Auto populate a lookup field with multiple entries after selecting multiple entries from a lookup

Please excuse me for the vaugness, required due to the type of work.

I have a list that indicates upcoming work on various items. When the work is finished on those items, drawings need updated. As it is, I have the items showing the date that the work is finished and a lookup that lists the various work numbers being performed on that item. The work being performed affects various drawings, so I have another lookup that looks up all the drawings. I want the first lookup for the work numbers to cascade to the drawings lookup, so that when I select the work numbers, only the drawings that are affected will auto populate. I do not have access to InfoPath or SPD (my company restricted that). So, all I can do is put script in a webpart. Any ideas?

I have found script that works when the first lookup is just one item, it will then show only the items that apply in the next lookup. I can’t seem to find anything that will let me select multiple items in the first lookup and display all applicable items in the second.

The suggestions for how to extend the Xamarin native apps to support Carplay and Android Auto

We are planning to extend (upgrade) our current Xamarin.iOS / Xamarin.Android app to support Carplay and Android Auto.

The existing app is mobile parking and navigation app which is developed with Xamarin.iOS and Android.

Can anyone with the experience to suggest the basic strategy and approach regarding the upgrade (extend) the app to support Carplay and Android Auto? The team hopes to continue Xamarin platform (either Xamarin.iOS/Android or Xamarin.Forms) as we all love Xamarin.

Any ideas are very welcome and appreciated.

Ubuntu show grub boot menu and do not auto boot?

I have the issue where every time I boot up my laptop it shows the boot menu and I have to choose that I want to use Ubuntu. I have searched the web and found that others have the same issue, however the solutions that has worked for them where they set the timer to 0 do not work for me.

What I have tried:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub GRUB_TIMEOUT=0 

Then i ran sudo update-grub.

I still have the issue. I run a fresh installation of Ubuntu 18.04.2

Auto footer copyright year with Javascript

I have seen this done with PHP before and have done it myself with PHP. But I realized why not use JavaScript. It's very simple.

(function (){ var date=new Date(); if(document.querySelector("#auto-year-update")!==null){ document.querySelector("#auto-year-update").innerText=date.getFullYear(); } })();
Code (JavaScript):

With this code we would just need to replace the year 2019 with a <span id="auto-year-update"></span> which will then be populated with the current year.

[GET] – Scrapes – Automatic web content crawler and auto post plugin for WordPress v1.4.3


[GET] – Scrapes – Automatic web content crawler and auto post plugin for WordPress v1.4.3

FLYNAX Auto Classifieds – Latest version plus add-ons (Stripe/Facebook/Coupons)

I purchased this script for a project but didn't end up using it. Would like to sell to recover some of the losses. Asking $ 100. Comes with the Stripe add-on, the Facebook Connect add-on and the Coupon add-on. Also comes with a bunch of plugins that I will have to email to you once you have made the purchase.