US F1 Visa grace period attending a conference

I am currently in the US on a F1 Visa for studying. My I-20 is valid until May 19th, as then my program is finished. Usually I study in Canada (I am there on a study permit with a passport from Austria).

Before returning back to Canada I wanted to visit a conference in the US (in another state, I will have to take a plane). The conference starts on May 20 and lasts for 6 days.

My question is: am I allowed to attend the conference, as I am in the grace period of my F1 visa? Note, the conference is not part of my program in the US.

Second question: Can I get reimbursed for this conference by the conference organizers? Probably, I would run into troubles here as this might be considered some kind of work, which I am definitely not allowed to do.

Is it maybe somehow possible to apply for an ESTA and get a B1 stamp on it? But I only have domestic flights, so I guess this doesn’t work.

Do you have any suggestion regarding what is the best way to proceed to attend the conference and maybe even not to lose the reimbursement?

UK Standard Visitor Visa attending graduation

I want to apply for a UK standard visitors visa to attend my Graduation ceremony this July. I finished my Undergraduate Studies in September 2017 and the graduation was set for July 2018. I left the UK September since my Tier 4 student visa was already due to expire in November. I left in hopes of coming the following year to attend but I was unable to attend the graduation ceremony due to medical issues at the time. My university has Invited me to attend the graduation ceremony holding this July 2019.

Ok heres my current situation 1- I’m unemployed and fully dependent on my parent. 2- I’m a Student currently doing a 2yrs Professional course that will end in 2020. I have a letter from the institution confirming my enrollment and being a student. 3- I intend spending a total of 7days on this trip which would be fully funded by my father. 4- This trip will cost around £1300-£1500 max for flight, hostel, feeding and other miscellaneous things… which my dad is supporting me with. 5- I have my fathers bank statement(savings acc) with closing balance of about £7,500. 6- I also have a confirmation letter of financial support from my father.

Now that you know all of this information…. Here are my questions.

1- I would like to know what my chances are of getting this visa?

2- Would be ECO be suspicious that I didn’t attend the graduation in 2018 and now wish to go in 2019? and deny my visa

3- Since am a student and enrolled in a program that will end in about a year show strong ties to my country?

4- My parent take care of me so how do i answer the financial question “ How much do u spend each month” since I can’t put 0

5- Is my fathers bank statement and currently balance ok to show that he has the funds to support me?

Thank you 🙏🏻

What is the possibility of being denied entry at the US border if I have a valid B1/B2 visa and I plan on attending a coding school?

In February I applied for a B1/B2 visa to attend a bootcamp style coding school in the US. I am a UK citizen and I was applying in the London embassy. I had a letter from my employer stating that I was taking a sabbatical. My visa was denied – I was handed a standard 214b refusal letter – and also told that they did not believe that I would be “engaging in productive work in the US”. They also mentioned being concerned about my finances.

In April I received a scholarship and took out a large loan to finance the trip. I also took with me a more detailed letter from my employer outlining why this course in particular was needed for my professional development at work. Given the change in circumstances, I again applied for a B1/B2 visa (same embassy). This time I was approved, but during the interview the visa office said “this is a particularly complicated case” and also “you sit within a grey area of the law”.

I am concerned now that I may face these same issues at the border. Is this likely? Is getting an approved visa harder than getting accepted at the border? What actions should I take to ensure that I am able to pass through successfully? What should I do if I am denied?

It seems to me that bootcamps and short coding courses/schools are not very welcome by US immigration officials as they don’t fall neatly into either a student visa (it’s not an officially recognised institution) or a business/tourist visa.

Freelancer attending a conference in Germany, what visa type and what documents are needed?

I’m working as a freelancer and making good money but without official documents from the government as freelancing activity has not legalized title here in Morocco.

I just got a ticket for WordCamp Europe 2019 with a letter of invitation. Now I want to apply for a visa but don’t really know how to approach, I looked on their website and there are specific documents for each job, but mine isn’t included. So, my question are:

  • What type of visa should I request?
  • What documents do I need for my request to be approved?
  • Do I even have a chance?

Attending a conference in Beijing with special dietary needs

There will be a three week international physics conference (taks in English) in Beijing that I might want to attend. Unfortately I’m a picky eater, being a vegetarian with a nut, peanut and raw soy allergy. I do not speak any Chinese, therefore I expect to be unable to communicate this to the personnel in restaurants or the cafeteria.

The speakers attending are from various countries, therefore I would expect that the locals help the guests choosing meals. But having them translate the menu into English is one thing, asking them to ask the personnel for allergens every single day might become old rather quickly. I’ll get in touch with them about this.

Outside of the conference the attendees might go for food in a group as well, but I don’t think that an English-speaking local would be available at all times. If one has no special dietary needs, just taking something from a bar or buffet is fine, but I would really like to know what I eat.

Is it realistic to do this; perhaps with a note made by a Chinese colleague stating my dietary needs like “please give me some vegetarian dish as long as it does not contain …”? I just do not want to be that guy who is taxing on everyone’s patience because I put myself into a situation relying on other people to help me out.

How to get a student ID card for teenagers from Sweden that are not yet attending university

In several countries (e.g. Egypt and India) many venues (e.g. museums) have substantial discounts for “students”. How carefully the student status is checked varies greatly, but at many places the guard insists on being shown a Student ID card with picture. Lacking that, they must pay as adults.

My three daughters are teenagers (ages 13, 15 and 17), two of them in primary school (grundskolan) and one in high school (gymnasiet). So, none of them yet study at a university.

Can I get some Student ID card that will be accepted internationally?

I have not been able to find anything myself. Primary school is compulsory by law in Sweden, so strictly speaking it is redundant to require any id for Swedish children of primary school age, but this argument is rarely accepted. Passports proving their age does not help.

ISIC requires attendance at a university.

Studentkortet is the closest I have found. It is an app that can be registered for high school students, but this has been refused on several occasions on the basis that it lacks a picture (and that it is an app).

I haven’t found anything for primary school pupils.

(It is of course entirely possible that these guards are just running a racket where they profit by being overly zealous about this rule, but it would be much easier to argue with them if we had something resembling a real card)

Denied return flight after not attending first – Air Serbia

I booked a flight from CPH to ATH with Air Serbia but due to the death of a relative I had to reschedule my first flight earlier. Air Serbia states that “Please be advised that In the event you do not show up for any flight without advising Air Serbia in advance, Air Serbia may cancel your return or onward reservations”. But, I tried to contact them thrice but their call centre didnt answer my calls. Also, they didn’t inform me of the cancellation of my flight and I learned about it one day before my flight when I tried to check in. Can anyone inform me if I am entitled to any form of refund?

Attending a church conference in USA

This is my first time in applying for a visitors visa to the USA, I want to attend to a church conference as a visitor.

Can someone please tell me what types of questions will be asked by the consulate, so that I can prepare for the answers? I will be self sponsoring my trip, if that matters.

The conference is in September 2017 -so I have to hurry- and I am from Zimbabwe.