My HTC one M9+ doesn’t perform background tasks when idle but push notifications work

I have an HTC One M9+. After the update to Android 6 (two years ago?) it stopper performing background tasks. For example:

FeedMe – an offline RSS-reader. 100 000+ installs. It is set to download new articles every 2 hours. Doesn’t happen.

SMS Backup+ – backs up your SMS etc to GMail. 5 000 000+ installs. It is set to backup every day. Doesn’t happen.

FolderSync – copies folder to cloud storage. 500 000+ installs. No schedules are run.

Push notifications from Facebook and similar work as expected. It is like cron or a similar service stopped working when I updated to Android 6. Does anyone know if HTC made something special with their version of Android? Any workarounds?

Is there an app for me to easily put in a background where a green screen was for photos without having to manually erase the background?

I have a green screen but wanted to swap in different backgrounds on the photos via my phone. Was wondering if there was a reputable and easy app that detects the green screen and can change the backgrounds (android or iOS).

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How do I find out what is causing the app “Google” to use so much background data

Even though I have background data turned off, it is using incredibly high amounts of data to the point of being ridiculous. This is starting to cost me money as data is not unlimited in Canada. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t use data because if I turn it on Google just gobbles it all up. At one point, it was just full tilt downloading/uploading something I have no idea what it would be.

What is causing this and/or how can I turn off background usage for Google for real (obviously the toggle is a placebo)

Screenshots of data usage.

enter image description here enter image description here