How to determine the sex of an unborn baby?

Note: The subject of this question may be sensitive to some readers, so I request answers to be tactful and stay strictly in the scope and context of Dungeons & Dragons RPG.

We have a human female NPC who is pregnant in our campaign. Most importantly we’d like to find out the sex of the baby. Other stuff like, is it twins/triplets, is the father who we think it is (a human too), and what the "race" of the baby is (I mean, it could be a tiefling even if both parents are human), is of course a bonus.

What methods (probably spells and magic items, maybe a medicine check somehow) are available in the official books?

I’ve been thinking of an (ab)use of Locate Creature spell, but it seems a bit iffy to consider an unborn baby boy/girl as "the nearest creature of a specific kind (such as a human or a unicorn)"

True Polymorph and Centaurs: How to make a Pony-Dwarf baby, or something else?

Recently I was polymorphed permanently into a female Centaur and I intend to stay in my new form. I used to be a female Dwarf.

In our campaign there is a high level NPC who is a centraur who has always had a “thing” for me as we pray to the same goddess.

I was thinking of having a baby foal with the centaur, but I wondered what would likely be the result? Centaurs are already a hybrids: humanoid and monstrosity.

There is some mention of hybrid offspring in the origin of Half-Dragons from the Monsters Manual. Interestingly, the polymorphed dragon still provides Dragon lineage despite it being in a humanoid form.

In my case, would the offsprib be a baby foal Centaur, or something else? Would my Dwarven lineage still remain? So that the humanoid part is Dwarven looking maybe?

If you have run or played in a campaign in which you have had a similar situation, even if it was pert of an NPC’s storyline, I would welcome how this was handled.

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Baby monitor over wifi only, without connecting to the internet

Are there any products that are sold as baby monitors that don’t need a connection to the internet to stream audio and video on a local wifi network?

From a network security and a personal safety perspective I would rather not have an IoT device connect from my network to the internet.

I see in previous similar questions from a few years ago someone suggesting using a phone that automatically answers phone calls on skype. I do not want or need remote access, so this is not my preferred solution.

I am concerned that if I buy a product, that the only way to view the stream will be online and that it will first be uploaded to their servers, so I can’t watch locally while blocking the device’s access to the internet. Does anyone know of any commercial solutions, or if not does anyone have recommendations about how to set up a usb-camera to stream locally in a safe manner?

I want to have a bond with a baby dragon. Can I?

I just started playing D&D 5e. I am playing an Ethereal Dwarf, Paladin level 2, and my background is Haunted One. With my background, I received a broken silver dragon pendant. My harrowing event is also “A monster slaughtered hundreds of my people but spared my life.”

Now I have to still make my background which I was hoping would be related to my harrowing event and the rest like my Personality traits, Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws. I was hoping for my background to be like:

I grew up in the clan of Ungart where one day I stumbled across a dragon egg. I picked it up and brought it back to my village where me and my brother, who was 78 at the time, would take care of it. Months past and the egg hatched. We decided to name it (Not decided yet). Years passed and the dragon grew little by little each year, we were so happy, until that one day. Roaring in the distance we realized that a silver dragon had found our town. We fought it but failed. Hundreds died. Me and my brother survived but what still gets me is that the dragon looked at us in anger and turned away like it didn’t want to hurt us. I still do not know why to this day. Now I am off on my journey to bring justice to monsters who terrorize other people.

Can someone tell me if I can have a certain bond with the dragon or does this story really not work in game play?

Would there ever be a circumstance where a High Elf baby would be abandoned? [on hold]

So, I’m helping out a new player create a character, and this character is a High Elf. However, the player has created an abandonment arc, and I wanted to know if this would even be remotely possible or probable. I don’t want to have to make the player re-do all of the work they’ve already done, so I was wondering if there was any way for this to work out.

What will happened if two dragons of different color try to have a baby? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • What happens when a metallic dragon and a chromatic dragon mate? 1 answer

In all d&d books that I had on my hand, nothing mention the progeniture of two dragon of different colors (red and green, silver and gold or even red and gold). Is something say that dragon can only reproduce with a dragon of the same color?

If not, the baby will be only of one color? or an hybrid of the two color? A dragon with no power?