Reversing audio digits of audio object

My question is about reversing the integers of an audio object file’s data.

If I make an audio object, and I wish to convert the audio-data to integers between 0 and 10000, I then wish to access the effect of reversing the sequence of the audio integers.

Thus, if I were to take one audio sample, and the integer associated with it were 5691, the the reverse of this is 1965.

I need to apply this integer reverse function to ALL of the audio samples in my audio object, and when I tried on Mathematica, I get some error messages, and I sort of do not know what they mean exactly.

Please advise.

Managing audio in a RTS – when do I play sounds?

Building an RTS I have several hundred units on screen at one time.

Whenever a Unit attacks/gathers something, I want to play a sound (if camera is close enough).

My question is, how do most RTS games do this? Do I play 1 sound per attack per unit, i.e if 200 units are fighting do I play 200 individuals sounds (one sound each time a unit attacks)?

Same goes for gathering, if 20 workers gather wood, do I play a sound each time they hit a tree?

Does this not use up a lot of resources? Is there a better way?

Two questions regarding Audio and Assets management in UE

I’ve got an UE project, and I need to play audio coming from a third-party API.

  1. Audio is in LPCM format, each frame is two bytes signed integer with little-endian byte order. How I can play audio chunks in this format inside Unreal Application?
  2. Is it possible to import newly-generated audio during runtime without re-packaging the final project?

Car Modding Website – Blog + Dropshipping Store – Car Audio

Why are you selling this site?
I had a partner who was going to help promote the site but he's been too busy with other projects, and so have I.

It really needs someone who is down to do some social media marketing, run ads and create more content. The foundation is already built, so if you're good at marketing or want to run ads and run a dropshipping business, then this is perfect for you.

I chose Orlando, because I am from there and the market for this stuff is huge, people…

Car Modding Website – Blog + Dropshipping Store – Car Audio

Audio and video solution with “whisper” support that is not roll20

For our online gaming sessions we use Fantasy Grounds as our virtual table top. We’ve also tried a number of other solutions that work o a certain extent but without fully support all our needs which are as follow:

  1. Voice and video.
  2. Ability to stream my own music from iTunes
  3. Ability to speak (whisper) only to one of the players.
  4. Good audio quality.

So far, we’ve tried:

  1. Discord + Voicemeeter: no whisper, bad music quality. Excellent video and voice.
  2. Ts + Voicemeeter. No whisper, no video. Excellent music and voice quality.
  3. Roll20. Bad experience, only preuploaded music. Normal video and audio and whisper support.
  4. Roll20 + Ts + Voicemeeter. Complicated setup, normal audio and video quality. Meets all requirements.

So far option 4 works but it is far from ideal and I was wondering if there was a better solution.

Why can’t OS’s keep audio and video recording in sync?

It seems every program that purports to record webcams fails to keep audio and video in sync. Moreover, there are probably man millenia being spent by people trying to correct for this during editing.

While it is understandable that OS’s may have to buffer incoming raw audio and video prior to compression, if necessary taking gigabytes of RAM, it is less understandable that they can’t keep the two in sync during recording.

This points to an architectural flaw in common with the major OSs. What is the problem?

Emitir Audio que proviene de line in por salida hdmi en ubuntu

Tengo una ubuntu 16.04 que tengo conectado a un proyector por hdmi, he configurado el sonido seleccionado el output para el hdmi,

como en esta web

el caso es que si reproduzco video de youtube o cual otra aplicación el audio se reproduce por el proyector pero lo que quiero es

enviar al proyector el audio que entra por el line in de la tarjeta de sonido y eso no puedo. Si selecciono los speakers, el audio que entra por el line in

si se reproduce correctamente. El caso es que los vumeters de configuracón de las entradas si se mueven por lo que si entra el audio, el problema es no sale por el hdmi.

He mirado el alsamixer y parece que está ok, ¿Puede ser problema del driver de la tarjeta grafica que es la que tiene la salida hdmi? El sistema está recien instalado y por defecto. La tarjeta de sonido es integrada en placa base. He Probado con una tarjeta USB sencilla y lo mismo.

Alguna idea? (El mismo equipo en windows lo hace bien.)


StreamReader Lectura Audio

Estoy realizando una consulta a un sitio web el cual me devuelve una respuesta

El problema es que la respuesta es un archivo con extensión .acc y el StreamReader que lee la respuesta esta cambiando los caracteres originales (adjunto 2 imágenes para referencia al final)

Esto se comprueba al descargar el archivo a través del navegador donde una vez descargado funciona perfectamente

Existe algún otro reader o manera de leerlo para que el archivo quede como el original?

El codigo que utilizo para obtener la respuesta es el siguiente:

        public static string RealizarPedido(string url)     {         string html = string.Empty;          HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url);         request.AutomaticDecompression = DecompressionMethods.GZip;          using (HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse())         {             using (Stream stream = response.GetResponseStream())             {                 using (StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(stream))                 {                     html = reader.ReadToEnd();                 }             }         }          return html;     } 

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí