Acceptable background by level

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with backgrounds from DND5.

It happens a lot that the story you create for your character sometimes is not as in point with what happens afterwards in-game. If you are a Lvl 1 Warrior you maybe can say you fought in the frontlines of a bloody war, and now are a retired mercenary.

Then you end-up losing to a bunch of rats the GM threw your way because the ceiling was too low and you forgot your matches.

What I want to know, is there a table/resource that has some indicator of what you may have accomplished when creating a character of a specific level?

That way I won’t embarrass myself narrating when I defeated a lich in my Lvl3 Ranger backstory, just to be inmediately destroyed by two goblins and their pet wolf in my first encounter.

I don’t mind DND/pathfinder responses, even when the power level may differ between the two, and even between versions, I’m more interested if the resource itself exists, or how to create one.

DVWA file upload background

I’ve just started in penetration testing with metasploitable and currently trying to learn file upload vulnerability present in DVWA module. I know that somehow upload is preventing files other than images to be uploaded but I don’t understand how. I tried to look page source of ‘upload file’ webpage but I don’t see any javascripts working there. Webpage only refers to a script which also doesn’t seem to have any filters for file being uploaded. Can someone please explain what exactly in the html or JavaScript of webpage is working as a filter?

Can Encode thoughts be acquired outside of the Dimir Background?

Encode thoughts is only, normally available to characters with the Dimir background.

Is it available to other characters who might get cantrips outside of traditional methods? Like Pact of the Tome or Magical secrets? My intuition is no, because they let you get cantrips off of class spell lists, but this cantrip is not on a class spell list.

What are some advanced background topics I’ll need for distributed systems and networks research?

I am a new graduate student in Computer Science who would like to be able to read and understand modern and new distributed systems research papers. My current background / courses and understanding is in the level of undergraduate and beginner graduate level courses in:

  • Networks (TCP/IP stack and applications)
  • Distributed Systems (Graduate level course with Time (logical/vector clocks), 2PC and 3PC, Multicast and membership, election, Consistency , Consensus and Quorums (Paxos), DHTs and Overlays and some modern applications like ZooKeeper etc)
  • Undergraduate Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics and Theory of Computation (basic DFA/NFA and intro to Turing Machines with no rigorous mathematics)

However, I find this background insufficient to read modern research in networks and distributed systems and in particular, I am not aware of modern protocols like QUIC and the formal methods mentioned in the papers which I believe include some sort of model checking and the likes. Also many of the topics I have mentioned above in distributed systems – I lack the background to verify and prove correctness of these protocols and even follow the proofs that they have given.

Any suggestions on a reading list that can prepare me to be in a position to understand modern research in this area would be very helpful.

What is the scene depicted in the second “Waterdeep Digital Background” art?

In the Free Remote D&D Resources archive that Wizards of the Coast is providing, for April 30, 2020 there is a “Waterdeep Digital Backgrounds” zip file that includes artwork that one might be able to use as a background while videoconferencing. The second file (named “DnD_Video_bg-WDDH2”) looks to be a scene outside of Waterdeep proper, with people along a path, a building (maybe some kind of temple), and the wall of Waterdeep in the background. I’m presuming putting a smaller version here counts as fair use:

Waterdeep scene 2

What is that building, and more generally where is this scene set? Is it part of the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist book or storyline? (I don’t remember seeing it in there, though probably I just missed it, but the filename saying “WDDH” makes me think it’s related.)

Imagify / Image Optimization for theme inline div background?

I’m using the imgaify plugin to serve webp images. Using their plugin a normal tag ends up looking like this:

<picture class="attachment-large size-large wp-post-image"> <source type="image/webp" srcset="https://.../image.jpg.webp 870w, https://.../image-300x128.jpg.webp 300w" sizes="(max-width: 870px) 100vw, 870px"> <img width="870" height="372" src="https://.../img.jpg" alt="Questions? We Can Help" srcset="https://.../image.jpg 870w, https://.../image-300x128.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 870px) 100vw, 870px"> </picture> 

This works fine and well for normal img tag replacement. Here is where i am running into issue:

On some of the pages, my custom theme grabs the featured image and sets this image to the background of a DIV inline with CSS. No optimization is applied here heavily weighing down the page size.

I’m unsure what the best approach would be to fix this:

  1. Create a custom function that returns the optimized jpg/png version of the featured image and return that?

  2. Create a custom function that will spit out the webp version of the file (does one exist?) then use something like monderizr to detect webp support and display the correct styles?

I’m not currently using modernizr so adding another script may outweigh any speed gains. Is there a simpler solution?

Here is how my theme generates the code for the featured image:

<?php if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) : ?> <div class="innerpage-banner" style="background:url(<?php $  src = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id( $  post->ID ), 'full', false ); echo esc_url( $  src[0] ); ?>) no-repeat; background-size:cover; background-position: center center;"> <?php else: ?>     ... <?php endif; ?> 

Different background colors on different dates in DateListPlot

I have a time series plot

DateListPlot[{1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 11, 13, 17, 21}, {2000, 8, 6}] 

I would like to have a background which is white upto Aug 10 and yellow from Aug 10 on to enphasize these later days. In general: how can you have different background colors on different dates?

I think I saw this done in the documentation center, but cannot find where.

Can you suggest how to do it?

If you use “Monstrous Adventurers” from “Volo’s Guide to Monsters” for a PC, do you use a background?

I was looking at “Volo’s Guide to Monsters”, the section on “Monstrous Adventurers”, and wondered whether you include a background when you use that to create a character of one of the species listed there. It doesn’t say in the section, and there aren’t any sample characters. I think that many of the backgrounds listed in the PHB wouldn’t be applicable for some of the species.

Why did this happen about change of desktop background? [closed]

Today when I turned on my macbook I could see that the Desktop Background has been changed to Yosemite.

Then right after clicking on Change Desktop background… the background changed to the one I had, which was a green background with a dog in the center, except for the dog picture, it was only the green background.

After this I clicked again on Change Desktop background… and it changed again to the Yosemite picture.

Finally I went to finder file to see where the picture of the dog was, and when I clicked to see it, it was opened but at the same time 2 more pictures were opened.

After all this, I clicked again on Change Desktop background… but nothing happened. The Yosemite background didn’t change this time.

All the time when this happened, my mac didn’t have connection to internet.

Why? Is my mac hacked? Does it have a virus? What do I do?


  • Every once in a while I see a message on the upper LHS telling me that I should update something related to the system but I always click on later and then the message vanishes.