Name an application to stream audio (from files and/or mic) from pc to multiple android devices

I was working on a project to make mini radio for kids. We will be in a place with no service so streaming audio over internet is not an option. So I brought 3 routers and connected them together and I want to stream audio from my pc over the wifi network. in short I need the receivers to type an IP in the application to receive my stream.

p.s. I found a great app called soundwire, it does stream audio from an app on pc over the LAN to android devices; however, it can stream to only one device. I need to stream to more than 35 devices.

Disable/pause audio when active playback device changes

Is there a way to enable a system-wide disable/mute switch for audio when the playback device changes (i.e. on an Android phone). Sometimes on the bus, my Bluetooth headset will disconnect from the phone, and VLC continues to play music loudly through the built-in speakers, which is embarassing for the user and annoying to other passengers.

Similarly, using “Smart Audiobook Player”, if the same thing happens, the family gets to listen to whatever I’m listening to during a Bluetooth disconnect until I manually unlock and stop playback 30 seconds later. Is there any reliable mechanism built into the OS to clamp down on this “feature”?

Is there a Low Quality / Headset audio mode and why to disable it?

My Bowers & Wilkins P5 came with 2 cables: One- for IOS and its control and another generic one without any control.

I made the terrible mistake of not pay attention and connected with the IOS cable. Immediately the Zenfone 3 entered what I can describe as a low quality mode. It looks like that Zenfone is trying to connect to a headset communication device instead of a hifi headfone. Immediately I recognized the mistake, changed to the generic cable and Zenfone recognized the headfone and quality came back to what is supposed to be.

However, after this incident Zenfone started to randomly goes back this “headset/low quality” mode. At first a simple re-boot would fix the problem. After that re-boot not worked anymore. Only solution was to do factory restore. That worked well for a month but today my fone wake up back in “low quality mode”.

Is there any other workaround to get out of this annoying mode? Tested on B&W P5 and Grado SR125.

Any input is welcome….

Error: Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Unable to decode audio data – Audio context decoding

I am creating an audio player using audio context. This audio context receive small small packets of array buffer of audio file(.wav) from API for every api call. While encoding that audio buffer throwing error like audio data unable to decode. Code snippet shown below.This error throws for both browser(chrome and firefox).

context = new AudioContext(); getAudioBuffer(){

        this.service.getBufferPackets().subscribe(data => {               var arrayBuffer = new ArrayBuffer(data.byteLength);               var bufferView = new Uint8Array(arrayBuffer);               for (let i = 0; i < data.byteLength; i++) {                 bufferView[i] = data[i];               }                this.context.decodeAudioData(arrayBuffer, (buffer)=> {                 this.buf = buffer;       ;               });              this.getAudioBuffer();         }, error => {              })     }    play() {     // Create a source node from the buffer     var source = this.context.createBufferSource();     source.buffer = this.buf;     // Connect to the final output node (the speakers)     source.connect(this.context.destination);     // Play immediately     source.start(0);   } 

Here service call is async one.

Service call:

public getBufferPackets(): Observable<any> {         return this.http.get("api/controller/GetParallelAudioBytePackets",{responseType: "arraybuffer"});       } 

Error: Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Unable to decode audio data


     [HttpGet]          public byte[] ReplaceOldAudioPackts(){             MemoryStream outStream = new MemoryStream();              NAudio.Wave.WaveFormat waveFormat = new NAudio.Wave.WaveFormat(8000, 16, 1);             using (WaveFileWriter writer = new WaveFileWriter(outStream, waveFormat))              {                writer.Write(combinedBytes, 0, combinedBytes.Length);             }             return outStream.ToArray();          } 

Here byte[] combinedBytes is wav files’s bytearray. This is varying for every call.

Please tell me any solution to resolve this error.

Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS Input audio sounds as a robotic gargle during videocalls skype, facebook and other services

So here’s the scoop, I could send audios with no problem and hear everything fine when I play them back, but when I make video calls the recieving party cannot understand my audio. The audio is distorted and sounds like a robotic gargle. I’ve tryed various fixes but nothing seems to work. Mainly all the fixes related to audio here on the forum.

Android TV Turn off audio & video info display on HDMI input when resolution changes

I have a Sharp LC50UA6800X running Android 8.0.0.

When playing games on a PS4 Pro the info popup keeps displaying up the top left during game play e.g.: HDMI Input 1 Audio: LPCM Video: 2160p 60Hz HDR

I suspect that the PS4 Pro is dynamically changing the resolution and this triggers the TV to report a change.

This info is distracting and takes up a lot of space, is there anyway to turn it off?