Wireguard is working but not available system wide

I have wireguard working on a Raspberry Pi 2 running Ubuntu 18.04. Evidence: nmon and ifconfig show the data passing over wireguard and the WAN IP matches that of the Wireguard server ( wget http://ipinfo.io/ip -qO – )


I want to be able to use Wireguard across my network. I have set net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 in /etc/sysctl.conf

Maybe I’m looking at this too simplistically but I assumed I would be able to use the Pi IP, as a gateway, on other devices on my network, to access Wireguard – but that doesn’t work. So, how should I proceed?

Would like to see this: Hardware -> Available Drivers

Notes on this site suggest that I can see a list of all hardware + avaliable drivers in software manager under additional drivers. I only see broadcom wifi+ some drivers. Where are the other drivers, such as display?. I have a dell Inspiron 9400, 32 bit. I just installed Ubuntu 16.04 and ugraded to 18.04. I have a ati mobility radeon x1400 and I am interested in testing drivers other than the default. I also have a usb 1200 dual band A/C adapter. I want to add a driver to that as well.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

My Aloha, in advance…

Why does 18.04 LVM default to 4GB despite more space available?

I’ve just noticed that a default install of Ubuntu 18.04 with LVM results in only 4GB of space allocated for the root partition, and the rest of the 500GB drive is left un-used. I find this goes against the principle of least surprise, I expected ubuntu to use the whole drive or to ask how much to use like 16.04 did.

Why wasn’t it provisioned with more space? Is this a bug? I’ve googled but couldn’t find anything other than this: Ubuntu Server 18.04 LVM out of space with improper default partitioning

It talks about how to fix it – and I have fixed it – but I don’t understand why 18.04 defaults to such a small root partition with LVM?

Thanks in advance!

How to make digital content available for Roll20 for an adventure you published on DMsGuild?

Recently, I emailed Roll20 about optimizing an adventure for their platform so it can be released both on DMsGuild and Roll20.

Roll20 replied that they are very interested in having DMsGuild content on their platform.

However, DMsGuild states that if you publish an adventure on DMsGuild platform that you are unable to sell the adventure anywhere else.

To prevent breaking that rule, you might consider giving your digital content away for free on Roll20 – but I received an email from Roll20 that states that they do not allow digital content to be given away free – you must charge for it at a minimum of $ 4.95 (and they get a percentage of that.)

To avoid breaking the DMsGuild rule of not selling your adventure anywhere else, you might then consider creating just a digital bundle to sell on Roll20 which only has the digital assets (not the whole adventure) – but I received an email from Roll20 which states that they only want to have “complete adventures” on their platform.

These seem to be irreconcilable requirements: either you put something on DMsGuild and nothing can be made available on Roll20 or you put something on Roll20 and nothing can be on DMsGuild.

We emailed Roll20 about this and they said to contact DMsGuild about it. This didn’t seem like a viable solution as DMsGuild is unlikely to change their requirement about selling on other platforms.

Has anyone figured out how to release an adventure on DMsGuild and also provide digital content for Roll20? Has any previously published adventure accomplished this?

We are simply trying to make it easy for the people who buy the adventure and have digital content to play it on Roll20. We wanted it to be free but if Roll20 wants to charge that’s fine too. This scenario seems so common and so simply in the interest of Roll20’s platform that it seems like there would be a path to make it possible.

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How to create folders to use icons already available with set icon?

I installed the Papirus theme on Xubuntu. My Desktop, Music, Video, and other home folders have their own icons set automatically when changing the theme.

Looking through the icons folder, where I installed Papirus, I can see there’s a folder icon for development. Is there a way I can make is so that it is used for the folder I create, automatically? If not, how can I make it be used for the development folder? Thanks!