Azure CDN from Verizon Premium HTTP to HTTPS redirect

I have created an Azure CDN endpoint (like using Verizon Premium Pricing Tier.

I want to create a rule to redirect to the HTTPS protocol (like whenever a user uses the HTTP protocol (like

How can I achieve this using the rules engine of Azure CDN from Verizon Premium?

Does Azure Mariadb/Mysql data-in replication support certificate chains?

I would like to migrate from AWS RDS Mysql to Azure Mariadb managed database.

For this purpose, I would set up data-in replication using TLS, roughly following the provided guide.

AWS provides certificate chains, for RDS servers. Does Azure data-in replication support certificate chains?

Using Google Sheets to show Azure Analysis Services data

We normally show data from Analysis Services and Tabulars in Excel. I have been doing this for years.

However, I am currently in a situation where the spreadsheet of choice is Google Sheets, and the data is in Azure Analysis Services. MS Office isn’t really an available option here.

Is there a way for me to use Google Sheets to show Azure Analysis Services data in pivot form like we used to in Excel?

Can I make a short-lived readonly snapshot for reporting in Azure SQL DB?

I have an Azure SQL DB (OLTP), that is under considerable load, let’s call it AppDB. AppDB is transactionally consistent, but new rows are written to it constantly. Now I need to populate ReportingDB based on AppDB state every 30 minutes. Reporting population job runs several moderately big queries against AppDB, those queries, unfortunately, can’t be wrapped in a transaction but still have to all run on consistent data. That is, I can’t have situation Query 1 runs=> new rows inserted into AppDB => Query 2 runs. All my queries have to see data the way it was when Query 1 started.

I was hoping I can use Snapshots to create a read-only snapshot for Reporting job to use. From description, creation of such a snapshot should be fast and subsequent "copy on write" performance hit should be manageable. Snapshots lifetime would be under 10 minutes on average.

But now it looks like Azure SQL does not support CREATE DATABASE ... AS SNAPSHOT OF ..., it only supports CREATE DATABASE ... AS COPY OF ..., which I expect to be a lot slower (probably not meant to be used for reporting snapshot).

What would be a good way to create quick and short-lived read-only snapshots for reporting in Azure SQL DB?

P.S. We have considered replication, but it is not an option for us at the moment due to policy limitations.

How can I create a temp table from a SELECT in Azure Synapse

I have the following statement that works when I omit the ORDER BY Clause or if I run it as a select and omit the create table part but I need both to ensure my generated key is sequenced correctly

Any ideas?

Msg 104381, Level 16, State 1, Line 18 The ORDER BY clause is invalid in views, CREATE TABLE AS SELECT, INSERT SELECT, SELECT INTO, inline functions, derived tables, subqueries, and common table expressions, unless TOP or FOR XML is also specified.

CREATE TABLE #demo WITH (DISTRIBUTION = ROUND_ROBIN) AS SELECT         ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY (SELECT NULL)) AS ID, as [schema], as [table],         columns.column_id as [ordinal], as [column], as [type] FROM SYS.COLUMNS   inner join sys.types           on  types.system_type_id = columns.system_type_id   inner join sys.tables           on  tables.object_id = columns.object_id   inner join sys.schemas           on  schemas.schema_id = tables.schema_id order by,,         columns.column_id  

Azure SQL Database – dedicated administrator connection (DAC)

If you check the setting in any of your Azure SQL databases, you will see that the value_in_use column value is zero for Remote admin connections. Meaning ‘Remote admin connections’ are not allowed from remote clients. There is no way to change that at the time of writing this question. sp_configure is not available for Azure SQL Database.

SELECT * FROM sys.configurations WHERE NAME = 'remote admin connections' ORDER BY NAME; 

Does that mean Remote admin connections are not allowed for Azure SQL Databases?