Google Sheets auto move to next cell

I have an ID format checker that has a row of cells that can only have one specific kind of character in each cell, and then all characters are compiled in order into another cell to create the correct ID#. If an incorrect character is entered, it highlights the cell yellow to indicate it’s incorrect. I want to be able to type a character into the first cell and it automatically tab over to the next cell. So let’s say I type the number “3” into cell A2. Instead of having to press tab or the right arrow key, I want it to automatically make the next cell to the right the active cell. So if I type “G” into cell A2, the next time I type a character it goes into B2, and then next time I type a character it goes into C3, so on and so forth.

Any suggestions?

Here’s a copy of the sheet I’m using.

Implementation of auto refresh all for excel file in sharepoint

i have excel file stored in sharepont. Excel has power query connection to remote db. My goal is to setup automatic refresh of query connction in order to have up to date date in excel.

Googling for solution gave me an idea of creating vbs script and setting up regular task with task scheduler. I found following code here

Set xl = CreateObject("Excel.Application") set wb =" sites/IT/Shared%20Documents/ITTicketsSummary.xlsx") xl.DisplayAlerts = False WScript.Sleep 1000 wb.RefreshAll wb.Save wb.Close xl.Quit 

But file was not refreshed in my case. I supposed that i need to checkout file first, cause it required by my sharepoint.

Found this example for checking out in docs:

filePath = "" Set xl = CreateObject("Excel.Application") set wb =  If xl.WorkBooks.CanCheckOut(filePath) = True Then   xl.WorkBooks.CheckOut filePath  MsgBox "CheckOut success!"   Else   MsgBox "Unable to check out this document at this time."   End If  

But got message “Unable to check out this document at this time.” Please suggest steps to debug connection issue, or any alternatives to achieve my goal.

Also while looking for solution, found several similar cases implemented with powershell script. As i’m very new in sharepoint related scripting would be glad to hear if powershell is probably better choise for my task.

Do users use their arrow keys to cycle through auto complete search results?

I’m working on a webapp/site that allows users to sign up to training courses that is aimed at the construction industry.

The main users of the website are self employed tradesman and office admins who will be booking staff onto training on their behalf.

The search input on the site has autocomplete functionality and I want to know if it’s necessary to allow users to cycle through the suggested results using their up and down arrow keys and hitting enter to select that result?

I feel like the majority of on site tradesmen will be using handheld devices and that office admins will likely use their mouse rather than using shortcuts and the arrow keys – meaning that it’s potentially unnecessary.

Is there any evidence out there that suggests it’s worth having this functionality enabled?


Auto date cell when opposite cell is populated – problem with script

This question has been asked here and I’m posting a new post because I couldn’t figure out how to reply to that one. I installed the script and saved it but no date appears in my sheet when I insert new data. I never used scripts before. When I run the script in the script editor I get an error at line 7 where it says: “var eventRange = event.range;”, saying: “TypeError: Cannot read property “range” from undefined”. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Create an auto deleting folder

I download a lot of PDFs, jpegs, PNG etc that are only needed for a few hours. Is there a way to make a folder which allows me to access the items but periodically self deletes (sends everything to the trash folder) or tag them in such a way that individual files will delete themselves after a given time limit?

Auto date insert when opposite cell is populated in different columns – only if in a particular sheet in a document

I found this solution to autoinclude the date in a column when another one is modified and it works great. Auto date insert when opposite cell is populated

What Im looking to do is: 1) To modify this to get it to execute only in one of the sheets of my document. 2) Even better, have it triggered in different sheets by modifying different columns and including the date also in a different column.

I have tried but not gotten very far… any help would be awesome

Original code:

function onEdit(event) { var eventRange = event.range; if (eventRange.getColumn() == 4) { // 4 == column D var columnARange = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet().getRange(eventRange.getRow(), 1, eventRange.getNumRows(), 1); var values = columnARange.getValues(); for (var i = 0; i < values.length; i++) { values[i][0] = new Date(); } columnARange.setValues(values); } }

Do perception checks to locate Invisible / Hiding creatures auto fail?

The Invisibility condition states:

For the purpose of Hiding, the creature is heavily obscured.

Rules for The Environment state:

A heavily obscured area—such as Darkness, opaque fog, or dense foliage—blocks vision entirely. A creature effectively suffers from the Blinded condition (see Conditions ) when trying to see something in that area.

The Blinded condition states:

A blinded creature can’t see and automatically fails any ability check that requires sight.

A group of 3 characters is under the effects of Great Invisibility and takes the Hide action. Within a minute later, a group of hostile npcs (who do not have any abilities above darkvision and hearing) enters the area. Do they automatically fail all perception checks (thereby granting the invisible party a surprise round)?

Why are ISO settings not available/grayed out on Nikon 5100 in auto mode?

I have a Nikon 5100 and the option to change the ISO settings on Auto mode isn’t available. The option is grayed out and it’s stuck on auto. The ability to change ISO setting is only available when your in P, S, A or M mode. Does anyone know how to change it so that I have ISO control in auto mode as well?