Android device logged out of all google accounts and asked me to log back in

This happened to me recently and I haven’t seen it before ever. I was wondering what this is caused by, and if this is common.

I have logged into all my accounts so I don’t remember the exact phrasing of the messages, and hence I haven’t been able to search for the exact error message.

I didn’t get logged out anywhere else (e.g. my gmail tabs on my computer)

I’m on android P if that matters. Last time my phone updated was a week ago, so I think that shouldn’t have had any effect on things.

How to back up by using import/export? [on hold]

I want to do a trial run with import and export. There are procedures in the online Manual, but for me there’s a possible bomb regarding the Import process that might wreck my passwords.

Here’s my guess regarding the Export process:

  • Log in to
  • In left pane, click More Options
  • Click Advanced > Export
  • Provide the master password
  • A web page is opened with the URL:
  • A CSV file is loaded into the page

Question 1 : Do I complete the process myself by copy-paste to a CSV file on my laptop?. Or is there some automated process that I’m not seeing – such as a File Save dialog that has failed to open?

Here’s my guess regarding the Import process:

  • Log in to
  • In left pane, click More Options
  • Click Advanced > Import
  • An “Import” page is presented with 2 fields:
    • Source
    • Content

Question 2: Do I simply ignore “Source”, and copy-paste from the previous CSV file on my laptop? Or is there some automated process that I’m not seeing (the “bomb”) – such as a File Search dialog that has failed to open?


Go Back N question(netwrok)

Hello I am trying to understand the GBN protocol and I encountered the following question during my homework.

Assume that we have GBN protocol with a window size of 20. The sender sends 15 packets one after the other with seq numbers from 1-15. After that, the sender is waiting to get acks from the server (the sender doesn’t have any more info yet).

Now Firstly ack #3 arrives then ack #7 arrives and then ack #11 arrives. after that, we get a TIME-OUT.

the question is: in response to that T.O mentioned above the the sender will send —– packets

As I understand after we get the 11th ack we know that everything before has been working just fine.

But I’m getting confused with the window size and the sequence number of the messages.

Please anyone can explain and help.


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I changed my SIM card overseas and changed my number by mistake. Can revert back to my old number in WhatsApp?

Arriving in Ireland from US, I got a new SIM card with an Irish phone number. When prompted, I said yes to change my number in WhatsApp, but now no one from home can text me. Can I just use the Change my Number in WhatsApp to change it back even though the SIM card is Irish number?

How can I back up an entire MySQL Version, to be re-uploaded, in the event of a version upgrade going wrong?

I run a VPS, where I would like to upgrade the MySQL from 5.5.5 to 5.7. To achieve this, I will be looking to follow one of MySQL’s official Documentations. I would welcome any suggested articles on how to perform the full upgrade.

Naturally, I am going to want to perform a full backup of the MySQL Database beforehand. To backup a MySQL Database, I am aware that you simply head into the relevant Database’s ‘phpMyAdmin’ and then Export from there.

What I would like to be able to do is to download the entire current MySQL ‘package’ so to speak, so that if the new version causes any problems, I can simply re-upload the original working MySQL version. Is there a way this can be done?

Ideally, there would be a process akin to using FTP to backup a server’s Web Files.

System Overview

  1. OS: CentOS 6.10 (Final)‬;
  2. Product: Plesk Onyx (Version 17.8.11 Update #56);
  3. MySQL Version: 5.5.5

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Changing back the default python version to 3.7 on Ubuntu 19.04

I installed python3.5.2 on my Ubuntu 19.04 for some reason, and now I want to make the python3.7 the default for python3 command on terminal and even remove the 3.5.2 version from my system. The installation process of 3.5.2 was manual, and there is not a python3.5.2 in /usr/bin directory:

$   ls /usr/bin 

enter image description here

$   python3.7 -V Python 3.7.3  $   python3.5 -V Python 3.5.2  $   python3 -V Python 3.5.2 

Some other functionalities in the system are broken too. For example, when I use jupyter notebook it uses python3.5.2 as its kernel and it doesn’t recognize the libraries I’ve installed for the 3.7 version. So how can I restore the python version to the Ubuntu 19.04 default?