Why my Webpack does not loading background image?

I’m fairly new to webpack but having some problems with css-loader or file-loader in react

I’m trying to load a background-image but it doesn’t work quite right. The background-image isn’t shown, even though the devtools show the background-image style.

I’m trying to load this background image via css file in React: background: url(‘../../assets/img/1017.jpg’) no-repeat right;

here is my web pack config:

[![const path = require("path");  module.exports = {     mode: "development",     entry: path.resolve(__dirname,`src`, `app`),     output:{         path: path.resolve(__dirname,'dist'),         filename: 'bundle.js',         publicPath:'/'     },     resolve: {         extensions: \['.js','.jsx'\]     },     devServer:{         historyApiFallback: true     },     module: {         rules:\[{             test: /\.jsx?/,             loader:'babel-loader',             exclude: '/node_modules'         },         {             test: /\.(jpg|png)$  /,             use: {               loader: "url-loader",               options: {                 limit: 25000,               },             },           },            {             test: /\.(jpg|png)$  /,             use: {               loader: "file-loader",               options: {                 name: "\[path\]\[name\].\[hash\].\[ext\]",               },             },           },         {             test:/\.css$  /,             use:\['style-loader','css-loader',\]         },        \]     }, 


Notifications arrive when the app is opened, but not in the background

I don’t know if it’s the right place to ask my question, if not, sorry.

1st, I was using Sony Xperia Z5 premium for the last three years, never faced any issues but few days ago, I switched to Samsung galaxy s10+ and the problem I’m facing is, I’m not getting notifications from WhatsApp or some other apps when they’re not opened. When I open them, I got couple of notifications. If I don’t open that app for whole day, and at night when I open it, I get notifications of all day.

Please guide which settings or options I should see?

Why would a background process remain active after shutting down?

So I was playing around with Bash in a Terminal:

while true; do echo $  (date "+%r") >/tmp/test && sleep 10; done & 

This was a bad idea. The & appended at the very end made the loop run infinitely…

I was finally able to fully kill the parent process. But I noticed the while loop persisted even after rebooting. The “Reopen windows after logging back in” feature is disabled. Why might the above command remain active even after fully shutting down?

Remove background super fast for $10

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SharePoint Theme Background Transparency

I selected the “Wood” theme for a SharePoint site created in SharePoint Online, and noticed that the backgrounds that appear to be transparent in the preview are actually opaque.

Here is the preview. Note the transparent backgrounds on the side menu and main content, and partially transparent top menu:


Now, after selecting the theme and navigating to the main page, I see the following. Observe that the side menu, top bar, and background of the news section are opaque, when I would expect them to be transparent or translucent based on the preview:

Opaque Background

Interestingly, the backgrounds appear correct when I navigate to the Site Settings page:

Site Settings

I’ve tried this in both Chrome and Edge, and have also tried other themes that use transparent backgrounds. The effect is the same on all of them. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Background needed to understand modern research in Algebraic Topology

I am a student of mathematics, and have some background in Algebraic Topology (Hatcher, Bott-Tu, Milnor-Stasheff), Differential Geometry (Lee, Kobayashi-Nomizu), Riemannian Geometry (Do Carmo), and Differential Topology (Hirsch, Minor (Morse Theory), Milnor (h-cobordism theorem)). I would like to learn Floer homology and Khovanov homology.

Q1. Is my background sufficient to learn these topics right now? What are the standard first-level and second-level sources for these topics?

Q2. At the research level, will I need to know any Algebraic Geometry to work in these areas? To give you an idea of my present knowledge, I currently know no algebraic geometry, and even my commutative algebra background has several gaps, especially in parts about DVRs.

Q3. Once I finish books recommended in Q1, what are some good papers to start reading on these areas?

I would greatly appreciate reasoning behind any comments that aren’t strictly factual and are opinions of the writer.

Thank you in advance! 🙂

How to run a specific command in the background

So I want to connect to serveo via this command

os.system("ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o ServerAliveInterval=60 -R test:80: serveo.net > data.txt 2> /dev/null &") 

Now, it works as I want it to without getting any output and I can keep with the rest of the program, But this command works only on linux becuase of the “/dev/null” part and I need it to work on Windows too.

So is there any replacement for that? It has to be with os.system.