How to present Actions (eg. CRUD) buttons without taking focus away from main content?

I am looking for a way to present Actions (eg. CRUD) buttons while not taking focus away from main content. It’ll be great to see examples of good application design (I am doing a web app (probably with a mobile site later), but desktop/mobile app examples will be good too)

I think below is one way (quite “standard”)

But suppose I have a smaller width or perhaps got many buttons to add, some with longer labels, maybe I have to develop for mobile devices how can I present the buttons.

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From how far away can an illusion be investigated?

Question: At what distance is one able to investigate objects and/or their surroundings with the intent of identifying/finding illusions?

Context: The party is in a cliché illusion-filled dungeon. They know there could be illusions around, but aren’t particularly skilled in INT or Investigation. When it’s important, and they want to check before a big move, or in a pressured situation like combat, how far away can they expect to detect an illusion?

Specifics: The illusions are all being made via Major Image by a bunch of Level 13 casters with 20 INT, so the DC is (8+5+5) = 18. They are being cast at level 6 so they are “permanent.” All illusions were set up before the party arrived, and all enemy casters are elsewhere, thus they have no knowledge of where illusions may or may not be. Assume the rooms/halls are all well-lit, and the party is otherwise unhindered by curses/spells/effects. The party’s best Passive Investigation is too low to spot the illusions, even with advantage, thus requiring manual checks and crossed fingers.

Two cases to consider:

  1. The party see an object/creature at XXXX feet away. They wonder if it’s an illusion, so they Investigate it. At what distance is this check reasonably possible, and at what distance would the DM be fair in responding to any roll with “You don’t see anything abnormal about it from here”?

  2. The party is in an endless, straight hallway. They think the floor or walls may have a passage or pit concealed by an illusion, so they investigate. There is no object they’re checking in detail; just a “search” of the surrounding area’s walls and floors. If it was within 5′ of them, and they rolled well, it seems unarguable they’d spot it. At what distance is this not going to benefit them?

Expectation: Looking for a RAW answer, but I’m assuming there isn’t one. Therefore an educated suggestion, perhaps based on existing mechanics or similar activities, will work in the absence of RAW. Also, in addition to “how far can it work,” it may also be “how far does it work without disadvantage, and then how far with disadvantage?”

Considerations: In terms of non-RAW, I had considered using a 60′ limit, based on the ability of those with Darkvision to see their best within 60′ of themselves. Darkness is NOT a factor for this question, but it’s an example of using a sight-based precedent.

Please Avoid: This is not a question of good DM etiquette. By this I mean that, if the party were thinking the hallway had secret traps/passages, and the illusion is actually 200′ away, a good DM would likely allow them to travel carefully, checking as they went, and they’d potentially spot it before they plummeted into it or passed a corridor. No “gotcha” involved. They could also do cool tricks like rolling ball bearings down the endless hallway [for some distance, not important to this question] and seeing if it fell in a hole. But this question is for technicality – suppose the wizard wants to Dimension Door down this endless, uniform hallway 500′, and that just so happens to be exactly where the pit trap is. Then it matters. That’s the intent behind asking the question. You may assume the players are given every opportunity to be successful without nit-picking.

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Can mage hand be used to trip an enemy who is running away?

How should I rule if my player is attempting to grab hold of the ankle of a humanoid creature that is running away? Would it change anything if the hand was positioned in front of the creature, and as said creature runs past, the hand reaches up and trips it? I know that mage hand can only lift 5 pounds, but would that be enough to trip a medium sized creature?

`MySQL server has gone away` during long running cron

I have a series of stock importers, all of which run of mostly the same code, each with a few tweaks, with regards to how they fetch their stock data from different suppliers.

These all run off cron, however I’m running into issues with one of them – it fetches it’s data by API which is rate limited to 1 req/s, because of this the data fetching takes about 15 minute. After this, it attempts to get the size of a previously fetched product collection, for logging purposes. At this point the process crashes out with a 2006 MySQL server has gone away error.

I’ve tried increasing various timeouts and changing some mysql settings to no avail, e.g.

        ini_set('mysql.connect_timeout', 14400);         ini_set('default_socket_timeout', 14400);         ini_set('mysql.allow_persistent', 1); 

I’ve been talking to the server hosting company who insist it’s a code issue, but it still feels like some form of timeout.

What settings should I be looking into? It always crashes out at the same point if data is fully fetched – if I modify the script to test, e.g. by using dummy data instead of taking the time to fetch it from the supplier, no SQL error occurs.

Vibrate only when I’m away

Is there an option or app where I can set that my phone only vibrates for notificaciones if I haven’t used my phone in the last 5 or 10 minutes, but if not just be silent. I don’t to miss my notifications but when I’m with the phone I don’t want that it vibrates meaningless. I’m running Nougat.

Facebook changing owners does it take away credit card info associated?

My boss set up all kinds of pages for our different programs at our nonprofit, through her personal page, meaning she logged into her personal page then created new pages. When she put in a credit card for ads for the programs it linked the biz credit card to her personal Facebook page. Anything she can do?

Also if we give ownership of one of our pages to another nonprofit will it remove the credit card stored? The biz credit card is linked to each page she created. If she clicks deactivate ad account on one will it deactivate all and if the new owner decides to reactivate the ad account does it still have the old credit card in there or does it start anew with new CC information needing to be added?