we know, even common thumb drives can stage BadUSB attacks.

Until 2019, I was thinking that SD card interfaces were significantly less vulnerable than USB ports (though not totally secure), as explained here by one of the BadUSB experts: Can SD-Card be a vector of a BadUSB type attack when used with a USB reader?

But I just watched the amazing presentation on Thunderclap: Exploring Vulnerabilities in Operating System IOMMU Protection via DMA from Untrustworthy Peripherals – NDSS Symposium which details how Thunderbolt support exposes a huge attack surface via DMA and the complex PCIe protocols involved. They also specifically note near the end of their presentation that SD card version 7.0 supports DMA, which brings with it a whole host of related risks. In fact the 7.0 SD Express bus implements PCIe also, as noted in SD card – Wikipedia

For those who value protection of their hosts against peripherals more than the speed of IO transfers, how can we avoid these attack surfaces? Proper implementation of Input–output memory management unit (IOMMU) protections can help, but doing that right seems barely out of its infancy.

Would specing SD card support below the level of 7.0 help? Or are there ways to select or reliably configure host drivers to decline to support DMA and the like?

Or are there other similar attacks on older SD card interfaces, in which case they are also suspect, and we should go back to moving data around on writable DVDs or via data diodes like QR codes?

Does a Barbarian in rage get advantage on attacks with melee weapons [duplicate]

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  • Is an attack a check, or only similar to a check? 6 answers

The Barbarian rage ability in 5e says that the character gets advantage on all strength checks. Does this mean that a Barbarian in rage gets advantage on melee attack rolls and melee thrown ranged rolls?

Character Building- Should a magic user (sorcerer) have all magic attacks?

I am knew to character building, and as I am creating a sorcerer, I am a little confused about the spell vs. attack aspect. I understand there is a separate page for spells, but I am wondering how I should fill my attacks and spellcasting box. Should it be a combination of both spells and attacks? My character has a light crossbow and longsword in equipment. Also, how do I know which spells to choose from for the attacks and spellcasting section? Thanks in advance.