How many lenght of stay do I need to put in my arrival card in Australia?

so I’ll be going to Australia by next month to study. A few months ago I got my Australian Student visa granted until 2023 which is 4 years

However I just see the sample of arrival card it says your intended length to stay in Australia

I plan to going back to my country when I finish my Foundation studies there estimately 1 year and coming back to Australia again to continue for the next course

However Im confused as wether to write 1 year or 4 years in my arrival card ? Can someone help me ? Thanks

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American TSA locks in Australia

I’m about to travel through Australia, and I’d like to use my American TSA-openable locks on my luggage. I’m not sure if I should, though, or if I’m just inviting Australian authorities to damage my luggage in order to inspect it. (I’m travelling from Papua New Guinea back to the USA via Australia.)

On my journey here, I put these locks on my suitcases, and when I transited through the Philippines, I discovered later that the Philippine airport staff had intentionally cut through part of the zippers on a suitcase in order to get around the lock and inspect the contents. Thankfully, I can still lock it via a part of the zippers that weren’t designed to be used that way, but if my suitcase has to be opened by force again, it will become impossible to even twist-tie shut, and thus effectively unusable. I’d like to avoid this happening, especially since my trans-Pacific flight would happen after such an incident.

I suppose there’s an additional consideration if the PNG airport security people decide to inspect the bag before it goes anywhere.

Should I, then, lock the suitcase? Or should I just twist-tie it shut, and hope no one in PNG (or elsewhere) decides to pilfer things from it?

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Can I still travel to Australia for a holiday on my TSS 482 visa?

I have an Indian passport and a TSS 482 visa approved for myself and my wife to work in Australia for my sponsoring company. However, I would not be joining my sponsoring company in Australia as I have got another job offer in US.

Can I & my wife still travel to Australia on TSS 482 visa for a holiday/vacation and come back without having to start employment there?

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[ Other – Australia ] Open Question : Do Australians feel hard done by that Miss Universe has been crowned for the Philippines even though she is half Australian?

Catriona Gray has just won Miss Universe and the title went to the Philippines even though Miss Gray was born in Australia, grew up there and has an Australian dad. The Philippines are mad about beauty pageants though, 1 in 3 people in the country watched the final! I don’t know what the opinion of these kind of pageants are in Australia but in the UK they are generally frowned upon and deemed demeaning for women.