I’ve purchased headphones in a foreign country and declared them when coming back. Do I have to re-declare them on subsequent trips?

A few months back I’ve purchased a set of expensive headphones in the US and dutifully declared them when coming back to Canada. Now I would like to travel to the US again and carry the same headphones in my backpack. When coming back to Canada, would I need to re-declare the item as technically it wasn’t purchased in Canada? If not, how do I prove that the headphones have already been imported to Canada and I don’t need to pay duty on them any longer?

If it matters, in the first trip I’ve verbally declared that I’m carrying the headphones when re-entering Canada by car and thus didn’t have to fill out a customs declaration. I did not pay any duty as I was below the duty free limit at that time.

Traveling to Mexico via land – problem when coming back to the US?

Had planned a flight to Indonesia out of US, but plans changed and we gone to mexico instead. But I heard that when you go to mexico by land it doesn’t tells the US border system that you left the country.. which means it might say I overstayed next time I come back on my ESTA VWP visa?

I will be staying for more than 3 months in mexico and then I have a flight leaving from San Francisco, which will make me enter the US again, will I have a problem?

Redux store seems to still persist some data upon clicking back button [Firefox]

I’m pretty new to Redux and I’m working on a project where there involves some user auth and data associated with that user gets loaded after the user is verified. After the user logs out, I clear the store by doing

const rootReducer = (state, action) => {   if (action.type === USER_LOGOUT) {     state = undefined;     window.location = "somePage.jsp";   }   return appReducer(state, action); }; 

On Chrome, when I click the back button, the store doesn’t have any residual information so this works as expected.

However, on Firefox, when I click on the back button I’ve found that the store still persists some data.

Am I missing something in my steps to clearing out my store or is there a different behavior in Firefox?

Thanks for your help!

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Wifi won’t work after getting back to windows 10 from ubuntu

first,a very fresh clean install of ubuntu was completed
second,navigating into ubuntu
third,shutdown my pc and restart back to windows10 using windows boot manager

It connects then directly disconnect after 1 or 2 minutes.
After disconnecting, the device restarts itself.

I’ve tried to reinstall the driver in windows way alreay and alreay reset and restart it mutiple times.
And of course I run the troubleshooter This is drving me mad.

PC Conf: z370 i mother board with its standard wifi adapter (asus’s)

iTunes always reset the “Automatically Back Up” option to “This Computer”

So, this section of iTunes idevice option always keeps resetting to “This Computer” from “iCloud”, whenever the sync finishes / the device is reconnected.

enter image description here

Is there any guess why this is happening, even though iCloud Backup is turned on in my idevice’s settings? Any solution I can try to do?

Bringing back a character without resurrection

My player’s character has just died as the result of rolling natural 1 against assassin’s death attack.

Is another way to bring him back, without the use of resurrection or similar spells. There is a druid in the party who could cast Reincarnate, but this could end in coming back to life as a kobold or something else undesirable.

They have just gained enough experience to level up. I thought about making them gain a level of eidolon and becoming a ghost, but I am not sure how it should work.

I am aware of a ghost template, but it’s +5 level adjustment is just too big. Are there other templates or ways of turning the player into a ghost, but without adding other abilities and staying at level adjustment that would be as small as possible?

Cannot merge back space left by bootcamp

So, I uninstall Windows 10 using Bootcamp, but now I got this ‘free storage’ space that I cannot merge back again, I’ve tried everything that’s already answered in this forum for this type of questions, since booting in recovery mode to running the ‘sudo diskutil apfs resizeContainer /dev/disk0s2 0 ‘ command on the terminal

If I tried to do it in diskutility I got the following error enter image description here

And if I try to run the command to resize my partition I got the following error: enter image description here

Here’s an extra pic of my diskutil list command: enter image description here

And my diskutil enter image description here

Any suggestion ? I’m running High Sierra Version 10.13.6

Restore site without back up

First time posting In a forum so excuse me if I ramble on. Running sp2010

I run two different app pools on the same SP farm. When I’ve made changes to one site, I replicate them on the other using powershell commands “backup_spsite -identity “mysite1” -path c:\filename

Restore-spsite -identity “mysite2” -path c:\filename -dbname “mysite2DB” -FORCE

Before I did this I normally take a back up of the site that I’m writing over. I forgot this time and I have some users complaining they have lost work (despite being told which site to use)

Is there any way I can recover the site i wrote over?

Thanks in advance