I will do SEO Advance Audit of Your Website with Keywords research and Optimizations for $12

I will do an advanced SEO audit to highlight all of your website technical SEO errors with the following. Technical Issues – including indexing, nofollow, bad header tags, load speeds, security and more.Structure Issues – including bad internal links, redirects, canonical errors, redirect loops, and moreContent Issues – including thin content, duplicate content, poor keyword optimization, and moreYou’ll receive a thorough report, detailing the issues and problems that need to be fixe. Solution and optimization: I will also optimize your website on-page SEO including the following details. Keywords researchmeta title and descriptionsSitemap XMLrebots.txt for googleGoogle search console and analytics integration

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SharePoint Audit Log Help

I’m trying to understand how to read my SharePoint audit log. We had someone change the permission of a specific group on a folder. When I pull the audit log it shows that the folder permission was updated “Security Role Bind Update) but it doesn’t show how it was updated. Several people over the last 90 days have updated permissions on the folder and we’re trying to specifically find the user who updated the specific group and changed it from contribute to view only, but I don’t see a way to find that information. Is that possible?

SEO Audit And Report In Couple Of Hours for $20

I have been in the freelancing for more than 4 years with experiences of the following skill set: 1. SEO Search Engine Optimization Audit > 2.2 Years 2. Lead Generation and List Building > 2 Years Being a Top Rated freelancer on Up Work since I started, shows the quality and accuracy of my work. I have been working with various companies since then and some of them are: 1. Silicon Valley based company called Dynamic Signals California 2. Digital Marketing Labs California 3. Apres.IO California 4. Professional Insurance Experts Texas And many more individual clients and companies around the globe. I love to build long term work relationship with my clients. I did kick off my freelancing career with Professional Insurance Experts LLC and till date I have been working with them. For your reference you are most welcome to visit my profile on Up Work: https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/users/_~01176685d7bb1ecb65/ Don’t forget to check the reviews from various clients. What I CAN DO FOR YOU IS: 1. Loading Speed Of WEBSITE in Real Time 2. Indexing and crawlability Resources with 4xx status code Resources with 5xx status code Resources restricted from indexing 404 page set up correctly robots.txt file .xml sitemap 3. Redirects Fixed www and non-www versions Issues with HTTP/HTTPS site versions Pages with 302 redirect Pages with 301 redirect Pages with long redirect chains Pages with meta refresh Pages with rel=”canonical” 4. Encoding and technical factors Mobile friendly HTTPS pages with mixed content issues Pages with multiple canonical URLs Pages with Frames Pages with W3C HTML errors and warnings Pages with W3C CSS errors and warnings Too big pages 5. URLs Dynamic URLs Too long URLs 6. Links Broken links Pages with excessive number of links Dofollow external links 7. Images Broken images Empty alt text 8. On-page Empty title tags Duplicate titles Too long titles Empty meta description Duplicate meta descriptions Too long meta description 9. Localization Language Versions Pages with hreflang elements Incorrect language codes Invalid URLs Missing return links Conflicting hreflang elements Non-canonical pages with hreflang elements Missing “x-default” values Incomplete hreflang values

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SEO audit and provide you an action plan for top rankings for $35

Are you facing SEO rankings Issues or Your website is performing poorly? Then I will do Complete SEO Audit of your website for instant rankings on Search Engines. Moreover, I will provide you an action plan for your website to grow instantly. Things That will be Included in Report: H1,H2 TagsWebsite SpeedWebsite performanceTitle of your SiteMeta DescriptionRobots.txtLink Building ProfileIrrelevant InformationURLs StructureRecommended Plugins Why Choose Me? Only Quality WorkClient Satisfaction 100%Proper SEO Audit Report and Action Plan24/7 Support Bonus: SEO Guide Hit the Order Button to start growing organically.

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i’ll do SEO audit and error report in profetionaly for $20

Boost your Website Improve your rankings Traffic Increase Get a detailed report on what changes you need to improve your site rankings. I will report on search engine optimization,site errors,duplicate content, broken url, and more and show you how to fix any errors I find I will… Check your onsite and offsite seo and tell if you if you are at risk of getting hit by Google algorithm updates Show you how to optimize your site and strategy to avoid any penalties and to get the best results. Give you a long term plan that will help you to rank your site and to boost your traffic. This report includes Site audit Report any errors and show you how to fix them SEO Action plan to rank your site Is your website Performing? NO? Do you want to Get the Best Ranking POSSIBLE and DRIVE more Traffic to your Site? YES? Before You start Link building and promoting your website its important to make sure the Foundations are in place otherwise google will penalize your site from the off! Not having important SEO elements can be the difference between first page results and disappearing, nowhere to be seen! This service is a COMPLETE SEO audit, analysis, report for new websites and established websites with custom instructions to fix all errors and dramatically increase ranking. The purpose of this document is to identify potential areas for improvement within your website, If implemented will produce MASSIVE results: We will review the main aspects of your site, PIN POINT the elements LOSING you traffic and SEO ranking. Every section of your site will be examined, discussed and feedback provided At the very end, we provide an overall scorecard & Analysis/Report of your site, and the actions you may wish to undertake to improve or enhance your site.

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ahrefs audit shows 80% site with error.

Hello friends,

I want to know something.

Few days back i bought ahrefs and yesterday i did audit of my website.

And in audit, it says 80% of my pages has no proper on page seo, I mean all pages are fine, but their was

issue with categories and tags. And i have to write tag name in title, then write 300 words description for the tag and give meta description and again write that tag in keywords. (in yoast).

I hope you understand what i want to say.

So, should i have to do that thing to…

ahrefs audit shows 80% site with error.

Is it ok and useful to keep a security audit report after completing an audit?

I recently ran a couple of security audits for some friends, and was thinking about doing some more. Before I do though, I wanted to know whether I should keep the audit reports and, if so, how? I understand that it’s insecure to keep it, but at the same time, what happens if the client loses the files/report and needs new copies?