How to get back colored app headers in recent apps list?

Before, in recent apps list of my phone (Galaxy Note8), headers of apps were colored.
Now, they are all white.

I am not sure whether it was caused by transition from Nougat (7.1) to Oreo (8.0) or by a change in some Android settings. They are white for several months.

I would like to return to colored ones for faster navigation using app colors. Is it possible?

Best way to find sites in google that links back to another site (backlink checker)

How can i make this happen?

for example. 

I have a site which is and i want to search google who links to my site

perhaps ill provide anchor text?branding?naked url?root domain?

what is the best way to do this? 

it is like ahrefs a backlink checker but its a real time scraping from scrapebox?

and I can export all the backlinks to excel file and it provides the backlink lists and anchor text linked to

How to manage logged states when the user clicks back button?

Something I have had trouble understanding the technical/implementation requirements is what should happen to a user’s logged in state when they press the back button immediately after logging in (or actions that put them in a logged in state).

To align with user expectations, there should be a clear call-to-action followed by some status indicator that they are logged in. Hence one might also expect there to be a clearly defined interaction if the user ends up being in a logged out state.

However, the back button behaviour on a browser for a web application doesn’t always seem to obey this rule, and I am looking for some good examples of how this is best managed from a consistent and fluent user experience point of view.

It will be helpful if any technical limitations that result in a less than ideal user experience can be explained.