Visa for dual Australian citizen child to visit Australia

I would like to visit Australia with my daughter. I am not an Australian citizen, but my daughter is a dual citizen, Australian and Ecuadorian. However, she has never had an Australian passport. Her father lives in Australia. Last time we went to Australia she was not an Australian citizen yet so she was included in my visa. Can I do the same this time? Or what kind of visa does she need?

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Penalty notice for speed limit violation in Australia while I am Indian citizen

We hired rented cars in Australia during our visit as a tourist there. After 3 months of coming back we received a penalty reminder notices of same day, same highway for exceeding speeding limit. My speed was 66Km ( while limit was 60kmph). Two notices are within a duration of 1 hour. The total amount is 226 AuD each. I am in India now & as such don’t have any plans to visit Australia in near future but I visit other countries. I need to know how it will impact if I don’t pay the fine and is there a possibility of waiver of this fine?

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Duty on items bought in Australia

I was wondering if you buy an item in Australia and then travel overseas with it, when you are returning back to australia do you have to pay tax on it if the items are worth more than 900$ limit? If i travel with my laptop, mobile and camera (easily worth more than 1000$ ) that i bought in Australia (used items), do i have to pay GST or duty again when i am coming back to Australia with them? What about the items that i bought in Australia and claimed TRS on it but used it overseas and then travelling back with it (now worth less than 1000$ ?) Thanks.

Do I need a transit visa in Australia [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Does an Indian citizen need a transit visa in Australia? 1 answer

I am an Indian citizen and have a visitor visa for New Zealand, multiple entry valid for one year.

I will be flying via Singapore Airlines from Auckland to Hyderabad (India) via Sydney. Would I need to get a transit visa if I have to get into Australia.