Freeplane reports it’s not compatible with Java 10 when attempting to install and run on Ubuntu 18 how do I resolve?

I have been trying to install mindmapping software on Ubuntu 18 Bionic Beaver now for the last 3 days. I’m getting a little weary from all of the application research and many, many failed install and run attempts for various mindmapping s/w. I first tried to install XMind8 and then XMind 7.5 and could not get it to run even though I followed 4 dif “solution instructions” I gave up because I realized that many people were having the same problem and asking for the same help. I figured the XMind folks, just wasn’t going to make it easy for use to install their product. Now I’m started on Freeplane 1.7.7. I am certain it’s the lasted version. I did the unzip and execution command sh and I get this error message: Dialog box heading –> “Incompatible JRE version” and in the dialog box “Freeplane is not compatible with Java 10, exiting”

I did the command java -version in the terminal window to verify that yes ai am running java 10.

How do I get Freeplane 1.7.7 to work on my computer without uninstalling Java 10 which seems to be the default and latest JDK for Ubuntu 18?? I really want to get started with my mindmapping and I am at my limit of doing things to resolve my issue. Please someone help me!!! I believe Freeplane 1.7.7 needs JDK version 8. I don’t want to disrupt anything else that is going on where other applications may need JDK 10. Thank You in advance.

Users receive either a 401 or 500 error when attempting to access a website hosted on a 2012 r2 server

iis users can’t go to websites on 2012 r2 server. they receive either a 401 error or internal server error. Attempts don’t show up in the system log. I have checked the iis application pools, the open ports (port 80 is open) iis users permissions (they are read, read and execute, list folder contents.) I checked all these settings and the firewall settings, comparing with an identical 2012 r2 server settings and don’t see anything different. I can ping the server’s local ip address, but not the public address. I have also turned the firewall off. Again, nothing I do allows users to reach the websites on this server.

Attempting install of 18x or 16x on old Mac Pro results in bizarre glitchy screen

I’ve tried the network, desktop, and server install images for 18.10, 18.04, and 16.04. All of them display the grub menu correctly, but display a flashing screen of random characters when any option is selected, as seen below

I’m using a non-EFI graphics card, but as far as I know, that’s only an issue before the boot media is selected.

Drive reports as failed when attempting to assemble a RAID array created on another machine

I’m working on a script to automate the process of creating a RAID array and am currently trying to figure out how to get multiple machines to recognize the array so the data can be transferred after collection.

The ultimate goal is to use a set of 5 SATA drives in a RAID 5 array, but I’m currently doing the proof of concept using 3 USB drives. I think I’m missing something in the process when stopping the RAID array on the original machine before attempting to assemble it on the other one. I copied the entries for the array from /etc/fstab and /etc/mdadm.conf from the original machine to the other one (I’m not sure if this was necessary… I’m assuming I could do it without this, just with a longer --assemble command). I had to change the /dev location because a /dev/md0 already existed on the second system, but otherwise made no other changes. However, upon assembling it on the second machine, only two of the 3 drives reported as active, and the third drive was ignored because it reported one of the other drives as failed. When using --examine, the array state information is as follows:

/dev/sdd - Array State: AA. /dev/sde - Array State: AA. /dev/sdf - Array State: ..A 

The /dev/sdf drive is the one that is being ignored. So it looks like the first two drives report sdf as missing, but sdf thinks the other two are missing.

To stop the array on the first system, I simply unmounted the RAID location, then --failed and --removed the drives and --stopped the RAID. Is there something else I forgot to do? Or is this confusion caused by my manually copying over the RAID config info? Or something else?

Messages when attempting to empty Trash in macOS

I getting these message when attempting to empty my trash in Mac:

Cinna-MacMini:.Trashes stevechang$   rm -rf 502/sda/ rm: 502/sda//Cinna Macmini/Users/stevechang/Library/Application Support/Manroling/ Operation not permitted rm: 502/sda//Cinna Macmini/Users/stevechang/Library/Application Support/Manroling: Operation not permitted rm: 502/sda//Cinna Macmini/Users/stevechang/Library/Application Support: Permission denied rm: 502/sda//Cinna Macmini/Users/stevechang/Library: Permission denied rm: 502/sda//Cinna Macmini/Users/stevechang: Permission denied rm: 502/sda//Cinna Macmini/Users: Permission denied rm: 502/sda//Cinna Macmini: Permission denied rm: 502/sda/: Permission denied 

What does the messages mean?

Attempting to understand shape and parametric equations involved.

This is a project I am taking on and I am in need of some direction.

The eventual application is engraving on the angled surface using CNC machines.

I do know the blue line does not change in radius as it moves around the axis and forms a helix. The difficulty I am having is understanding how to calculate the radius change as you move across the part horizontally (green line). I believe that forms a sprial of uniformly increasing radius (at least until the helix “resets”). Also, it is pertinent for me to know based on radius and arc length, the required change in theta with respect to centerline axis to accomplish desired distances.

So far I have researched Pappus’ conical spiral and the Archimedean spiral.

Once I understand how to approach this shape I believe I can apply the mathematics to it but I am have difficulty understanding exactly what this shape is.

Any help in the matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you, SML.

enter image description here

How to get rid of software attempting to automatically connect to

I use MalwareBytes and it has blocked my machine from connecting to website I can’t tell what program wanted to access this site in the background (I did not purposely go there).

A regular scan with Windows malware detection and with MalwareBytes don’t show infected files.

I understand that some tools claim to be able to get rid of it, but I am not sure if I could trust those tools!

How can I determine what caused the connection to this site happen in the background?

Attempting to flash TWRP on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 simply doesn’t work

I’m attempting to flash and boot into TWRP to install LineageOS, but try as I might the process described on the LOS website simply doesn’t work. My first step is to attempt to flash TWRP via Heimdall. I boot into Download Mode, and run the following command:

 heimdall flash --RECOVERY twrp-3.2.3-0-gts28vewifi.img --no-reboot 

It’s not really clear whether this works. Heimdall claims it was 100% successful, but a progress bar shows up with what looks like 1% remaining, that never completes. If I shut down here and attempt to reboot into recovery mode by holding Power + Volume Up + Home, the device just hangs at the splash screen that says Samsung Galaxy. I’ve tried literally dozens of different guides and nothing works.

Connection error after attempting to upload or move a file with FileZilla

I’ve started using Putty and FileZilla on my windows 10 notebook to access a cluster server.

I was able to log in yesterday and had success moving, downloading and uploading some small files, but it suddenly aborted the connection after a tried to download a pbs file. So when tried to log in FileZilla with a SFTP connection it gives me a “Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity” and with Putty it just gives me a black screen and then a Network error.

Today I could log in normally and then it happened again when a tried to upload a .fastq file.

I checked my Firewall and tried changing the timed out connection to 30 seconds, but it did not work.

I really need this to analyse some metagenomic data. Thank you!