What does the attuned creature know about the Shield of the Hidden Lord?

The DMG states that all properties of a magic item are known to the attuned creature, or a creature that spends a short rest analyzing it, but what about the Shield of the Hidden Lord? Some properties of the shield aren’t usable by the attuned creature. Plus, it seems kinda boring to me that the player would instantly be aware of Gargauth’s true nature after an hour of attuning or analyzing. To me that is something to be found out via play or identify.

Can a person attuned to Living Gloves cast Remove Curse on themselves to remove them?

The living gloves (E:RftLW, pg. 278) have the feature Symbiotic Nature:

The gloves can’t be removed from you while you’re attuned to them, and you can’t voluntarily end your attunement to them. If you’re targeted by a spell that ends a curse, your attunement to the gloves ends, and they can be removed.

If I am attuned to the living gloves and know the spell remove curse, would casting remove curse on myself count as voluntarily ending my attunement to them?

This is a follow up to this question, wherein a process for achieving ready access to all artisan tool proficiencies is described using remove curse to unattune to the living gloves.

Do magic weapons that require attunement count as magic (for Resistances) even if you are not attuned?

Resistance in a creatures stat block is written as follows:

bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from non magical weapons

Does a weapon count as magical, even if I am not attuned to it? I know I can’t use the weapons magic abilities, but in my mind it would still be a magical weapon. Is there something in the rules concerning this?

What happens if you obtain a cursed item while already attuned to your maximum number of attuned items (three)?

Reference: daze413’s answer to “As a monk, can I use Deflect Missiles to protect my ally?”

Scenario: Monk already has his three attuned magic items. Monk picks up a shield of missile attraction, which is a cursed item, and uses it for awhile. This should cause him to pick up the curse. Monk discards the shield of missile attraction.

If I read correctly, most magic items do not function unless attuned, and using a cursed item causes the attunement to pick up automatically (otherwise what’s the point)?

But now we’re trying to exceed the attunement limit by using a cursed item. Oops. Contradiction. Now what?

What happens if one no longer meets the requirements for an attuned item?

So, I have a question that’s sort of a what-if situation that applies to many different situations, but what happens if the requirements to attune to an item are lost while that item is attuned to you?

For example, say my lawful evil Paladin has Scather, the lawful-evil sword of answering and draws the Balance card from the deck of many things. Now, Scather requires attunement to a lawful-evil person, and balance causes his alignment to become opposite to what it used to be, now becoming Chaotic-Good with Scather still attuned as this happens. Does Scather automatically unattune, or does it remain attuned?

This can also be applied to other attunement requirements such as race and ability scores

What happens when you target a creature attuned to a cursed magic item with something that removes curses?

The remove curse spell states:

At your touch, all curses affecting one creature or object end. If the object is a cursed magic item, its curse remains, but the spell breaks its owner’s attunement to the object so it can be removed or discarded.

A similar feature is given to the School of Transmutation Wizard as a way to use their Transmutator’s Stone:

[…] Panacea. You remove all curses, diseases, and poisons affecting a creature that you touch with the transmuter’s stone. The creature also regains all its hit points […]

– Player’s Handbook (page 113)

Both of these remove curses affecting the target creature, and remove curse has specific effects for when targeting a cursed item, but what (if anything) happens when you target the actual creature? Assume the creature is attuned to a generic cursed magic item: one that does not have a specific way to remove its curse.

What would happen to my Intelligence score if I am affected by Feeblemind and attuned to a Headband of Intellect

The Headband of Intellect says, my Intelligence score is 19 while I wear it, except when my Intelligence is already 19 or higher.

Headband of Intellect

Your Intelligence score is 19 while you wear this headband. It has no effect on you if your Intelligence is already 19 or higher.

Feeblemind says, my Intelligence score becomes 1.


[…] the creature’s Intelligence and Charisma scores become 1. The creature can’t cast spells, activate magic items, understand language, or communicate in any intelligible way. […]

Would this lead to an Intelligence score of 19 or 1?

Also how about the other effects like not being able to cast, activate magic items, understand languages or communicate in any way. Those seem Intelligence related, but are mentioned additionally to the reduction.

If the Intelligence score becomes 19, are the other effects still active?

Pact of the Blade – do you need to be attuned to bind a magic weapon? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Can you use an unattuned magic weapon (that requires attunement) as a Warlock pact weapon? 2 answers

Pact of the Blade says that

You can transform one magic weapon into your pact weapon by performing a special ritual while you hold the weapon.

It doesn’t specify the need for attunement. Though since the ritual takes one hour, the side-effect is that you’ll attune the weapon anyway.

but, assuming there is a scenario where you’re not attuned to an attunement weapon, can you still bind it as a pact weapon? I assume you won’t gain its additional magic benefits beyond the +x to attack and damage rolls

secondary question: If this is possible, does that mean you won’t be cursed either due to not attuning?