Automatic box uncheck in posting after an hour or more

I have a post that when I want to publish it on the homepage so it’s a stick post via meta_tag.

But to remove this post from meta_key I need to go back to the post to manually wet the checkbox.

Is there any other way for this checkbox to go off automatically after it’s done an hour through function?

Example I have the ‘News-latest’ checkbox ID and meta_key => ‘The latest news’ after one hour of checkbox or ‘news-latest’ metakey to be automatically uncheck by the post in metakey.

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Can a Rogue exploit a tiny familiar for automatic Sneak Attack in melee?

A Rogue’s Sneak Attack can be triggered “if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it”. As discussed here, such another enemy may also be a familiar, and the Sage Advice Compendium seems to confirm this (even though I am a bit confused that it does not emphasize the fact that the familiar qualifies as “another enemy”, but rather that it is “an allied creature”).

While it hardly makes sense in view of the narrative behind a Sneak Attack, this technically means that a spider familiar located in some reasonably safe spot on a Rogue’s body lets them always use their Sneak Attack in melee. Using the Cunning Action to Disengage, the Rogue can immediately retreat, taking the familiar with them and thus taking it out of immediate danger.

Am I missing something? What’s the catch? How can a DM deal with that apart from flat out prohibiting it?

Mongodb automatic Replica Set creation with JS driver

The MongoDB docs state that one can use the mongo client console to initialize replica sets by running rs.initiate([config]). However, I don’t want to have to manually use the command line for this. There is a driver method called Admin.command in the docs but I don’t know how that would work here. How do I automate configuring replica sets using the MongoDB JS driver?

I have a js script that initializes my database installation by creating the data folder and automatically setting up users for access control. I want it to also configure the replica set so the database is completely ready to use after running it. I’m using MongoDB 4.2.1 and driver version 3.3.

Automatic firearms and Attacks of Opportunity

In Rasputin Must Die! from the Reign Of Winter Adventure path, we are introduced to Automatic Fiream rules. Of interest to this question are the following lines from the relevant text on Automatic Weapons:

A weapon with the automatic weapon quality fires a burst of bullets with a single pull of the trigger, attacking all creatures in a line. This line starts from any corner of your space and extends to the limit of the weapon’s range or until it strikes a barrier it cannot penetrate.


An automatic weapon cannot fire single bullets that target one creature.

One person could, in theory, have an automatic firearm to which they could apply the Snap Shot feat.

What happens when someone makes an AoO using such a weapon?

As far as I can tell, one person can get a whole line of people to suffer the AOO along with them, but this seems strange. Though I admit that automatic weapons were probably not written with Snap Shot and the like in mind.

Automatic firearm rules

Does canceling update operation perform automatic rollback

I ran into a bit of confusion. I’m under the belief that database operations are automatic – that is either the query succeeds or the transaction is automatically rolledback. For example – if you have a long running UPDATE statement and you “cancel” it before it finishes – IE clicking red circle X button in SQL Developer (which you should receive a ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation error). Upon canceling the query the query is rolled back and no rows were affected. I believe the same should hold true for DELETE statements.

I looked around for some documentation on it and I found this article that really isn’t authoritative.

Automatic Email a Data

One of my website has php page which actually functioning for tracking of my website data now this functionality leads me to very heavy database space in around mbs in just week so i wanted to implement an automatic email the entire data to specific email id and clearing of that particular related tables.

please suggest me good lead for this.

Thanks in advanced.

Automatic planning publication OOTB – Is that possible?

I’m on Sharepoint 2013 and I would like to create a workflow for schedules. The idea would be that a private planning would be created every Monday, that only one group could modify it during the week. Then this schedule should be published on Friday to be visible to other groups.

The question seems pretty simple but I’ve some restrictions : – I can’t have admin rights for Sharepoint or the SP server. – I only have access to the web interface, I can’t use Sharepoint Designer or any apps outside the browser.

Do you think that’s possible? Or I can’t because of these restrictions ? In that case, do you have any suggestions for doing something like that?

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