How Discord picks the author name and the url from a WordPress post?

When I haven’t setup any Open Graph Meta Tags, how the Discord picks the author name (admin) and the author url from a post?

enter image description here

I have spent several hours to find this and nothing found. I inspected the code of the post and there is nothing about the author data in the source code.

Only one place found is in feed. But I don’t think that the Discord is picking this from feed.

Anyone have an idea about th

Remove Author Links

I’m trying to remove the author pages as well as the links to the author pages on my wordpress website powered by Divi.

First, I disabled author archives and pages with the Yoast plugin.

Then, I used a short CSS snippet to disable the mouse pointer. It’s working correctly, but the balise was still existing. Meaning, the search engine bots were getting a 301 redirect when requesting the document.

So, I asked some guys on a Divi forum and they provided me the following snippet

<script>     jQuery(function($  ){         $  (".author a").attr("href", "#");     }); </script> 

So, I added it. Nevertheless, there was still a link looping on the same page. If I can see it in the source code, the googlebot can too.

Here it is in the source code

And I don’t want it to waste its ressources on looping on the same page.

So, then I tried this snippet:

<script>     jQuery(function($  ){         $  (".author a").removeAttr("href");     }); </script> 

What it looks in the source code

While in the source code it seems "ok", when I crawl the website with Screaming Frog, it still finds many /author/ pages. But when I explore the source code of the "origin" pages, I don’t find any link containing /author/ or the author name… (I flushed out the cache already)

I’ve been spending hours on this topic already. I’m open to any idea.


How to fetch Email addres of an author via ID?

I want to make an HTML form which will have an input field to fill in the ID of the user. Then I want to pass the value into a php code such that the email address associated with that user ID is displayed. However, I am new to WP and don’t know how to do it correctly.

I made a new php file in the root folder of my WP directory and put in this code and tried by browsing the file, but it didn’t work.

<?php $  field = 53; $  value = 53; function get_user_by( $  field, $  value ) { $  userdata = WP_User::get_data_by( $  field, $  value );  if ( ! $  userdata ) {     return false; }  $  user = new WP_User; $  user->init( $  userdata );  var_dump($  user); } ?> 

I searched in the web as well, but couldn’t find anything of this sort? Can someone guide me through this?

Adding Author URL to Nav Menu via Shortcode

I’m looking to add the Author URL to the Nav Menu via a shortcode.

Here’s the shortcode I registered:

add_shortcode( 'author_url', function() {     return get_author_posts_url( get_current_user_id() ); } ); 

After registering the shortcode, I tried using this plugin to add it to the nav menu:

However, the shortcode output is https//mysite.local on my localhost

Notice how it’s lacking the ‘:’ after the https.

What’s going on, and how can I fix this?


Need to limit the previous/next post links to current author editing post

I installed a plugin to be able to display a previous post / next post option in the backend, in the post edit screen. However the code does this for all posts and we really would like to build in a restriction.

I would like to restrict the links to point only to the posts made by the logged in (current) user editing his/her own post at that moment.

The code I would like to alter is this (I already added a current user variable, in case I’d need it)

add_action('admin_print_footer_scripts','amm_edit_next_prev_post_button'); function amm_edit_next_prev_post_button(){     $  screen = get_current_screen();     //echo "<pre>";     //print_r($  screen);     $  supported_types = array('page', 'post');     if( strpos($  screen->parent_file, 'edit.php') !== FALSE && in_array($  screen->id, $  supported_types) && in_array($  screen->post_type, $  supported_types) && $  screen->action != 'add'){         //Prev-Next are arranged acc. to post table so switched next to prev and prev to next         $  next_post = get_previous_post();         $  previous_post = get_next_post();         $  current_user = wp_get_current_user();         ?>             <!--<style>body{background-color:red !important}</style>-->             <script>                 if(window.jQuery) {                     jQuery(document).ready(function($  ) {                         $  (window).load(function() {                              var is_next_post_available = '<?php echo ($  next_post->ID) ? true : false ?>';                             var is_prev_post_available = '<?php echo ($  previous_post->ID) ? true : false ?>'; 

I did some researching and fond this but would be hesitant if I can combine these two ? Modify previous and next post links to current Authors Other posts

Remove author for external link data

I’ve made a page for a client, but when I paste the homepage link into Discord, it shows the page info.

It shows the Page Title, the page author, the page title again, and then the excerpt. I’d rather scrub my name from ever showing up in any meta data on the page, but even looking through dev tools, and searching for any mention of my name, or the word author, I find zero results that would indicate discord should be even finding my personal name. Has anyone had any experience with this?

can’t see information on author page that don’t have posts

I have page for each author role, but if the author doesn’t have any posts I can’t get its variables, because the loop is empty. The page returns empty, no avatar, no author name and bio.

How do I get WordPress to pull out the author variable if there are no posts?

I’m using hello elementor theme and WP User Avatar plugin.