What may be the reason for unnecessary internet data consumption by Ubuntu 18.04 OS even automatic update is stopped?

In my laptop I installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS OS as a dual boot OS alongside of Microsoft Windows 10 OS. I stopped the automatic update process. Normally I connecting my laptop with mobile tethering based Wi-Fi hotspot. Recently my laptop consumes more than 1 GB of internet data within few minutes when connecting it without doing any internet access process by manually with frequently. So I tried USB tethering also and I faced same problem. What may be the reasonable causes for my problem and how to resolve it. Guide me to resolve my problem. Thanks in advance.

PDF fixed vs automatic column width

I have a document (a report) with a table structure. It can be exported to PDF. I want to ask, what is better from the UX point of view?

a) Fixed column widths. Pros: all documents have the same visual structure. Cons: non-efficient usage of space, some cells become multi-line, longer PDF document

b) Adaptive column widths based on length of text in each column. Pros: each document separately looks better, more efficient usage of space. Cons: documents of the same type have different widths of columns. If I print PDFs with March and April reports to paper and put them side by side, their structure might be slightly different.


Automatic price change on daily basis in magento 2

We have a client site who is having gold jewelery magento shop. In that the jewel prices are daily changing,so he have to update each jewel items price often.

(The logic we have here is 1 gram price today is Rs. 2800 and tomorrow it may became RS. 2920 and client is selling 10 gram item as one jewel and 18 gram item as one jewel and so on, so he have to update the price daily for each jewel item based on its weight).

What we are doing now is having a script that checks and updates price daily based on one input field value from admin config section and cron job.

But what i am looking for is(Well truly its not me, but clients wants better than this solution) a way to automatic price change as like % price based on one gram value(Which can be updated by admin daily in configuration section as like now) daily basis. Is there anyway in magento for this? Please advice me any free extension or code.

Automatic zipping and archival of older logs

As my disk space is less , i would need to zip and archive the logs in another directory which are older than 30 days.

Can someone please modify the below command to zip the 30 days older files and move it to destination folder.

find . -name ‘server.log*’ -mtime +30 -exec zip -r /home/user/Logs/ /opt/apps/log {} \;

where server.log is a log file and there will be many logs with datestamp attached like this server.log_290719. /home/user/Logs is destination folder and /opt/apps/log is source folder.

When do you have enough automatic testing to be confident in your continuous integration pipeline?

Continuous integration with testing is useful for making sure that you have “shippable” code checked in all the time.

However, it is really difficult to keep up a comprehensive suite of tests and often, it feels like the build is going to be buggy anyways.

How much tests should you have to feel confident in your CI pipeline testing? Do you use some sort of metric to decide when there is enough tests?

Find out reason for automatic break

Soon after I press the Play button, the Unity break button automatically gets activated: Unity gets into Pause mode:

enter image description here

I have attached the Unity debugger to my C# code, but Visual Studio doesn’t break.

How could I find out the reason why Unity goes into Break mode?

Thank you!

Edit: Per request, here is the button before pressing Play:

enter image description here

And here is what the console looks like after the error occured:

enter image description here

[GET] – Scrapes – Automatic web content crawler and auto post plugin for WordPress v1.4.3


[GET] – Scrapes – Automatic web content crawler and auto post plugin for WordPress v1.4.3

There are no automatic redirection with paypal/rest-api-sdk-php

Implementing paypal in my laravel 5.8 app
and looking at the code snippet :
I do not seer which is returns valid format?
here https://developer.paypal.com/docs/integration/direct/payments/paypal-payments/#create-paypal-payment
I found that redirect_urls must be used , so my button definition is :

Code (markup):

There are no automatic redirection with paypal/rest-api-sdk-php